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Exemplaire de BAC
Exemplaire de BAC
Timms, Howard Grant,1955-
On the production of guilt. Science, mythology, religion :a critique of psychoanalysis' origins of guilt and an inquiry into its social production.
M.A. -- Trent University, 2004
Ottawa :Library and Archives Canada = Bibliothèque et Archives Canada,[2005]
2 microfiches.
Includes bibliographical references.
The thesis is a study of the history and evolution of the social production of guilt. The work relies mainly on the writings of Nietzsche, Deleuze and Guattari to offer a critique of Freud and classical psychoanalysis, comparing the underlying conceptual assumptions of psychoanalysis with those found in Judeo-Christian theology or 'biblical religion'. The thesis attempts to construct a genealogy of social coding and mnemotechnics to form an analysis of the mechanisms whereby the concepts of obligation, debt and the 'sense of guilt' condition regimes of social production. The thesis adopts the position that guilt, as conceived by classical psychoanalysis, is neither ontologically innate nor a phylogenetic necessity, but is a re-configuration of foundational positions of Judeo-Christian and western metaphysics predicated on the concepts deprivation, lack, or an absence of being conceived as the fundamental condition of the immanent world, organic life, and human ontology.
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