PERSON : Canada travel survey: Persons file [textual record (electronic)]

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    Statistics Canada,
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    This continuing quarterly survey of travel by Canadians undertaken by Statistics Canada under joint sponsorship by Transport Canada and the Canadian government office of Tourism (CGOT), was aimed at increasing Transport Canada's understanding of passenger travel characteristics and associated modal choice for all modes of transportation, as well as CGOT's knowledge of traveller and tourist behavior. Detailed information was collected on all trips taken during the quarter by one respondent in each of the selected Canadian households. A trip was defined as a journey of 50 miles or more away from home, originating in one of the ten provinces, and ending between July 1, 1981 - September 30, 1981. This persons file (PERSON) contains one record for each person in the sample and can be used to generate cross-tabulations of persons, for example the number of persons by age, sex, number of trips taken and so on.
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    COLLECTOR/COLLECTEUR: Statistics Canada
    Sponsor: Industry, Trade and Commerce
    Sponsor: Transport Canada
    Originator (Principal Investigator): Higgins, Douglas
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    Digital records migrated to new preservation media in 2017.
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    For all files pertaining to the Canada travel survey please consult G0000906 to G0000941.
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    Database in flat file format
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    See documentation package: G0000939. English
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    Canada; 1981/07/01-1981/09/30; 805; Individual respondent trips; Civilian household members
    Ident. no., household size, sex, marital status, respondent's relationship to the head of the household, education of the respondent, hours that respondent worked last week, occupation groups, kind of business, industry or service, metropolitan area of residence, Labour Force status, age group, take any trips of 50 miles or more, if so how many, take any business trips of 50 miles or more, take any trips 50 miles or more for reasons other than business with destination inside Canada or U.S. & others, total household income before taxes & deductions, information for Trip #1 to Trip #8 -province where respondent lives, destination of this trip, tourism code, how far from home, how many people living in household went on this trip, how many nights were you away from home, which prov., territory or other country where you stay overnight, nights spent in Newfoundland, Prince-Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Yukon, U.S., other countries, residue, type of accommodation, nights spend in a hotel, motel, camping or trailer park, with friends or relatives, private cottage or vacation home, commercial cottage or vacation home, other accommodation, residue, weekend trip, main reason for taking this trip & any other reasons, means of transportation used to travel the greatest distance on this trip, other means of transportation on this trip, personally spend on this trip (including credit cards), cost of prepaid package, transportation, local transportation, accommodation, food & beverages, recreation & entertainment, others, total cost of trip, take a trip identical to this particular one & how many.
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