Border Entry, Form 30, 1919-1924


About the records

Before 1908, people were able to move freely across the border from the United States into Canada. Beginning in that year, entry ports were established along the border. From 1908 to 1918, and from 1925 to 1935, border entry records were compiled in a list format to record the names of immigrants.

From January 1, 1919 to December 31, 1924, the Department of Immigration and Colonization required that individual forms (Form 30) be completed and submitted to the immigration officers at border ports, instead of the large sheet border-entry lists previously in use. A form was submitted for each individual, including children and some returning Canadians; however, the names of accompanying dependents were sometimes listed on the back of the head-of-household's form.

The Form 30 records were transferred to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) by Citizenship and Immigration Canada in 1997. The microfilm reels were produced by the Department of Citizenship and Immigration during the 1950s and 1960s. The originals were destroyed after the microfilming. The forms completed by admitted immigrants comprise 96 reels. Only one reel of forms for those rejected at the border was retained (T-15345).

Please note that the border entry records are only about 50% complete. Not all immigrants crossed the border at official ports, or, if the port was closed at the time, they would have entered the country without being registered. Also, many families were not registered because the parents had been born in Canada or had previously resided in Canada, and were considered to be returning Canadians, not immigrants.

The use of Form 30 was discontinued as of January 1, 1925. From that date, the use of large sheet lists was reinstated, although some Form 30 records dated after 1924 appear in this series, in particular for January, February and March of 1925.

Each Form 30 usually included the following details:

  • port and date of entry;
  • name;
  • age;
  • occupation;
  • birthplace;
  • race;
  • citizenship;
  • religion;
  • last permanent address; and
  • destination.

How the records are arranged on the microfilm reels

The Form 30 records were microfilmed in quasi-alphabetical order. For each letter of the alphabet, surnames are arranged in groupings based on the initial letters of each name. For example, surnames starting with Ada, Adc and Add are grouped together starting with given names beginning with A. Such a grouping could include the following arrangement of forms:

Anne Adair, Benjamin Adcock, Christopher Addison, David Adair, etc.

Other examples:

  • Johann Wurmlinger, Kaarlo Wutala, Katarzyna Wusik, Ulrich Wurzer
  • Giovanni Lemmetti, Joseph Lemoigne, Margaret Lemon, Yvonne Lemoine
  • Adam Downey, Alexander Dow, Ann Dowd, Arthur Downes

Some of the more common surnames, such as Smith, Adams, MacLeod and Bennett, are grouped separately.

The microfilm reels have been digitized and the images appear in the same order as on the microfilm reels. You can browse through the images as you would through a microfilm reel. You can move through the images one by one, or skip ahead by entering a new page number in the page navigation box. The records are not searchable by name.

For more information about the Form 30 records, consult the archival description.

Important Note

When consulting the Form 30 records, be aware that in most cases each form was microfilmed with the back side first, followed by the front of the form.

Form 30: Bernier Anna, 1923

Please note that spelling variations of names were common before the mid-1900s. Many names were written phonetically, as they sounded to the person recording them.

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Other Resources

Other archival immigration records exist. Consult our Genealogy and Family History page on What to Search - Topics: Immigration and Citizenship for more information about those records.

