People from twenty miles around gathered for the annual service of the Anglican clergyman Parson Gordon, standing towards right of group

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    26 August 1923.
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    Numéro de boîte : 6236
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    Documents photographiques
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    Archives / Collections et fonds
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  • Date(s) :
    26 August 1923.
    Place :
    Rigolet (Labrador):
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    1 photograph ; 11.5 x 16.5 cm
    Positif - Papier - Argent - gélatine
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    Depicts a number of churchgoers, many of whom are Inuit or Kablunângajuit (Inuit and European mixed ancestry from Nunatsiavut). The woman who appears to be kneeling two people from the left of the clerygyman is Kirkina Mucko (born Elizabeth Jeffries). When she was two years of age, she suffered severe frostbite and developed gangrene in both her legs. Due to lack of access to healthcare, her father had to amputate her legs below the knee using an axe. Dr. Wilfred Grenfell transferred her to an orphanage and raised funds for her to be fitted with artificial limbs. Jeffries travelled with Dr. Grenfell within the United States and Mexico, fundraising for the International Grenfell Association. She later went to school in New York and Mexico, then back to Labrador. Sometime during those early years, she was given the name Kirkina. She later married Adam Mucko and had children. After losing her husband and most of her children during the Spanish Influenza epidemic, (varying reports note between three and six of her children died) she became a nurse and midwife, working for over 30 years in the Lake Melville area. There were a number of articles written about her, and numerous mentions of her in publications by the International Grenfell Association, many of which are in our library holdings.
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    People from twenty miles around gathered for the annual service of the anglican clergyman
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    1977-078 NPC
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    Credit: H.W. Jones/Library and Archives Canada/C-87383
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