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Vedette d'interprète
Shilkret, Nath'l.
Chorus Tito Schipa, Male.
Shilkret, Nathaniel, 1889-1982.
Marshall, Helen (Soprano)
Victor Light Opera Company.
With Orchestra.
Victor Light Opera Company.
Orch ; Nath'l Shilkret; Victor Light Opera Co ; Male Chorus Tito Schipa; With Orchestra.
Gems From The Desert Song. Schipa.
Vedette de compositeur
Hammerstein, Oscar, 1895-1960.
Harbach, Otto, 1873-1963.
Étiquette générique
Étiquette transcrite
Numéro de face
11795-A; C24; [Matrix not found].
This catalog entry was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and by a grant from Lloyd E. Rigler and Lawrence E. Deutsch.
Comments: Red label; gold lettering; HMV symbol on label.
Comments: Text transcribed from label/Texte transcrit de l'étiquette: Not licensed for radio broadcast; Licensed under Canadian patent no. 160997 for sale at current catalog price by authorized dealers no other person shall sell, expose or offer this record for sale or exchange.
Distributor: RCA Victor Company Limited.
Issue type: primary label.
Comments: Additional information/information additionnelle: Other number 12953B is an alternate issue release of this recording; Other number C 24-8, C 24 is the album number of "Gems from Romberg Operettas", 8 is the album side number.
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : [78 rpm]
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