List of content of microfilm reels

Microfilm Names Surname groupings interfiled
t-15249 Aadland, Alf - Altin, Carl Aadland, Aa, Ab, Abbott, Ab-Abel-Abell, Ab-Abernethy, Abercrombie, Ab-Abrahams-Abrahamson, Abraham, Ab-Abrams, Ac, Ac-Ackerman, Ad, Adair, Adam, Adams, Ad-Adcock-Addison, Adamson, Ad-Adkins, Ad-Adler, Ad, Ae-Af, Ag, Ah-Ahearn, Ah, Ai, Ai-Ak, Aitken, Al, Al-Albert, Al-Albrecht-Albright, Al-Alcock, Al-Aldrich, Alexander, Al, Allan, Allard, Allen, Al, Allison, Al, Almquist, Al, Altin
t-15250 Allen, Eltran C. - Anderson, Margaret B. Allen, Al, Al-Allred, Allison, Al, Almquist, Al, Al-Altman, Al, Am, Ambrose, Am, Ames, Am, Am-Amos, Amundson, An, Anderson
t-15251 Anderson, M. - Ashworth, Arthur Anderson, An, Andrews, An, An-Angers, Angelo-Angelopoulos, An, Angus, An, Ansell, An, Ap, Ap-Apple, Appleby, Appleton, Ar, Archambault, Archer, Ar, Archibald, Ar, Armitage, Armstrong, Ar, Arnold, Ar, Aronson, Ar, Arseneault-Arsenault-Arsnault, Ar, Arthur, As, Ash-As, Ashworth
t-15252 Ashworth, Arthur - Baker, N. A. Ashworth, As-Ashley, Ashton, As, As-Asselin, At, At-Atkins, Atherton, Atkinson, At, Au, Au-Audet-Audette, Au, Auger, Au, Austin, Au, Av, Avery, Aw-Ax, Ay-Ayer-Ayers, Ay-Ayotte, Azzopardi, Ba, Babcock, Ba, Bachelor, Ba, Bacon, Ba, Baillie, Bailey, Ba, Bain, Ba, Baird, Baker
t-15253 Baker, N. A. - Barrette, Siméon Baker, Ba, Baldwin, Ba, Ball, Ba-Ballard, Ballantyne, Ba, Ba-Banfield, Ba, Banks, Ba-Banning, Bannister, Ba, Barabe, Barber, Barbour, Ba, Barclay, Ba-Bard-Bardwell, Ba-Barkley-Barger, Barker, Ba, Barlow, Ba-Barnard, Barnes, Barney, Ba-Barnett-Barnet, Ba-Barnhart, Ba-Barquist, Baron, Ba, Barr, Barrett-Barrette, Barrette
t-15254 Barrett, Thomas - Becker, Buddy Barrett, Ba, Barrington, Barron, Ba-Barrow-Barrowcliff, Ba-Barry, Ba, Barta, Ba-Bartholomew, Bartlett, Ba, Barton, Ba, Ba-Bass, Ba-Bassett, Ba, Bate, Bateman, Bates, Ba, Bauer, Ba-Baugh, Bauman-Baumann, Ba, Baxandall, Baxter, Ba-Bayer, Ba-Bayne-Bazinet, Be, Beach, Be-Beal-Beals, Be-Bean, Bear, Beard, Be, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Be-Beauchamp-Beaudet, Beauchemin, Beauchêne,Beauchesne, Beaudoin, Beaudreau, Beaudry, Beaulac, Beaulieu, Beaumont, Beaupré, Beauregard, Be, Beck, Becker
t-15255 Becker, Carl William Gustav - Bentley, Bessie Becker, Be-Beckett, Be-Beckman, Be-Bedford, Bédard, Be-Beebe, Be-Beeler-Beeman, Be-Beers-Befus,, Be-Bégin, Begg-Beggs, Be-Behrmann-Behrendt, Be-Beighle, Be, Be-Béland, Bélanger, Be-Bélisle-Béliveau, Bell, Be-Bellamy, Bellefeuille, Be-Bellinger, Bellows, Be, Be-Benard, Be-Bender, Be, Bénédict, Be, Benjamin, Be-Benner, Bennett, Be-Benning, Benoit, Benson, Bentley
t-15256 Bent, Caroline - Birbynick, Metro Bent, Be-Bent-Bentley, Be-Benton, Be, Bérard, Be-Bergan-Berge, Berg, Bergen, Berger, Be-Bergeson, Bergeron, Be, Bergman, Be, Be-Berckowitz, Be, Be-Berman, Be-Bernath, Bernard, Be-Berndt, Bernier, Be, Bernstein, Berry-Berryman, Be, Be-Bertram, Bertrand, Bérubé, Be-Bessonette, Bessette, Be-Best Be, Bethel, Betts, Be, Be-Beyer, Bi-Bibeau, Bi, Bi-Bidner, Bi-Bienvenu, Bi-Biffert, Bi-Bigelow, Bi, Biggs, Bi-Billard, Bi-Billings, Bilodeau, Bi, Bi-Binns, Bingham, Bi, Birbynick
t-15257 Birdsall, Nellie - Blanton, Ester Birdsall, Bi, Birch, Bird, Bi, Bi-Biron, Bi, Bishop, Bi-Bisson-Bissonnette, Bi, Bi-Bj, Bjornson, Bl-Blackford, Black, Bl-Blackburn, Bl-Blackmore-Blackman, Bl-Blackwood, Bl-Blain-Blaine-Blair, Blais, Blake, Bl, Bl-Bland-Blaney, Blanchard, Blachett-Blanchette, Bl, Blanton
t-15258 Bishop, A - Bolstad, Bjarne Bishop, Bi-Bisson-Bissonnette, Bi, Bi-Bj, Bjornson, Bl-Blackford, Black, Bl-Blackburn, Bl-Blackmore-Blackman, Bl-Blackwood, Bl-Blain-Blaine-Blair, Blais, Blake, Bl, Bl-Bland-Blaney, Blanchard, Blanchett-Blanchette, Bl-Blankenship, Bl, Bl-Blight, Bl-Bliss, Bl-Bloch-Block, Bl-Blondin, Blood, Bloom, Bl-Blouin, Bl-Blue, Blyth-Blythe, Bo, Bo-Boe, Bo, Bo-Bogart, Bo-Boggs, Bo, Boisvert, Bo-Boland-Boldt, Bolduc, Bo-Bolig-Bolinger, Bo-Bollar, Bo, Bolstad
t-15259 Bolt, C. - Bowman, Athel Bolt, Bo, Bolton, Bo, Bond, Bo-Bonham-Bonin, Bo-Bonneau-Bonnell-Bonner, Bo, Boone, Booth, Bo, Bo-Bosley-Bosner, Bo-Bost, Bo-Bostwick-Bosworth, Bo-Bott, Bo, Bouchard, Boucher, Boudreau, Bo, Boulanger, Boulay, Bourassa, Bo-Bouthillier-Boutin, Bourne, Bourque, Bo-Bowe, Bowden, Bowen, Bo-Bower, Bowers, Bo-Bowes-Bowie, Bowler, Bowman
t-15260 Bowman, Carl - Breandler, Carl Bowman, Bo-Boyce, Boyd, Bo-Boyer, Boyle, Bo, Boynton, Br, Br-Bradford, Bradbury, Bradley, Bradshaw, Brady, Br-Bragg, Br-Brake, Br-Branch-Brand, Br-Brandon, Br-Brandt, Br-Brant, Br-Brassard-Bratton, Br-Brault-Braun, Br-Brayson-Brawn, Bray, Br, Breandler
t-15261 Brawdy, Thelma - Brown, Lynn Brawdy, Br-Brawn, Bray, Br-Breault, Br-Breen, Br, Br-Bremner-Brenay, Br-Brenna, Brennan, Br-Brenner-Brent, Br-Breton, Br-Brewer, Br-Brezden, Brewster, Br-Briand-Bricker, Br-Bridges, Bridge, Brierley, Br, Briggs, Br-Bright, Br-Brill, Br-Brink, Br-Brisson-Bristol, Br-Britt-Britz, Br-Broad, Br, Brock, Br-Broderick-Brodeur, Br-Brodie, Br-Brogan, Br, Br-Brooke, Brooks, Br-Brosh-Broome, Br, Br-Brouillette, Brouillard, Brousseau, Brown
t-15262 Brown, Mary - Burley, Fred Brown, Br-Brownell-Browney, Br, Browning, Brownlee, Br-Brubaker-Bruck, Bruce, Br, Br-Bruneau-Brunette, Br-Brunner, Br, Br-Bryans, Bryan, Bryant, Br, Bryce, Bryson, Bu, Buchan, Buchanan, Bu-Buchholtz, Buck, Bu, Buckingham, Bu-Buckland-Buckles, Buckley, Bu-Buckmeyer, Bu-Budd, Bu-Buell, Bu-Buffett, Bu-Bugden, Bu, Bull, Bu, Bu-Buck, Bu-Bundy-Bunker, Bu-Bunnell, Bu-Burch, Bu-Burden-Burdick, Bu-Burg-Burger, Bu, Burgess, Bu, Burk-Burke, Bu, Bu-Burleigh-Burley, Burley
t-15263 Burkman, Harold - Cabot, William Burkman, Bu-Burleigh-Burley, Bu, Burn, Burnfield, Burnett-Burnette, Bu-Burnham, Bu-Burnside-Burpee, Burns, Bu-Burrell, Bu-Burroughs, Burrows, Bu-Burt, Burton, Bu-Busch, Bush, Bu, Butcher, Butler, Bu-Butt, Bu-Button, Bu-Buxton, By, Byers, Byrne, Byrnes, Ca, Cabot
t-15264 Caddens, Ann J. K. - Carns, John W. Caddens, Ca, Ca-Caffrey, Ca-Cahill, Ca-Cain-Caine, Ca, Calder, Calderwood, Caldwell, Ca-Calhoun, Ca-Calkins-Callaghan, Ca-Callahan, Ca-Callaway, Ca, Cameron, Ca-Camire-Camp, Campbell, Ca-Campeau, Ca, Ca-Cann-Canning-Canon, Ca, Ca-Card, Carey, Ca-Carl-Carleton-Carley, Ca-Carlin-Carlisle, Carlson, Carlton, Ca-Carman, Carmichael, Ca-Carnegie-Carney, Ca-Caron, Carns
