North-West Rebellion military bounty land warrants and money scrip [textual record (some microform)] [1885-1913]

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    1885-1913, microfilmed [ca. 1948-1970]
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    Documents textuels
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    1885-1913, microfilmed [ca. 1948-1970]
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    651 aperture cards.
    3.0 m of textual records
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    Sub-series consists of records relating to the land warrants and money scrip issued to all members of the militia (later this also included scouts, the crew of the Northcote, and medical staff, see 49 Vic., c. 29, 1886) who were actively engaged west of Port Arthur in the suppression of the Métis and Indian rebellion of 1885. Under authority of 48-49 Vic., c. 73, 1885, militia members were entitled to two adjoining quarter sections (320 acres) in any even numbered section of unoccupied Dominion lands opened for homestead entry. The grant was subject to the conditions that entry was filed by August 1, 1886, and that the grantee had begun to reside upon and cultivate the land within six months after the deadline (this deadline was later extended through a series of Acts to December 31, 1908, see 6 Edw., c. 30, 1906). The grant was also subject to all the terms and conditions of homestead required by the Dominion Lands Act (35 Vic., c. 23, 1872). In lieu of a land grant, the members could receive scrip in the amount of The sub-series includes the bounty warrants issued by the Department of Militia and Defence (volumes 1629-1633), money scrip notes (volumes 1404-1405), receipts for warrants and money scrip (volumes 1634-1638), warrant stubs for homestead permits (volumes 1639-1644), and registers (aperture card book numbers 47-49).
    Instrument de recherche :
    (Papier) Finding aid 15-34 is a typed file list for Aperture Card Books, Numbers 45-49. 15-34

    (Papier) The money scrip and warrant stubs for homestead permits are organized numerically, within their respective volumes, according to the registration numbers on the face of each document. To find the records associated with the military bounty awarded to a particular individual when the individual record numbers are unknown, researchers must first consult the "Alphabetical Index to Military Bounty Claimants Respecting Grant of Lands to Members of the Militia Force on Active Service in North-West, 1885 Rebellion" (aperture card book number 46). This register is an alphabetical listing of all members of the militia. It notes the claimant's militia warrant number, his/her homestead permit number or money scrip number, the file number assigned to the claimant's case, and the claimant's assignee (if such a person was appointed). In some instances the claimant's case file is still retained by the National Archives in the central registry of the Dominion Lands Branch (now MIKAN record 156349, formerly RG 15, series D II 1 ). Money scrip note numbers 001-2600 are found in volume 1404 and note numbers 2601-5126 in volume 1405.

    (Papier) The receipts for warrants and money scrip are also organized by their registration number. However, to find this number researchers must refer to the "Register of Military Bounty Warrants, 1885 Rebellion" (aperture card book numbers 47-49). This register is organized by military warrant number, which can be obtained for each individual from the alphabetical index described above. By using military warrant number, researchers will be able to find the appropriate entry in "Register of Military Bounty" (aperture card books 47-49). The latter has a separate column that gives the receipt number.

    (Papier) The bounty warrants are also organized numerically, but under a different numbering system from the registration number which appears on the face of the document. The registration number, or the military bounty warrant number as it was called, was applied to each document by the Department of Militia and Defence. The Department of the Interior, however, applied its own, hand-written number to each document which it called the military land warrant number. This number was also hand-written by departmental administrators on the face of the receipts and on the warrants stubs for homestead permits. To find the bounty warrant issued to a particular individual, researchers must first use one of the methods cited above to find either the receipt or the warrant stub for homestead permit. Either one of these documents will then give the military land warrant number, which can then be used to retrieve the proper bounty warrant.

    Textual records (Électronique) The finding aid's file level descriptions (for volumes 1629-1633) can be accessed through the "consists of" field in the MIKAN record. A paper copy is also available in the Reference room. 15-33 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Finding aid 15-33 is a verified file and item list indicating item number, file and item title, ecopy number, outside dates and box numbers. 15-33 (90 90: Ouvert), 1629-1644.pdf

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    Note générale :
    The North West Resistance (or North West Rebellion) was an uprising in what is now Saskatchewan and Alberta. It began in 1884, when Louis Riel returned to Canada to advocate for the rights of the Métis of Saskatchewan and formed a provisional government. Riel led an armed insurgency, fought mainly by Métis and some First Nations allies. It ended with their defeat by federal troops at the Battle of Batoche on May 9, 1885.
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    Title is based on the contents of the sub-series.
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    The aperture cards in this sub-series are stored on trays in RSD and are known as aperture card book numbers 45-49.
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    The registers and indexes in this sub-series were filmed by a successor to the Department of the Interior before being transferred to the National Archives in the early 1970's. The originals were then destroyed.
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