Mass-Digitized Archives

On this website you will find links to scanned documents belonging to the Library and Archives Canada microfiche and microfilm collection. This online access to microforms attempts to duplicate the experience of going to a reading room. Use these links as you would an actual reel or fiche of microform. Each digitized reel or fiche is presented in sequence from beginning to end.

Please note that this is not a database, therefore the images are not searchable by keyword.

Once you have selected the specific microform series you wish to access, you will be presented with links to the digitized images for that set of records. Navigation links allow you to go forward or backwards. The navigation also allows for either page-by-page viewing or skipping to a specific page within the series of records by using the text box provided. The digitized image is first presented in a standard JPEG version, but can also be viewed in PDF format, which allows you to print, zoom and rotate the image.

A topic-specific "Help" page is also available for every series of microform records that has been digitized, providing the background and content of the series, as well as its arrangement and organization. It is our hope to expand the selection of microform records available online.

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