t-15265 Carollo, Joe - Champlin, Edna S. Carollo, Ca-Caron, Carpenter, Carr, Ca-Carrier, Carroll, Ca, Carson, Ca, Carter, Ca-Cartier-Caruso, Ca-Carver, Ca-Case, Casey, Ca, Caspar-Casper, Ca-Cass, Cassidy, Ca-Castle, Ca-Castonguay, Ca, Ca-Cavanaugh, Ca-Cave-Cayer, Ce, Ch-Chabot-Chagnon, Chadwick, Ch, Chalmers, Ch-Chamberland-Chamberlin, Chamberlain, Chambers, Ch-Champagne, Champlin
t-15266 Champagne, Frank - Clark, Lyle Champagne, Ch-Champagne, Ch-Chandler, Ch-Chapdelaine, Chapman, Ch-Charbonneau-Charest, Chard, Ch-Charlton-Charron, Ch-Chase, Ch, Ch-Cheney, Ch-Cherry, Ch, Ch-Childs, Ch, Chisholm, Ch-Choquette-Chouinard, Ch, Christensen, Christian, Ch-Christiansen-Christianson, Christie, Ch-Christopher-Christopherson-Christy, Christoff, Ch-Church, Churchill, Ci, Cl, Cl-Clancey, Cl-Claridge, Clark
t-15267 Clark, Margaret May - Coleman, Lyman Clark, Clarke, Cl-Clary-Class, Clarkson, Cl-Claus-Clausen-Clauson, Cl-Clay, Clayton, Cl-Cleary, Cl-Clelland-Clemonds, Clegg, Cl-Clément, Cléments, Cl-Cleveland, Cl, Cliff, Clifford, Cl-Cline, Cl, Cl-Clough-Clow, Cloutier, Cl, Co, Coates, Co, Cobb, Coburn, Co-Cochran, Cochrane, Co-Cody, Co-Coffey-Coffield-Coffin, Co, Cohen, Co, Colby, Cole, Coleman
t-15268 Coleman, Mabel - Cornelson, A. B. Coleman, Co-Coles, Co, Collie, Collier, Collins, Co-Collinson-Collison, Co, Co-Colvin, Co-Combs, Co-Comeau, Co, Co-Comstock-Comtois, Compton, Co, Co-Conklin, Co-Conley, Conell, Co-Conn-Conley, Conell, Connelly, Co-Conner, Connolly, Connor, Connors, Conrad, Conroy, Co-Constantine, Co-Contois, Conway, Co-Conwell, Cook-Cooke, Co-Cooke-Cooksey, Coockson, Co-Coolen-Cooley, Co-Coon-Coombs, Cooper, Cope, Co, Copeland, Co-Corbett, Co-Corbin, Co, Cormier, Cornelius, Cornell, Co, Cornelson
t-15269 Cornish, Dora M. - Crew, Gertrude Cornish, Co-Cornish, Co-Corriveau, Co, Co-Costello, Co, Cote, Co-Cottingham-Cotton-Cottrell, Co-Couch, Co-Coulombe-Coulter, Co, Co-Cousineau-Coutu, Couture, Co-Covey, Co, Cowan, Co-Cowell-Cowie, Co-Cowles, Co, Cox, Co-Coyne, Coyle, Cr-Crabb-Craft, Cr-Crain, Craig, Cram-Cramer, Cr-Crandall-Crandell, Crane, Cr, Crawford, Cr, Creighton, Cr, Crew
t-15270 Crews, George - Dale, Anna Crews, Cr-Crewe, Cr-Cricks-Cripps, Crichton, Cr, Cr-Crocker, Cr-Croft, Cr-Cromwell, Cr-Cronin, Cr-Crook-Crooks, Cr, Crosby, Cr-Cross, Cr, Croteau, Cr-Crouch-Crowder, Cr-Crowe-Crowell, Crowley, Cr, Cruickshank, Cr, Cu, Cu-Cull-Cullen, Cu, Cu-Cumming, Cummings, Cu, Cunningham, Cu, Curran, Cu-Currin, Currie, Cu-Curry-Curtin, Curtis, Cu, Cu-Cutler, Cu-Cyr, Da, Da-Dahl, Da-Daigle, Dailey, Da-Daley, Dale
t-15271 Dale, Arnold - Dean, Winnie Dale, Da-Dall, Da-Dalton, Da-Daly, Da, Daniel, Daniels, Da-Danielson, Da, Da-Darby-Darcy, Da-Darling-Darnell, Da-Dasher, Da-Dau, Da-Daugharty-Dauteuil, Da-Davenport, Davenport, Davey, David, Davidson, Da-Davie, Davies, Davis, Davison, Davy, Da-Dawe, Dawson, Day, Da, De-Deal-Deacon, Dean
t-15272 Dean, Charles H. - Davine, Kenneth Dean, Deane, Deans, De, De B, De, Decker, De, De-Deeks-Dees, De, De G, De, De L, Delaney, De L, De-Delisle, De, De-Demens, De M, De-Dempsey, De, Dennis, De-Denton, De, De-Desjardins, De-Desrochers-Desrosiers, De, De-Deveau, De-Devine, Devine
t-15273 DeVincenza, Lucia - Doody, K. DeVincenza, De-Devine, De, Devlin, De-Dewey, De-Dewitt-DeWolf, De-Dexter-Dhontd, Di-Diamant-Diamond, Di, Dick, Di-Dickenson-Dickey, Dickinson, Di, Dickson, Di, Di-Dietz, Di, Di-Dill, Dillon, Di, Di-Dion-Dionne-Diotte, Di-Di P-Dirkser-Di S, Di, Di-Dix, Dixon, Do-Dobbins-Dobbs, Do, Dobson, Do, Dodd, Do-Dodge-Dodson, Do-Doerr, Do, Doherty, Dolan, Do-Dole, Do-Doll, Do, Do-Donahue, Do, Donald, Donaldson, Do, Donnelly, Do-Donohue, Donovan, Do, Doody
t-15274 Dooley, Laura - Duners, Laurence Dooley, Do-Dooley, Do, Do-Doran-Dorey, Do-Dorion, Do-Dorman-Dorn, Do-Dorsey, Do, Do-Doucet-Doucette, Do-Dougherty, Douglas, Do-Douglass, Do-Dow-Dowd, Do-Dowell, Do-Downer-Downey, Downie-Downing, Do-Downs-Doyon, Doyle, Dr, Drake, Dr-Drapeau, Draper, Dr-Dredge, Dr-Dresser, Drew-Drewes, Dr, Dr-Driscoll, Dr-Drouin, Dr, Drummond, Dr-Drury, Du-Dubey, Dubé, Dubeau, Du, Dubois, Du-Ducharme, Du, Duffy, Du, Du-Duhamel-Duke, Du, Du-Dumais-Dumas-Dumont, Duners
t-15275 Dumais, Mary - Edwards, Richard M. Dumais, Du-Dumais-Dumas-Dumont, Dunbar, Duncan, Du-Dundas-Dunham-Dunford, Du-Dunlap-Dunlop, Dunn, Du, Du-Dunsmore, Du-Dupont-Dupuis, Du-Durand, Du-Durham-Durkee, Du-Durocher, Du-Dussault-Dusseault, Du, Du-Duval-Duvall, Du, Dwyer, Dy-Dyck-Dyer, Dy-Dz, Ea-Eade-Eads-Eagan, Eadie, Ea-Eakes, Ea-Earles, Earl-Earle, Ea-Earley-Earls-Early, Ea-Easter, Ea-Easton, Eastman, Eastwood, Ea, Eaton, Eb, Eb-Ebart, Ec-Eccles, Ec-Ecker, Ec, Ed-Eddy, Ed-Edgar, Ed, Edmonds-Edmondson, Edmunds-Edmunston, Edwards
t-15276 Edwards, Robert - Evanger, Nels Edwards, Ee-Ef, Eg-Egan, Eg, Eg-Eggert, Eh, Ei, Ek-Eklund, El, Elder, El, Eldridge, El, El-Elford, El-Elias, El-Elkins, El-Ellington, Elliott, Ellis, El-Ellison, El, El-Elson, El-Elwell, Em-Emery, Emerson, Em-Emond, Em, En, En-Endicott, En-Engel, En-Engen, En-England, En-Egstrom, English, En, En-Eo-Ep, Epstein, Er, Ericson, Erickson, Er-Erikson-Erlandson, Er-Ernst, Er, Erskine, Es-Esgate, Es, Essex, Es-Estes, Et, Ev, Evanger
t-15277 Evano, Pauline - Ferguson, Ward Evano, Ev, Evans, Ev-Evenson, Ev-Everett, Ev-Everson-Everton, Ew, Ewen, Ewing, Ex-Ey-Ez, Fa, Fa-Fagan, Fa, Fa-Fairbanks, Fairbank, Fa-Fairchild, Fairley, Fa-Falk, Falconer, Fa, Fa-Farland-Farley, Fa-Farnham, Farmer, Fa, Farr, Farrell, Fa-Farrow, Farrington, Fa, Faulkner, Fa-Faust-Fawcett, Fa-Fay, Fe, Fe-Feldman, Fe-Fell-Feller, Fellow-Fellows, Fe, Fe-Ferland, Fenton, Fera, Ferguson
t-15278 Ferguson, Wesley - Fontaine, Eva Ferguson, Fe, Ferrari, Ferris, Fe, Fi, Fi-Fiedler, Field, Fi-Fields, Fielding, Fi-Fifield, Fi-Fillion, Fi, Finch, Findlay-Findley, Fi, Fi-Fink, Finkenhagen-Finkelstein, Finlay-Finlayson-Finley, Fi-Finn-Finnegan, Fi, Firth, Fischer, Fi-Fish, Fisher, Fi-Fisk, Fi-Fitch, Fitzgerald, Fi, Fitzpatrick, Fi-Fitzsimmons, Fl, Flanagan, Fl-Flanders-Flannery-Flannigan, Fl, Fleming-Flemming, Fl-Fletcher, Fl, Fl-Flock-Flood, Fl, Flynn, Fo, Foley, Fo-Follett, Fo-Fontaine, Fontaine
t-15279 Fontaine, Flora - Frazier, J. H. Fontaine, Fo-Fontaine, Fo-Foote, Fo-Forbes, Ford, Fo-Fore-Foreman-Forest, Fo-Forget, Fo-Forrest-Forsberg, Fo-Forter-Forsythe, Fo-Fortier-Fortin, Fo-Foss, Foster, Fo-Fournier, Fo-Fowler, Fo-Fox, Fr, Francis, Frank, Fr-Franke-Frankle, Franklin, Fr-Franks-Frantz, Fr-Frasier, Fraser, Fr-Frazier, Frazier
