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Burr, Henry.
Sarto, Andrea.
Henry Burr and Edgar Stoddard on side A, James Reed on side B, vocals.
It takes a little rain with the sunshine to make the world go 'round / Harry Carroll ; [Ballard MacDonald] ; sung by Henry Burr and Edgar Stoddard. A little love, a little kiss / Leo Silesu ; [Adrian Ross] ; sung by James Reed.
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MacDonald, Ballard, 1882-1935.
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Columbia: A1353 (matrix 38885, matrix 38908).
"Tenor and baritone duet"--Side A.
"Tenor solo, orchestra accompaniment"--Side B.
Data derived from the Discography of American Historical Recordings.
Edgar Stoddard is a pseudonym for Andrea Sarto. James Reed is a pseudonym for Reed Miller.
"Leo Silesu" on side B disc label should read: Lao Silesu.
Comments: Edgar Stoddard also known as Andrea Sarto; Magic Notes Label; Black label; 5 patent dates (1901-1909) listed in three lines; Price shown only to right of center hole; "COLUMBIA GRAPHOPHONE COMPANY" at bottom.
Discographical reference: The Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume 1, recording location; The Columbia Master Book Discography, Volume II, recording date; Canadian Music Trades Journal, Aug 1913, release date.
Distributor: Columbia Graphophone Company.
Issue Type: Primary Label.
Released: [Sep 1913]
Other number: 5.
1 audio disc : analog, 78 rpm, mono ; 10 in.
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