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Vedette d'interprète
Kostelanetz, Andre.
Kostelanetz, Andre, 1901-1980
His Orchestra.
Andre Kostelanetz; His Orchestra.
Emperor Waltz J Strauss.
Vedette de compositeur
Strauss, J.
Strauss, Johann, 1804-1849
Étiquette transcrite
7501-M; MM 481; mx XCO 30840.
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Album no.: D95
Comments: Canadian pressing
Comments: Original album jacket intact.
Comments: Part of a box set, disc 3 of 3, side 2
Comments: Sparton Canadian manufacturer and distributor of Columbia Records
Issue no.: C15545
Matrix no.: XCO 30840
Other no.: 1A; 9 C; E
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : [78 rpm]
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