t-15280 Frazur, Jean - Gallagher, William Frazur, Fr-Frazier, Fr-Fréchette-Frederick, Fr-Fredette-Frederickson, Fr-Freed-Freedman, Freeman, Fr, French, Fr, Fr-Frey, Fr-Frick, Fr-Fried, Friedman, Friel-Friend, Fr, Fr-Fritz, Fr, Frost, Fr, Fr-Fry-Frye, Fu-Fudge, Fu, Fuller, Fulton, Fu-Funk, Fu, Ga-Gabriel-Gabrielson, Ga, Ga-Gage, Gagné, Ga-Gagnon, Ga-Gain-Gaines, Ga-Gale, Galbraith, Ga, Gallagher
t-15281 Gallan, Andrew - German, Isabel Gallan, Ga-Gallant, Ga-Galloway, Ga-Galt-Galvin, Ga-Gamache, Gamble, Ga, Gardiner, Gardner, Ga, Ga-Garland, Garner, Ga-Garrett, Ga-Garrison, Ga, Ga-Garvey-Garvin, Ga, Ga-Gates, Ga, Ga-Gaudet-Gaudreau-Gauthier, Ga-Gavin, Ga-Gay, Ge-Geary, Ge-Gehrke, Ge-Geiger, Ge, Ge-Gélinas, Ge, Ge-Gendreau-Gendron, Ge, Ge-Geoffray, George, Ge-Gerber, Ge-Gerke, Ge,Ge-Germaine-German, German
t-15282 Germain, Jos. Arthur - Godbout, Gervais P. Germain, Ge-Germaine-German, Ge, Ge-Gervais, Ge-Getchell, Ge-Gh, Gi, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibbons, Gibbs, Gibson, Gi, Gi-Gignac, Gilbert, Gi, Giles, Gill, Gi-Gillard, Gi-Gilles, Gillespie, Gi-Gillett, Gi-Gillis, Gi-Gilmore, Gilmour, Gi-Gingras, Gi, Gi-Girard-Giroux, Gh-Gi-Gj, Gl-Gladstone, Gl, Gl-Glass, Gl-Gleason-Gledhill, Gl-Glen-Glendenning-Gleeson, Gl-Glenn, Gl-Glick, Gl, Gl, Glover, Gl-Gm-Gn, Go-Gobeil-Godbout, Godbout
t-15283 Gobeille, Henry - Graner, Otis Gobeille, Go-Godbout, Goddard, Go-Godin, Godfrey, Godwin, Go-Goer-Goebel, Go-Goetz, Go, Go-Gold, Goldberg, Go-Golden-Goldenberg, Go-Golding, Goldman, Go, Goldsmith, Goldstein, Go, Go-Good, Goodall, Go, Go-Goodman, Go-Goodrich-Goodson, Goodwin, Go, Go-Goodyear, Gordon, Go, Gorman, Go, Go-Gosselin, Go, Go-Goudreau-Gough, Gould, Go-Goulet-Goyette, Gow, Gr, Gr-Grace, Gr-Grady, Gr-Graf-Graff, Graham, Gr-Graine-Grainger, Gr-Grammer-Grams, Gr-Grandy, Gr, Graner
t-15284 Granum, Ohara - Grussey, F. J. Granum, Gr, Grant, Gr, Gr-Gravel, Graves, Gray, Gr-Greaves, Gr-Greeley, Green, Gr, Greenberg, Greene, Gr-Greening-Greenfield, Gr, Greenwood, Gr-Grégoire, Gregory, Gr-Grenier, Gr-Grey, Gr, Griffin, Griffith, Griffiths, Gr-Griggs, Gr-Grimes-Grimm, Gr, Gross, Gr, Grossman, Gr, Gr-Gover-Groves, Gr-Grubb-Grube-Gruber, Gr, Grussey
t-15285 Grussing, Fred - Hallett, William Grussing, Gr, Gu-Guay, Gu, Gu-Guerrette-Guest, Gu-Gilbault-Guillemette, Gu, Gu-Gunderson, Gu-Gunn-Gunning, Gu-Gunter, Gu-Gurr-Gurney, u-Gustafson, Gu-Gutenberg, Guthrie, Gu, Gu-Gw-Gy, Ha-Haack-Haag-Haake, a-Haas-Haase, Ha, Ha-Hackman, Hackett, Ha-Haddock-Hadley, Haddad, Ha-Haertl, a-Hafner-Haffey, Ha-Hagan-Hagel, Hagen, Ha-Hagg-Haggertty, Hahn, Ha-Haigh-Haight, Ha-Haines, Ha-Halbert, Hale, Ha-Haley, Hall, Ha, Ha-Halladay, a-Haller, Hallett
t-15286 Hallground, Walter C. - Harper, Blake Hallground, Ha-Hallman, Halliday, Ha-Halloran, Ha, Ha-Halverson-Halvorson, Ha-Ham-Hambly, Ha-Hamel, Hamilton, Ha-Hamlin-Hamm, Ha-Hammer-Hammersley, Hammond, Ha-Hampson-Hampton, Ha-Hancock, Ha-Hand, Ha-Handley, a-Haney, Ha-Hankins-Hanks, Ha, Ha-Hann-Hannah, Ha-Hanner-Hannon, Ha, Hansen, Hnson, a-Hanton, Ha, Ha-Harden-Harder, Harding, Hardwick, Hardy, Ha-Hare-Hargreaves, a-Harker-Harkness, Ha-Harley, Ha-Harmon, Ha, Ha-Harp-Harpold, Harper
t-15287 Harper, Chas. - Haynes, Stanley Harper, Ha, Harrington, Harris, Harrison, Ha-Harrock-Harsh, Hart, Ha-Hartell-Hartford, Ha-Hartley, Ha-Hartnett, Ha-Hartman-Hartmann, Ha, Ha-Hartwell, a-Harwood, Harvey, Ha, Ha-Haskell-Haskin Ha, Hastings, Ha-Hatch-Hatcher-Hatfield, a-Hatt-Hathaway, Ha-Hauge-Haugen, Ha-Haun, Ha, Ha-Haven, Ha-Hawken-Hawkes, Hawkins, Ha-Hawley, Ha-Hay, Hayes, Ha-Haynes, Haynes
t-15288 Haynes, Violet Sylvia - Herring, William Odus Haynes, Ha-Haynes, Ha-Hays-Haywood, Hayward, Ha-Hazel-Hazeltine, Ha-Head, Healey, Healy, Ha-Heaton, Heath, He-Hébert, He, Heck-Hecker-Heckman, Hedge-Hedger-Hedges, Hedlund-Hedstrom, He-Heffernan, He-Heibert, He, He-Heimark, He-Hein-Heine, He-Heinrich-Heins, He, Heissler, He, He-Heller, He-Helliwell, He-Helm-Helmer, He, He-Hemm-Hemming, He, Henderson, He-Hendricks-Hendrickson, He, He-Henley-Henner, Hennessey-Hennessy, He-Hennings, He-Henrickson-Henrikson, Henry, He-Henshaw-Henson, He-Heon-Hepburn, He-Herbert, He-Herd-Herder, He, He-Hermanson, Herman, He, He-Heroux, He-Herrick-Herring, Herring
t-15289 Herrod, Charles William - Hoehne, Clara Herrod, He-Herron, He, He-Herzog, He-Hess, He, He-Hetherington, He-Heuer, He-Hewson, Hewitt, He, He-Heywood, Hi-Hibbard, Hi-Hickey, Hi-Hickman, Hicks, Hi-Hiebert, Higgins, Higginson, Higgs, Hi-High-Highberg, Hi-Hildebrand, Hi-Hilgers, Hill, Hi-Hillard-Hiller, Hi-Hilliard-Hillier-Hillis, Hi-Hills-Hilson, Hi-Hilton, Hi-Hinds, Hi-Hines, Hi-Hinkle-Hinricks, Hi-Hinton-Hiotz, Hi-Hirsch, Hi-Hirschkorn, Hi-Hiscock, Hi-Hitchcook, Hi-Hj-Hl-Hn, Ho-Hoag-Hoban, Ho, Hobbs, Hobson, Ho-Hochman-Hocking, Ho-Hodge, Ho-Hodges-Hodgins, Hodgkins, Ho-Hodgson, Hodson, Ho, Hoehne
t-15290 Hoe, Emma - Housman, Zilpha Hoe, Ho-Hoehn, Ho, Ho-Hoey, Ho-Hofer-Hoff-Hoffer, Hoffman, Ho, Ho-Hogan, Ho-Hogue, Hogg, Ho-Hoiland, Ho-Holbrook, Ho-Holden, Ho-Hole-Holder, Ho-Hollan, Holland, Ho-Hollenbeck-Holley, Ho-Hollinger, Holliday, Ho-Holloway, Ho-Holm, Holmes, Ho, Ho-Holt, Ho, Ho-Homes, Ho-Honey, Ho-Hood, Ho-Hook-Hooker, Ho-Hooper, Ho-Hoover, Hope, Hopkins, Hopkinson, Ho-Hoppe, Ho, Ho-Horn, Ho-Horne, Horner, Ho-Horst, Horton, Ho-Horwood, Ho-Hoskins, Ho, Ho-Hotchkiss-Hotz, Ho-Houde-Houghton, Ho-Houle, Ho-House, Housman
t-15291 Houston, Adelaide - Hyatt, William George Houston, Ho-Houston-Hove-Howarth, Howard, Howe, Howell, Ho-Howes-Howland, Howie, Ho-Hoy-Hoyle, Hoyt, Hr, Hu-Hubbard, Hu-Hubert, Hu-Hubly-Huck, Hudson, Hu-Huff-Huffman, Hughes, Hughson, Hu, Hu-Hulan-Hulet, Hull, Hu-Hulme-Humble, Hu-Hume, Hu-Humphrey-Humphreys, Hu, Hunt, Hunter, Hu-Huot, Hu, Hurley, Hu-Hurst, Hu-Hussey, Hu-Hustins-Huston, Hu-Hutcheson, Hutcheson, Hutchings, Hutchins, Hutchinson, Hutchison, Hu-Hutton, Hu-Hy-Hyatt, Hyatt
t-15292 Hyde, Alice - Jenkinson, Robert Edwin Hyde, Hy-Hyland, Hy, Hy-Hynes, Ia-Ib-Ic, Id-Ie-Ig-Ih-Ij, Il-Iles, Im, In-Inch, In, In-Ingalls-Ingham-Ingle, Inglis, Ig-Ingraham-Inkpen, Ingram, In-Inman, Innes, In-Io, Ir-Ireland, Irvin-Irvine, Irving, Irwin Is-Isaac-Insaarson-Isaak, Is, It-Ites, Iv-Ives-Iverson, Ja-Jaber-Jackobson-Jackman, Jack, Jackson, Ja-Jacob, Jacobs, Ja-Jacobsen, Jacobson, Ja, Jacques, Ja-Jaeger-Jaegge, Ja-Jaffee, Ja-Jager-Jagger, James, Ja-Jameson, Jamiesen, Ja-Janes, Ja, Ja-Jansen, Ja, Ja-Jarrett-Jarvie, Jarvis, Ja, Je-Jean-Jeffers, Je-Jefferson-Jeffery, Je-Jeffries, Jeffrey, Je, Jenkins, Jenkinson
