Plan of river lots in the Parish of Lorette, Province of Manitoba. Surveyed by (signed) G. McPhillips, Deputy Surveyor. Examined and certified (signed) A. H. Whitcher, Inspector of Surveys. Dominion Lands Survey Office, Winnipeg, February 16th, 1878. Dominion Lands Office, Ottawa, 1st May, 1880. Lindsay Russell, Surveyor General. [Traced in 1931]. [cartographic material]

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    1931 (1 May 1880)
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    Indice de class. locale : H1/535/Lorette/1880(1931) (Variant 1)Numéro de boîte : 2000218813
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    H1/535/Lorette/1880(1931) (Variant 1)
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    Cartes et documents cartographiques
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    Archives / Collections et fonds
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