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Popular medley no. 2 : the bells of St. Mary's ; Oh! What a pal was Mary ; My baby's arms / [Furber, lyrics] ; [Adams, music] ; [Wendling, music] ; [Leslie, lyrics] ; [Kalmar, lyrics] ; [Tierney, music] ; [McCarthy, lyrics].Peerless Quartet, male quartet with chimes.Berliner.
Down the lane and home again / Jerome, music ; [Leslie, lyrics] ; [Kalmar, lyrics].Samuel Ash, tenor solo with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
So long, Oo-long (How long you gonna be gone) ; Tell me little gypsy / Kalmer [i.e. Kalmar] ; Ruby ; Berlin.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
I gave you up just before you threw me down / Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ahlert.Arthur Fields, baritone with orchestra.
Sally Green (the village vamp) / Kalmar ; Ruby ; Jerome ; White.Billy Jones.Berliner.
If you can't get a girl in the summertime.Albert Campbell, Henry Burr, tenor duet ; orchestra.Little Wonder
My sunny Tennessee / Kalmar ; Ruby.Champion Jazz Band.Berliner.
Good-bye red man / Snyder ; sung by Albert Campbell, Henry Burr. All aboard for Chinatown / Brookhouse ; sung by Arthur Collins, Byron G. Harlan.Albert Campbell, Henry Burr, tenors (Side A) ; Arthur Collins, baritone (Side B) ; Byron G. Harlan, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
The Ghost Of The Violin Ted Snyder.Columbia Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
My sunny Tennessee / Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ruby.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra ; Shannon Four, male quartet.Berliner.
I gave you up before you threw me down / Kalmar, lyrics ; Ruby, music ; Ahlert, music.Martucci and his orchestra.Compo.
Moonlight on the Rhine / Kalmar, lyrics ; Leslie, lyrics ; Snyder, music.Albert Campbell ; Henry Burr, duet for two tenors with orchestra.Victor.
Waikiki, I hear you calling me / Bert Kalmar ; Harry Ruby. Nola / Felix Arndt ; Adapted by Vincent Lopez.Rega Dance Orchestra (Waikiki, I hear you calling me) ; Vincent Lopez and his Pennsylvania Orchestra (Nola)
So long! Oo-long! (How long you gonna be gone?) / Kalmar ; Ruby.Billy Murray, with orchestra.Berliner.
Down The Lane And Home Again Jerome.Samuel Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Down the lane and home again / [composed by] Jerome ; sung by Samuel Ash. It's worth while waiting for someone worth while : from "Little Simplicity" / Tierney sung by Campbell and Burr.Samual Ash ; Campbell and Burr.Columbia
Wait'll you see (how sorry you'll be) / Kalmar ; Ruby.Peerless Quartet, male quartet with orchestra.Berliner.
Angels / Kalmar ; Ruby.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
The more I see of Hawaii the better I like New York / Gottler.M.J. O'Connell.Columbia.
I gave you up just before you threw me down / Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ahlert.Rachel Grant ; Bill Murray (duet with orchestra).
Oh! What a pal was Mary.Henry Burr, tenor ; orchestra.Little Wonder
Jean ; So long, Oo-long / Brooks ; Kalmar ; Ruby.Diamond Trio.Berliner.
Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down In Dear Old Dixieland Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby.Peerless Quartet; With Orchestra.
Oh! What a pal was Mary / Leslie, lyrics ; Kalmer [i.e. Kalmar], music ; Wendling, music.Henry Burr, with orchestra.Berliner.
Oh! What a pal was Mary / Leslie ; Kalmar ; Wendling.Henry Burr.
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