t-15293 Jenks, Alvah Owen - Johnson, Owdin Jenks, Je-Jenne-Jennen-Jenner, Jennings, Je-Jensen, Jenson, Je-Jérome, Je, Je-Jette-Jewell, Je-Jewett, Ji, Jo-Jobe, Jo-Johannsen-Johannson-Johanson-Johanssen-Johansson, Johansen, Jo-John, Johns, Johnson
t-15294 Johnson, Oscar - Kane, William C. Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jo-Jolly, Jones, Jo-Jorgensen-Jorgenson, Jordan, Jo-Josephson, Joseph, Jo-Joslyn, Jo-Joy-Joyal-Joyce, Ju-Judd, Ju-Judkins-Judson, Ju-Julian-Julien, Ju-Jumper-Jund, Ju-Jurgensen, Ju-Jutras, Ka-Kaatz, Ka, Ka-Kage-Kahler, Ka, Ka-Kaiser, Ka, Ka-Kalyn, Ka-Kambick-Kaminski, Ka, Ka-Kane, Kane
t-15295 Kantarowitz, Abraham - Kershuer, Opal Kantarowitz, Ka, Ka-Kaplin, Ka, Ka-Karls-Karns, Ka, Ka-Kaspar, Ka-Kaster, Ka-Katz-Katzman, Ka, Ka-Kaufman-Kaufmann, Ka-Kavanaugh-Kavanagh, Ka-Kay-Kaye, Ke-Keane-Kearns, Ke-Kearney, Ke-Keat-Keating-Keats, Ke-Keefe, Ke-Keeler-Keeley, Ke-Keenan, Ke-Keene-Keeping, Ke-Kehoe, Ke-Keiller-Keillor, Ke-Keith, Ke-Kellar, Keller, Kelley, Ke-Kellogg-Kelloway, Kelly, Ke-Kelso-Kelsey, Ke-Kemmer, Kemp, Ke-Kemper-Kempton, Ke-Kendrick, Kendall, Ke, Kennedy, Ke-Kenner-Kennelly-Kenney, Ke-Kenny, Kent, Ke-Kenyon-Kenworthy, Ke, Ke-Keracher, Ke-Kern, Kerr, Ke-Kershaw, Kershuer
t-15296 Kershaw, Paul - Knudtzon, Joseph Kershaw, Ke-Kershaw, Ke-Kessler, Ke, Ke-Keyes, Ke-Keys-Kh-Khoury, Ki-Kidder, Kidd, Ki-Kiefer-Kieffer-Kiely, Ki, Ki-Kile, Ki, Kilpatrick, Ki-Kimball, Ki-Kimnett, Ki, King, Ki-Kingsley, Kingston, Ki-Kinear-Kinney, Ki-Kinsey-Kinsman, Ki-Kinzer-Kipps, Ki, Kirby, Ki-Kirch-Kirchner, Ki-Kirk, Ki-Kirkendall-Kirkland-Kirkwood, Kirkpatrick, Ki, Ki-Kiss, Ki-Kitchen-Kitt, Ki-Kj, Kl, Kl-Klassen, Kl-Kleeberger-Kleese, Klein, Kl-Kleinsasser, Kl, Kl-Kling, Kl, Kl-Klasse-Klotz, Kl-Klug-Km, Kn, Knapp, Kn, Knight, Kn-Knoll, Kn-Knopf-Knott, Kn-Knowlton, Knowles, Kn-Knox, Knudtzon
t-15297 Knud, K. Arneldi - Lachapelle, Eva Knud, Kn-Knox, Knudson-Knutson, Ko, Koch, Ko, Ko-Koehler, Ko-Koenig, Ko, Ko-Kohler, Ko, Ko-Kolb, Ko, Ko-Koontz, Ko, Ko-Kordisch, Ko, Ko-Kovac-Kovacs, Kr-Kraft, Kr, Kr-Kramer, Kr, Kr-Kraus-Krause, Kr-Krauss, Kr, Kr-Kreutzer, Kr, Kr-Krogh, Kr, Kr-Krueger, Kr-Kruse, Ku-Kuhn, Ku, Ku-Kunz-Kuntz, Ku-Kurtz, Ku-Kusler, Ku-Kv-Kw-Ky, La-Labonté-Labrie, La-Labarre, Labbe, Labelle, Labrecque, La-Lacasse-Lachapelle, Lachapelle
t-15298 Lacasse, Flagien - Lanouette, Arthur Lacasse, La-Lacasse-Lachapelle, Lacey, Lachance, La-Lacosse-Lackey, Lacroix, Lacy, La-Ladd, La-Lafond- interifled, Laflamme, Lafleur, Lafrance, Lafrenière, La, La-Laidlaw-Laine, Laing, Laird, Lajoie, La, Lake, La-Laliberté-Lamarche, Lalonde, Lamb, La, Lambert, La-Lamont-Lamoureux, Lamontagne, Lamothe, La, La-Lancaster-Lance-Land, La-Lander-Landers, La-Landis-Landrie, Landry, Lane, La-Langan, Lang, Langdon, Lange, La-Langevin-Langille, La, Langley, Langlois, La-Lanouette, Lanouette
t-15299 Lannon, Bill - Laxson, Violette Lannon, La-Lankey-Lanning-Lanoue, Lanigan, La-Lantz, La-Laporte-Laprade, Lapierre, Laplante, Lapointe-Lapoint, La, Lareau, Larivière, La-Larkin-Larocque, Laroche, Larochelle, Larose, La-La Rue, Larsen, Larson, La, La-Latimer, Latendresse, Latham, La-Latour-Lattin, La, Lauer, La-Laundry, Laughlin, La-Laurin-Lauzon, Laurie, La-Lavallée, Lavigne, Lavoie, La-Law, La-Lawler-Lawless, Lawrence, Laws, Lawson, La-Lawton-Lawyer, Laxson
t-15300 Layman, Alexander - Leshia, Frank Layman, La-Layman-Layton, La, Lea, Leach, Le-Leahy, Le-Leake-Leary, Le-Leavitt, Le-Lebel, Lablanc, Le-Leboeuf-Leclair-Leclère, Leclerc, Le-Ledoux-Ledrew, Lee, Le-Leech-Leedy-Leeman, Le-Leese-Leeson, Lefèbvre, Le, Le-Legault-Léger-Legge, Le, Lehman, Le-Leicht, Le-Leight-Leighton, Le-Leischner, Le, Leitch, Le, Lemay, Lemieux, Le-Lemoine-Lemon, Le, Le-Lennon-Lennox, Le, Léonard, Le, Le-Leroux, Le, Leshia
t-15301 Lescallett, George Calvin - Livingston, E. M. Lescallette, Le-Lesage, Leslie, Le-Lessard-Lester, Le-Létourneau, Le-Levasseur, Le, Levesque, Levin, Levine, Le-Levinsky-Levinson, Le-Levitt, Levy, Le-Lewin, Lewis, Le-Lh, Li-Libby, Li-Liddy, Li, Li-Lien, Li, Lightfoot, Li-Lill, Li-Lilly, Li-Linahan-Lincoln, Li-Lind-Lindberg, Li-Linden-Lindell, Li-Lindquist, Li-Lindstrom, Lindsay-Lindsey, Li, Li-Link-Linker, Li, Li-Linton, Li-Lipp, Li, Lister, Li-Litchfield, Little, Li-Litz-Litzenberger, Li-Lizette-Lizotte-Lj, Livingston
t-15302 Livingston, Fred - Luzmoor, Ernest Livingston, Livingstone, Ll, Lloyd, Lo-Lobe, Lo-Lock-Locke, Lo-Lockwood-Lodge, Loe, Lo-Loesel, Lo-Loewen, Lo-Loge, Logan, Lo, Lo-Loney, Long, Lo, Lo-Loos, Lo-Loranger, Lord, Lo, Lo-Lott, Lo-Lough, Lo-Louis, Lo-Lovejoy, Love, Lo-Lovell, Low-Lowe, Lowell, Lo-Lowery, Lo-Lu, Lu, Lucas, Lu-Luce, Lu-Ludlow, Lu-Ludwick-Ludwig, Lu-Luft, Lu-Luke-Lukey, Lu-Lumsden, Lu-Lundberg, Lu-Lund, Lu-Lundstrom-Lung, Lu ,Lu-Lussier-Lusk, Lutger-Lu-Luther, Lu, Luzmoor
t-15303 Lutz, George - Maniscalco, Samuel Lutz, Lu-Lutz-Luxton, Ly-Lyle, Lynch, Ly-Lynn-Lynds, Ly-Lyon, Ly-Lyons, Lytle-Lyttle, Ma, Ma-Macauley, Ma-Maccette, MacDonald-MacDougall, Ma-Mace, MacFarlane, Ma, Mack, Ma-Mackay, MacKenzie, Mackey, Ma-Mackie, Ma-MacLean, MacLeod, MacMillan, Ma-Macomber-Macon, Ma-Macy-MacPhee, MacRae, Ma-Madden, Ma-Madison, Ma-Madore, Madsen, Ma-Magee, Ma-Magill, Ma-Magnuson-Magner , Ma-Maguire, Ma-Maher, Ma-Mahon, Ma-Mahoney, Ma-Mailhot-Maier, Ma-Main, Ma-Maker, Major, Maki, Ma, Malcolm, Ma-Male, Ma-Mallette, Ma-Malloy, Mallory, Ma-Malone, Ma-Malo, Maloney, Ma, Ma-Mandell, Ma-Mande, Ma-Manley, Maniscalco
t-15304 Manion, Thos. B. - Mason, W. Manion, Ma, Mann, Ma, Manning, Ma, Mansfield, Ma-Manthey-Manuel, Ma-Mapes, Ma-Marble-Marceau, Ma-March, Marchand, Marcotte, Marcoux, Ma-Marcus, Ma, Ma-Marion, Ma-Mark-Markell, Ma-Markham, Marks, Ma, Ma-Marquis, Ma-Marr-Marriott, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Ma-Martens, Martel-Martell, Martin, Ma-Martins-Martinson, Martineau, Ma-Marvin-Martz, Ma-Marx, Ma, Mason
t-15305 Mass, Allan - McClure, Evelyn Mass, Ma-Masson, Masse, Massey, Ma, Masters, Ma, Matheson, Mathew-Mathewson, Mathews, Ma-Mathieu-Mathieson, Ma-Matson, Ma-Matte-Matteson, Ma-Matthew-Matthewson, Matthews, Ma-Mattice-Mattison, Ma-Mattson-Matz, Ma-Mauch, Ma-Mausseau-Maurice, Ma-Maxon-Maxson, Maxwell, May, Ma-Mayberry, Mayer-Mayers, Ma-Maynard-Mayhew, Ma-Mayo, Ma-Maze, Ma, McA-McAfee, McAdam, McA-McAndrews-McAllen, McAllister, McAlpine, McA, McArthur, McAulay-MacAulay, MacAvoy-McAvoy, McB, McBain, McBeth, McBride, McCadden, McCabe, McC-McCaffrey, McCaffery, McC, McCall, McCallum, McC-McCann, McC-McCarron-McCarter, McCarthy, McC-McCartney-McCauley, McC-McClain-McCleery, McC-McClellan, McClelland, McC-McClory, McC, McClure
t-15306 McClure, James A. - McGranaghan, Teresa McClure, McC-McCallum-McComb, McColl, McConnell, McC-McCormack, McCormick, McCoy, McC-McCrea-McCreadie-McCreary, McCracken, McCray, McC-McCue-McCulley-McCully, McCulloch, McCullough, McC-McCune, McCurdy, McD-McDermott-McDaniel, McDonald-MacDonald, McD-McDonell-McDonnell-McDonough, McD-McDowell-McDowall, McDougall, McE, McEachern-MacEachern, McElroy, McE-McEvoy, McEwan-McEwen, McF-McFarland, McFadden, McFarlane, McG, McG-McGee, McG-McGill, McGilvray, McG-McGinnis, McG, McGowan, McG-McGraw, McGranaghan
t-15307 McGrath, Allen G. - McMahon, Hugh B. McGrath, McG, McGregor-MacGregor, McGuire, Mch-McHenry-McHugh, McI-McIlveen, McInnes-MacInnes-McInnis-MacInnis, McI-McIver-McIvor, McIntosh-MacIntosh, McIntyre-MacIntyre, McIsaac-MacIsaac, McK-MacK, McKay-MacKay, McK-MacK, McKee, McKellar, McK-McKenney-MacK, McKenna, McKenzie-MacKenzie, McK-MacK, McKeown, McK-McKillican-McKiney, McKinley, McKinney-McKenna, McK-MacK, McKinnon-MacKinnon, Mcl-McLain-McLachlan-MacL, McLaren-MacLaren, McL, McLaughlin, MacLellan-McLellan-McL, McLean-MacLean, McLeod-MacLeod, McM, McMahon
t-15308 McMahon, Jack - Merrick, Wayne McMahon, McM-MacM-McManus-McMartin, McMaster, McM-McMichael-MacMichael, McMillan-MacMillan, McM-McMullen-McMurray-MacM, McN-McNabb-McNally-McNalley-MacNalley, MacN-McN-McNaughton, McNamara-MacNamara, McN-McNear-McNeally-McNeill-MacNeilly-MacN, McNeil-MacNeil-McNeill-MacNeill, McN-McNulty-McNutt-MacN, McP-MacP-McPhee-McPhail-MacPhee, MacPherson, McQ-MacQ-McQuade-McR, McRae-MacRae, McS-McT-MacT, MacV-McV-McVay-McVey, McW-McWhirter-MacW, Me-Meade, Mead, Me, Me-Mee-Meehan, Me-Meek-Meeks, Me, Me-Meier, Me-Meisner, Me-Melanson, Me, Me-Melton-Melville-Melvin, Me, Ménard, Me, Me-Menzel, Menzies, Me-Mercier, Mercer, Me-Meredith, Me, Me-Merriman, Merrick
t-15309 Merrill, Alice - Mills, Gordon Merrill, Ma-Merrill, Merritt, Me-Mertens, Me-Messer, Me-Messier, Me-Métivier, Me-Metcalf-Metcalfe, Me-Metz, Me-Meuinier, Metzger, Meyer, Me-Meyers, Mi, Michael, Mi-Michaud, Mi-Michels, Mi-Mickelson, Mi, Middleton, Mi, Mi-Mignault-Migneault, Mi-Milette-Milbank, Miles, Mi, Mi-Mill-Millard, Miller, Mi-Millette-Milley-Milligane, Mills
t-15310 Mills, McHannah - Moorey, Verne B. Mills, Mi, Milne, Milot, Milroy, Mi-Milton, Mi-Minard, Mi-Miner, Mi-Minkler, Mi-Minor-Minnis, Mi-Minton, Mi-Miron, Mi-Misener, Mitchell, Mi-Ml, Mo-Mock-Moberg, Mo, Mo-Moe, Mo-Moen, Mo-Moffett-Moffitt, Moffat-Moffatt, Mohr-Mohney, Mo, Moir, Mo-Moll-Moller-Molloy, Mo, Mo-Monahan-Monaghan, Mo-Mongeau-Monk, Mo-Monroe-Monson, Mo-Monterville-Montague, Montgomery, Mo-Mood-Moon, Moodie, Moody, Mo-Moor, Mooney, Moore, Mo-Moores-Moorhouse-Moquin, Moorey
t-15311 Mooren, William - Mullen, Hernon James Mooren, Mo, Moran, Mo-Moreau-Morehouse, Mo-Morell-Moreland-Morency-Moreford, Morey, Morgan, Mo-Moriarty, Morin, Mo-Morissette, Mo-Morley-Morningstar, Mo-Morrell-Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Mo-Morrissette-Morrissey, Morrow, Mo-Morse, Mo-Mortensen-Mortimer, Morton, Mo, Moser, Mo-Moses, Mo-Mosher, Mo-Moss-Mossman, Mo-Motier-Motley, Mo-Mott, Mo-Moulton-Mouland-Moullen, Mo-Mouncey, Mount, Mo-Mowrey-Moxness, Mowat-Mowatt, Mo-Moyer, Mo-Moyle-Mozynski, Mu-Mudic, Mu-Mueller, Mu-Mugford, Muir, Mu-Muldon, Mu-Mull, Mullholland, Mullen
t-15312 Mullen, L. A. - Nelson, Charlie Mullen, Mu-Muller-Mulley, Mu-Mulligan, Mullins, Mu, Mu-Muncy-Mundy, Munday, Mu-Munn-Munns, Munro-Munroe, Mu-Munson, Mu-Murch, Murdock, Mu, Murphy-Murphey, Murray, Mu-Murry, Murton, Mu-Muse-Muss, Mu-Mutch, My-Myer-Myhre, Myers, My, Myles, Na, Na-Nadon-Nader, Nadeau, Na-Nagel-Nagle, Na-Nalette-Nall, Najsz, Na-Nance, Na, Na-Nason, Nash, Na-Nate, Na, Na-Naughton, Na, Naylor, Ne, Neal-Neale, Ne, Ne-Needham-Needles-Neely, Ne-Neff-Neher-Nehring, Ne, Neil-Neill, Neilsen-Neilson, Ne, Ne-Nelson-Nellis, Nelson
t-15313 Nelson, Charlie A. - Nolting, Iber Nelson, Ne, Ne-Nesbitt, Ne-Ness, Ne-Netherton-Nettleton, Ne-Neufeld, Ne-Neuman-Neumann, Ne-Neville, New, Ne-Newbeck-Newburg-Newby, Newcomb-Newcombe, Ne-Newfield-Newgent, Newell, Ne-Newhook-Newlin, Newman, Ne, Newton, Ni-Nicholas, Nicholl-Nicholls, Nichol-Nichols, Nicholson, Ni-Nickerson-Nickels, Ni-Nicolle-Nicoll, Ni-Nicol, Ni, Nielsen-Nielson, Ni, Niemi, Ni-Nigh-Nightingale, Ni-Nilsen-Nimmo, Nilson, Ni-Nissen-Nisbet, Ni-Nl, Nixon, No-Noble, No-Noiseux-Noiseau, Noel, No-Nola, Nolan, No-Nolin, Nolting
t-15314 Nolet, Joseph - Olsen, Roy L. Nolet, No-Nolet-Nolin-Noll, No-Noonan, No-Nordberg, No-Nordin-Nordstrom, No-Normandeau-Normandin, Norman, Norris, No-North-Northcott, No-Northrup-Northfield, Norton, No-Noseworthy, No, Novak, No-Nowlan-Noyes, Nowak, Nu-Nugent, Nu, Nu-Nuttall-Nutz-Nutting, Ny-Nye-Nygaard-Nyberg, Oa-Oake-Oakes, Oa-Oakley, Ob-Oberg, Ob, O'Brien, Oc, O'Connell, O'Connor, Od-Ode-O'Dell, O'Donnell, O'Donoghue, Oe, Of, Og-Ogard, Ogden, Ogilvie, Og-Ogle-O'Grady, Oh, O'Hara, Oh-Oi-Oj-Ol, Ok-Oke-O'Keefe, Ol-Olberg-Oldford, Oldfield, Oldham, Ol-O'Leary-Oleson, Ol-Olivier-Oliverio, Oliver, Ol-Ollis-Olmstead, Ol, Olsen
t-15315 Olsen, Sarah - Page, W. M. O. Olsen, Olson, Ol, Om-O'Malley, O'Mara, On-O'Neil, O'Neil-O'Neill, On-Op, Op-Oq, Or-Orchard-Orcutt, Or-Organ, O'Reilley-O'Reilly, Or, O'Rourke, Or-Orr, Or-Ortman-Orton, Os, Osborn-Osborne, Os-O'Shea, Osgood, Os-Osmond, Os-Oster, Os-Ostrom-Oswald, Ot-Otis-Otoole, Ot-Ott, Ot-Otto, Ou-Ouillette, Ouellet-Ouellette, Ov-Overby-Overland, Ov-Overton, Owen-Owens, Ow-Ownby-Owre, Ox-Oy-Oz, Pa-Pace-Pabst, Pa-Packer, Pa-Paddock, Page
t-15316 Pageau, Arthur - Paulson, Myrtle Pageau, Pa-Paige, Pa-Paine-Painter, Pa, Pa-Palm, Palmer, Pa, Pa-Papineau-Pappas, Paquet-Paquette, Paguin-Paquin, Pa-Paradis-Paré, Parent, Parenteau, Pa-Paris, Pa-Park, Parker, Pa-Parkhurst, Parkinson, Parks, Pa-Parmentier, Pa-Parr-Parrish-Parry, Parrott, Pa-Parshall, Parson-Parsons, Pa-Partridge, Pa, Patenaude-Pa, Paterson, Paton, Pa-Patrick-Patten, Patterson-Paterson, Pa, Patton, Paul, Pa, Paulson
t-15317 Paulson, Nellie - Peterie, Joseph Paulson, Paulson-Paulsen, Pa, Payette, Payne, Pe-Peacock, Pe-Pearcy-Pearsall, Pearce, Pearson, Pe-Pease, Peck, Pe-Peddle, Pederson, Pe-Peer-Peers, Pe, Pe-Pellerin-Peloquin, Pelletier, Pe-Peltier, Pe-Pendleton, Pe-Penner-Penney-Pennington, Pe-Penny, Pe-Pépin-Pepper, Pe-Percival, Perkins, Pe-Perlman-Perlmutter, Pe-Perron-Perrin, Perreault, Perry, Pe-Persinger-Persons, Persson, Pe, Peterie
t-15318 Pester, Lewis - Pittman, F. E. Pester, Pe, Peters, Pe, Peterson, Pe-Petit-Pétrie, Pétrin, Pe-Petterson-Pettis, Pettit, Pe, Pf-Pfeiffer, Pf-Pfister, Ph-Phaneuf-Phair-Phelan, Phalen, Phelps, Ph-Phillip-Phillipp, Phillips, Ph-Philpot-Phipps-Phinney, Pi-Piché-Pichette, Picard, Pi-Pickard-Pickering-Pickens, Pi-Pidgeon, Pierce-Piercey, Pi, Pi-Pigeon-Pike, Pi-Pillsbury-Pilon, Pi-Pinard-Pineault, Pi-Pineau, Pi-Pinkerton-Pinkham,Pi-Pinske, Pi-Piper, Pi-Pitcher-Pitt-Pittman, Pittman
t-15319 Pittman, F. E. - Prerley, George E. Pittman, Pi-Pitcher-Pitt-Pittman, Pi-Pitts-Pj, Pl-Place-Plamondon, Pl-Plant-Plante, Pl-Platt-Platz-Player, Pl, Pl-Plouffe-Plourde, Pl-Plummer, Po, Po-Poisson-Poitras-Poindexter, Poirier, Po-Poland, Po, Po-Pollard, Po, Pollock, Po-Pomeroy, Po-Pond-Pontbriand, Po-Pool-Poole-Poor, Po, Pope, Po-Popp, Po-Porier, Porter, Po, Po-Post, Po-Pottle, Potter, Po-Potts-Pouliot, Potvin, Poulin, Po-Powe-Powderly, Powell, Po-Power, Powers, Pr-Prairie-Prather, Pr-Pratt-Pratte, Pr-Preece-Prefontaine, Pr-Prentice, Prerley
t-15320 Prena, Joseph - Randall, Guy Leslie Prena, Pr-Prendergast, Pr-Presse-Presley-Prescott, Pr-Prest, Preston, Pr-Prévost-Pretty, Price, Pr-Prichard-Pride, Pr-Priest-Prieur, Pr-Prince, Pr-Pringle-Prior, Pr, Pritchard, Pr-Probe-Procter, Proctor-Procter, Pr, Pr-Prosser-Protzman, Pr-Proulx-Provencher, Provost, Pr-Prudhomme-Pryor, Pu-Puddister, Pu-Pugh, Pu-Pullman, Pu-Purcell-Purchase, Purdy, Pu, Pu-Putman-Putnam-Putz, Py-Pye-Pyke, Qu-Quade, Qu-Quanbeck, Qu, Qu-Quick-Quigley, Qu-Quinlan, Qu-Quinn, Qu-Quintal-Quiring, Ra, Ra-Racicot-Racine, Ra-Rada-Radcliffe-Rader, Ra-Radford, Ra-Rae, Ra-Rahn, Ra-Raines-Raiche, Ra-Rainville-Rake, Ra-Ralph-Ralston, Ra-Ramey, Ra, Ramsay-Rasey, Ra-Rancourt-Ranck, Randall
t-15321 Randall, Harold M. - Renmickson, William Randall, Ra-Randell-Randolph, Ra-Rankin, Ra, Ra-Rapp-Rapson, Ra-Rasmussen, Ra-Ratzloff, Ra-Rau-Raun, Ra-Rawlings-Rawlins, Ra-Ray-Rayburn, Ra-Raymond, Re-Rea-Read, Re-Reade-Reader-Ream, Re-Reardon-Réaume, Re-Reck, Re-Redd-Reddick-Redding, Re-Redfield-Redfern-Redick, Re-Redmond-Reece, Reed, Re-Reeder-Rees, Re-Reese-Reeser, Re-Reeve-Reeves, Re-Regan, Re-Regnier, Re-Reich-Reichardt, Re-Reichman-Reichert, Read-Reid, Re-Reidell-Reidy-Reil, Reilly, Re-Reimer-Reiner, Re-Reinhart, Re-Reiswig, Re-Reith, Re-Rell-Relford, Re-Rémillard-Rempel, Re-Renaud-Rendell, Renmickson
t-15322 Renner, Selma P. - Rissanen, Ananias Renner, Re-Renner-Rennie, Re-Renwick, Re, Re-Ressler, Re-Reum-Reusser, Re-Reveler-Revell, Re-Reynolds, Rh-Rhea-Rhéaume-Rhoades, Rh-Rhodes-Rhyne, Ri-Ricard-Ricci-Rice, Ri-Rich-Richer-Richey, Richard-Richards, Richardson, Ri-Richman-Richmond, Richter-Richtor, Ri-Rick-Ricker, Ri-Rideout-Riddell-Rider, Ri-Ridges-Ridgley-Ridgway, Ri-Riecken-Riedel, Ri-Riel-Riendeau, Ri-Ries, Ri-Rigby-Riggins-Riggs, Riley, Ri-Rinehart, Ri-Ring-Ringuette, Ri-Rioux, Ri, Rissanen
t-15323 Rising, Benjamin C. - Rolseth, Mathilda Rising, Ri-Risch-Risley, Ri-Ritchie, Ri-Ritter, Ri-Rivard-Rivers, Ro-Robb-Roach, Ro-Robbins-Roberson, Roberg-Roberge, Robert-Roberts, Ro-Roberts, Robertson, Ro-Robichaud-Robillard-Robitaille, Robinson, Ro-Roche, Ro-Rock-Rockwood, Ro-Rodd-Roderick, Ro-Rodger-Rodgers, Ro-Roe, Ro-Roen, Ro-Roether, Roger-Rogers, Ro-Rogerson-Rohl, Ro-Rohne, Ro-Rolfe-Roland, Ro-Rollins, Rolseth
t-15324 Rollin, Norman - Rungan, Martha Rollin, Ro, Ro-Rondeau, Ro-Rooney, Ro-Root, Ro-Roper-Roscoe, Rose, Ro-Roseberry-Rosebush, Rosen, Rosenbaum-Rosenbauer, Rosenberg-Rosenberry-Rosenberger, Ro, Rosenfeld, Ro, Ro-Rosenthal, Ro, Ross, Ro-Rossi-Rossignol-Rost, Ro-Roth, Ro, Ro-Rothweiler-Rothwell, Ro-Rouleau-Round, Ro-Rouse-Rousseau-Routhier-Roux, Ro-Rowan, Ro-Rowe, Ro-Rowlands-Rowland, Ro-Roy, Ru-Rub, Ru-Rubin-Ruby, Ru-Rudd-Rude, Ru-Rudolf-Rudolph, Ru-Ruel-Ruff, Ru-Ruhl, Ru-Rumohr, Ru-Runte-Running, Rungan
t-15325 Rungan, Martha - Sandmoen, Alfred Rungan, Ru, Ru-Rupert-Rupp, Ru-Ruse-Rush, Ru-Rushlow-Rusk, Russell, Ru-Rust, Ru-Rutherford, Ru-Rutledge, Ryan-Ryans, Ry-Rye-Ryckman-Ryder-Rz, Sa-Sabbe-Saari, Sa, Sa-Sack, Sa-Saddler-Sadler, Sa-Sage-Sager, Sa, St-St Clair-St Jean-St Onge-St Martin, St 
t-15326 Sanders, Bernard - Schulman, Bessie Sanders, Sa-Sanders, Sanderson, Sa-Sandstrom-Sands, Sa-Sanford, Sa, Sa-Sargent, Sa-Sass, Sa-Sather-Sattler, Sa-Sauer-Saucier, Sa-Saunders, Sa-Sauve-Sauvageau, Sa-Savage-Savoie, Sa-Sawyer, Sa-Saxe-Saxon-Saxton, Sa-Sayer-Sayler-Sb, Sc-Scanlon, Sc-Schack, Sc-Schaefer, Schaeffer, Sc-Schafer-Schaffer, Sc-Schaller, Sc-Scharf, Sc-Schauffler, Sc-Scheel, Sc-Scheid, Sc-Schell, Sc-Schendel, Sc-Scherer, Sc, Sc-Schick, Sc-Schiffo, Sc-Schiller, Sc-Schissler, Sc-Schlegel, Sc, Sc-Schlosser, Sc, Schmidt, Sc-Schmitt, Sc-Schmitz, Sc, Sc-Schneider,Sc-Schnellback-Schnitzler, Sc-Schock, Sc, Sc-Schofield, Sc-Schooler, Sc-Schow, Sc-Schrader-Schramm, Sc-Schreiner-Schreiber, Sc-Schroeder, Sc-Schuetz, Sc, Schulman
t-15327 Schuler, C. R. L. - Shanks, Doris Schuler, Sc-Schuler-Schulte, Schultz, Schulz-Schulze, Sc-Schumacher-Schuman, Sc-Schuster, Sc-Schutte, Sc-Schwab, Schwartz, Sc-Schwarz, Sc, Sc-Scofield, Scott, Sc-Scribner, Sc-Scully, Se-Seager, Se-Seal, Se-Sears, Se-Seaton, Se, Se-See, Se-Seeley, Se-Séguin, Se-Seibel, Se-Seifert, Se-Seitz, Se-Selby-Self, Se-Sellers, Se, Se-Semler, Se-Senn, Se, Se-Settle, Se-Seversen-Severson-Sevigny, Se-Sewell-Sexton, Se-Seymour-Sg, Sh-Shaddy-Shade, Sh-Shafer-Shaff, Sh, Sh-Shank-Shanks, Shanks
t-15328 Shanahan, Edward - Simons, Briceis H. Shanahan, Sh-Shanahan-Shank, Sh-Shannon, Sh-Shapiro, Sh-Sharkey, Sharp-Sharpe, Sh-Shaver, Sh-Shaw, Sh-Shea, Sh-Shear-Shearer-Shearing, Sh-Sheehan, Sh-Sheets-Sheffer, Sh-Shelby-Sheldon, Sh-Shelton, Sh-Shepard-Shepherd, Sh-Sheppard, Sh-Sheridan, Sh-Sherman, Sh-Sherrill-Sherry, Sh-Sherwood, Sh-Shield-Shields, Sh-Shilling, Sh-Shipman-Shipley-Shippy, Sh-Shirley-Shirts, Sh-Shoemaker, Sh, Sh-Short, Showers-Shroder-Shrum, Sh-Shultz-Shuler-Shulman, Sh-Shumaker-Shuttleworth, Si-Sicard, Si-Sidwell, Si-Siegel, Si-Siemens-Sievert, Si-Sigurdson, Si-Silk, Si, Si-Silver, Si-Silverman-Silverthorn, Si-Simard, Simmons, Simms, Simon-Simons, Simons
t-15329 Simons, Chancey - Smith, Emil Simons, Simon-Simons, Si-Simonds-Simonson, Simpson, Si-Sims-Sinclair, Si-Singer-Singleton, Si, Si-Sirois-Sissons, Sisters (nuns), Si-Sj, Sk-Skeard-Skelly, Sk-Skinner, Sk, Sl-Slade-Slack, Sl-Slate-Slattery, Sl-Slaughter-Slayton, Sl, Sl-Sloan, Sl-Slonaker, Sm-Small, Sm-Smalley-Smart, Sm, Sm-Smiley-Smithson, Smith
t-15330 Smith, Emil - Sorenson, M. Smith, Sm, Sm-Smyth-Smythe, Sn-Snell, Sn-Snider-Snook, Snow, Snyder, So, So-Solberg, So-Solomon, So, So-Somers-Somerville, So-Sommers, So-Soper, So-Sorenson, Sorenson
t-15331 Sorbo, Adolph - Steggall, Tressie Sorbo, So-Sorensen-Sorenson, So-Soucy innterfiled, So-South-Southard-Southern, So-Southwick-Southworth, Sp-Spain-Spalding, Sp-Spangler, Sp-Sparks-Spaulding, Sp-Spear-Spears, Sp-Speck-Speer, Sp-Spence, Spencer, Sp-Sperry, Sp-Spicer, Sp, Sp-Spinney, Sp-Spitzer, Sp, Sp-Spracklin-Sprague, Sp-Springer-Spritz, Sp-Spurling-Sproule, Sq-Squire-Squires, St-Stacey, St-Stafford, St-Stahl, St-Stair-Stalker, St-Stamp, St-Standish, St-Stangl-Stanford,St-Stanley, St-Stapleton-Stanton, St-Starfield,, St-Stark, St-Starr, St, St-Stauffer, St-Stearns, St, St-Steel-Steele, St-Steen-Steeves, St-Steil, Steggall
t-15332 Stein, Alexander - Street, Wesley Stein, St-Stein, St-Steinberg, St-Steiner, St, St-Stenson, St-Stéphan, St-Stephen-Stephens, Stephenson, St-Sterling, Stern, St-Sterne-Sterner, St-Sterr, Stevens, Stevenson, Steward, Stewart, St-Stickland, St-Stiers, Stiles, St-Still-Stillman, St-Stirling-Stitt, St-Stock, St-Stockman-Stockwell-Stoddard, St, St-Stokes, St, St-Stolt-Stoltz, Stone, St, St-Storch-Story, St-Story-Storms, St-Stout, Stout, St-Stowell-Stoyle, St-Straight-Strachan, St-Strand-Strange, St-Stratton, St-Straus, St-Strauss-Strayer, St-Street, Street
t-15333 Stregger, Alvina - Szeyallo, Joseph Stregger, St-Stregger, St-Strickland, St-Strom, St-Strong, St, St-Strubeck-Strunk, St-Stuard-Stuart, St, St-Studebaker, St-Stultz, St-Sturgeon, St-Stutzman, Su-Suck, Su, Sullivan, Su, Su-Summer-Summers, Su, Su-Sunderland-Sunde, Su, Sutherland-Su, Su-Sutten-Sutter-Sutton-Sv, Sw-Swain-Swan, Sw-Swanson, Sw-Swartz, Sw-Sweeney, Sw-Sweet, Sw-Swenson, Sw-Swift, Sw-Switzer, Sy-Sykes-Sylvester, Sy-Sz, Szeyallo
t-15334 Szmiot, Kerstant - Thompon, John Szmiot, Sy-Sz, Ta-Taber-Tack-Tady, Ta-Taggart-Tait, Ta-Talbot, Ta-Tall-Talley-Tallman, Ta, Ta-Tanguay-Tanner, Ta, Ta-Tate-Tatro, Ta-Tardif-Tardiff, Ta, Taylor, Te, Te-Teel, Te-Telford-Tellier, Te-Temple-Templeton, Te-Tenant intefiled, Te-Tessier-Turrell, Terry, Te-Tétreault-Te Vogt, Th-Thacker-Tharp, Th-Thatcher-Thayer, Th-Theberge, Th-Théroux-Therrien-Thériault, Th-Thibault-Thibeault, Thibodeau, Th-Thom, Thompon
t-15335 Thistle, Le Baron C. - Todd, Harold Thistle, Th-Thom, Thomas, Thomason-Thomasson, Thompson, Thomson, Th-Thorn-Thornton, Thorne, Th-Thorp-Thorpe, Th-Thrasher, Th, Th-Thurston-Thurman, Ti-Tibbitts-Tibbetts, Ti, Ti-Tiffin, Ti-Tilley, Ti-Timms-Timmins, Ti, Ti-Tj-Tk-Tl, To-Tobin, Todd
t-15336 Todd, Harriet - Turner, Dora Todd, To-Todd, To, To-Toler-Tollifson, To-Tomlinson, To-Tompkins, To-Tonner, To-Toole-Toomey, To-Topping, To-Torgeson-Torris, To-Toth-Toupin, To-Tower-Town, To-Townsend, Tr-Tracey-Tracy, Tr-Trainor-Trafton, Tr, Tr-Travers-Travis, Tr, Tr-Tremblay, Tr-Trépanier-Trexler, Tr, Tr-Trimble, Tr-Tripp, Tr-Trombley, Tr-Trotter, Trottier, Tr-Troxell-Troy, Troyer, Tr-Trudel-Trudell-Trudeau, Tr-Ts, Tu-Tubbs-Tuck, Tucker, Tu-Tuff-Tully, Tu, Tupper, Tu-Turgeon-Turnbull, Turcott-Turcotte, Turner
t-15337 Turner, Earl H. - Venning, Clarence Turner, Tu, Tu-Tuttle-Tv, Tw, Ty-Tyler, Ty-Tyrell-Tyson, Ub to Uk, Ul, Ul-Ulrich, Um-Un-Underwood, Un-Ungar-Unger, Un-Up, Upton, Ur, Urquhart, Us-Ut-Uv-Uy-Uz, Va-Vail-Vaine, Vachon, Vadnais, Vaillancourt, Va-Valentine, Va-Vallières, Valée, Va-Van, Vanasse, Va-Van-Vance, Va-Vandeberg, Va, Va-Van Dyke, Va-Van Horn, Va-Van, Va-Van Patten, Va-Van, Va-Van Wick, Va-Vath, Va-Vaughan, Vaughn, Ve-Veals, Ve-Veilleux, Ve, Venning
t-15338 Venes, Dilon - Wallace, Wylie Venes, Ve, Ve-Verville, Ve-Vetsch, Vi-Vian-Viau, Vickery, Vi-Viens, Vi-Vigneault-Villeneuve, Vi-Violette, Vincent, Vi, Vi-Vivian, Vl, Vo, Vo-Vogel, Vo-Vogt-Voigt, Vo-Volg, Vo, Vo-Von, Vo, Vo-Voss-Votour, Vr-Vy, Wa-Wacker, Wa-Wade, Waddell, Wa-Wagar-Wager-Wagoner, Wadsworth, Wagner, Wa-Wahl, Wa, Wa-Waite-Waites, Wa-Wakefield, Wa-Walch, Wa-Walden-Waldner, Wa-Wales, Walker, Wall, Wallace
t-15339 Wallauch, Arthur - Webb, W. L. Wallauch, Wa, Waller, Wa-Wallin, Wa-Wallsmith, Walmsley, Walsh, Wa-Walter, Walters, Wa-Walton, Wa-Walz, Wa-Wang-Wanless, Warburton, Ward, Wa-Ware-Wardlaw, Wa, Warner, Warren, Warrener, Wa-Wartman-Warwick, Wa-Wash-Washburn, Wa-Washington, Wa-Wasson, Wa-Waterer, Waterman, Wa-Waters, Wa, Watkins, Watson, Wa-Watt, Watters, Watts, Wa-Waugh-Wax, Wa-Way, We, Weaver, We, Webb
t-15340 Webber, Addie - Whisker, William M Webber, Weber, Webster, We-Weddle, We-Weed, We-Weeks, We, We-Weideman, We, We-Weiland, We-Weiler-Weiman, Weinberg, Weiner, We, We-Weinstein, We, Weir, We-Weis-Weisberg, We-Weise, We-Weiss, We-Weitzel, We, Welch, We-Weld-Welin, We-Well-Weller-Wellington, Wells, We, Welsh, We-Welton-Welty, We-Wendland-Wendt, We-Wenger, We-Wentworth-Wentzel-Wenzel, We-Werham, Werner, We, We-Wessel-Wesley, West, We-Westby, We, We-Western, We-Westin-Westgate, We-Westover, Weston, We, Wh-Whalen, Wh-Wheatley, Wheeler, Wh, Whelan, Wh-Whipple, Whisker
t-15341 Whitaker, Arthur - Williams, Ivan T. Whitaker, Wh-Whitaker, White, Wh-Whitehead, Wh-Whiteman-Whitfield, Wh-Whitley, Whiting, Wh-Whitman-Whitmore, Wh-Whitsell-Whitson, Whitney, Wh-Whitten, Whittaker, Wh-Whittle, Whyte, Wi, Wick, Wi-Wicks, Wi, Wi-Wiedmann, Wi, Wi-Wiffle, Wi-Wigg, Wi-Wilbur-Wilburn, Wilcox, Wi-Wild-Wilde, Wi-Wilder, Wi-Wiles, Wiley, Wi, Wi-Wilke-Wilkes, Wi-Wilkie-Wilks, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Wi-Will-Willcox, Willard, Wi-Willey-Willer-Willett-Willie, Williams
t-15342 Williams, James - Wolbert, Verdie Williams, Williamson, Wi-Willis, Wi-Wills, Wi-Wilmot, Wilson, Wi, Wi-Wind, Wi-Windsor, Wi, Wi-Wing, Wi-Winkler, Wi-Winn-Winney, Wi-Winslow, Wi-Winter, Wi-Winters, Wi-Wirt-Wirth, Wi-Wise, Wi-Witters, Wi-Wiseman, Wi-Witherspoon, Wi-Witt, Wi-Wittman, Wo, Wo-Wold-Wolcott, Wolbert
t-15343 Wolf, Adalina - Young, Ewen Wolf, Wo-Wolf, Wolfe, Wo-Wolff, Wo, Wood, Wo-Woodard-Woodcock, Wo-Woodford-Woodland, Wo, Wo-Woods, Wo-Woodward-Woody, Wo, Wo-Working, Wo, Wo-Wortman-Worthington, Wr-Wray, Wright, Wr, Wu-Wulff, Wu-Wurtz, Wy-Wyatt Wy-Wyman-Wyles, Wylie, Wy-Wynne-Wyse, Xa-Xe-Xi, Ya, Ya-Yale, Ya-Yates, Ye, Ye-Yetman-Yeoman-Yl, Yo-Yoder, Yo-York-Yorke, Young
t-15344 Young, Fadia - Zwietusch, William Y. Young, Yo-Youngs, Yu, Za, Za-Zander, Za, Ze-Zeiner-Zehner, Ze-Zelmer, Zellers, Zellnar, Ze-Zh, Zi, Zimmer, Zimmerman, Zi-Zm, Zo, Zu, Zu-Zv-Zw-Zy, Zwietusch
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