Norah McCullough and family fonds [multiple media].

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    Art, Documents photographiques, Documents sonores, Documents textuels, Objets (incluant les médailles et épinglettes))
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    1.65 m of textual records.
    1,576 photographs.
    23 drawings 1 pen and ink, charcoal and pastel.
    36 prints 18 photo-mechanical, linocuts, wood engravings, stone cuts, wood block.
    2 watercolours.
    1 medal bronze.
    3 audio reels (ca. 1 h, 35 min).
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    Fonds contains the papers of Norah McCullough and of the following members of her family:James and Caterina Kerr-Lawson; Jessie Kerr Lawson; J.W.S. and Alice McCullough; and Katherine Appleby. The papers relate to art and literature in Canada, and include extensive documentation on the artist Arthur Lismer.

    Fonds also consists of graphic and medallic materials. There are numerous photographs. 16 photographs, ca. 1870-1937, are portraits of James Kerr-Lawson, his wife Caterina, and his mother Jessie. 1,160 photographic material items (prints, negatives, transparencies), ca. 1903-1992, consist of formal and informal portraits of Norah McCullough, from childhood to 1986; formal and informal portraits of McCullough and family members; depictions of Norah McCullough with friends and colleagues; friends and colleagues of McCullough; Norah McCullough and her residency in South Africa; various travels of McCullough; residences and pets of Norah McCullough; Group of Seven painter and teacher Arthur Lismer relating to Norah McCullough's unpublished inventory of the artist's work; miscellaneous photographs of works of Western and African works of art; crafts collected by Norah McCullough. Four photographs, 1932-1956, depict Norah McCullough with Arthur Lismer at the Art Gallery of Ontario; or are portraits of Norah McCullough. 395 photographs (prints, negatives, transparencies), 1938-1980s, are snapshots pertaining to Norah McCullough's activities as an art educator in Canada and South Africa; to her family, colleagues and friends. One photograph, ca. 1962, is a portrait of Arthur Lismer.

    Fonds also consists of 18 prints, 18 reproductions, two watercolours, ca. 1903-1992, which include original and reproduction greeting cards received by Norah McCullough; and two linocuts entitled "Honk Honk", by Norah McCullough; two stain glass window designs and one exhibition poster "Black Friars Bridge by Ted Goodden, London Regional Art Gallery, 1985. One Canadian Association for Adult Education 1935-1985 medal. 22 drawings, 1938-1946, by Norah McCullough, depict the land and people she encountered while living in South Africa. One drawing, ca. 1940, is a Christmas card created by Arthur Lismer for his secretary (Peggy) Margaret Kidder.

    As well, the fonds contains sound recordings from 1969 including recordings of CBC Radio programs about Arthur Lismer and a recording of the first lecture given in the Norah McCullough lecture series created by the National Gallery to honour McCullough's contribution to the arts.
    Créateur / Provenance :
    Biographie/Histoire administrative :
    Norah McCullough, art teacher and historian, was born in Alliston, Ontario, the daughter of Dr. John W.S. McCullough and Alice Margaret Lawson, and the niece of artist James Kerr-Lawson. She studied at the Ontario College of Art under Arthur Lismer, graduating in 1925. After working at Eaton's and travelling in Europe, she joined the Art Gallery of Toronto, first cataloguing prints and drawings and, after 1928, assisting Arthur Lismer in his children's art classes. She was associated with Lismer in the Children's Art Centre at the Gallery, established in 1934, and took charge of the Centre during Lismer's lecture tour of South Africa 1936-1937.

    On his recommendation, McCullough was invited to South Africa in 1938 to establish an Art Centre in Pretoria and subsequently became an inspector for the Transvaal Education Department. She returned to Canada in 1946 and worked for the National Gallery, 1946-1947, touring small exhibitions of Canadian art in northern Ontario. She moved to the west and was the Executive-Secretary of the first Saskatchewan Arts Board, 1947-1957. In 1958 she was appointed the National Gallery of Canada's Liaison Officer for Western Canada based in Regina.

    After retiring from the National Gallery in 1968, McCullough settled in Guelph, where she has been an active member of the Guelph Arts Council. She was a founding member of the Canadian Craftsmen's Association in 1963. In 1969 Norah McCullough began working on a catalogue raisonné of the paintings of Arthur Lismer. During the next five years she gathered together information about some 800 canvasses and prepared the text of her catalogue. It was accepted for publication by Clarke, Irwin in 1982 but its publication was suspended when the company went into receivership the following year.

    Norah McCullough's maternal grandmother was the author Jessie Kerr Lawson (1838-1921) who immigrated to Canada from Scotland in 1866 with her husband William (1830-1913) and their children Andrew, James Kerr, Katherine and Elizabeth, settling in Hamilton, Ontario. Six more children were born in Canada, including Alice, William and Anstruther. Both Andrew and Anstruther became well-known scientists, the former as a geologist and the latter as a botanist. Katherine, who married W.G. Appleby, was a columnist and editor for Toronto periodicals and Alice studied nursing before marrying J.W.S. McCullough.

    James Kerr-Lawson (1862-1939) was educated at Hamilton Collegiate Institute and the Ontario School of Art, 1879-1880. He studied painting in Europe, 1880-1884. On his return to Canada, he was elected a member of the Royal Canadian Academy and the Ontario Society of Artists. He left Canada in 1887 and eventually settled in England with his wife, Catherine (Caterina) Muir of Hamilton, Ontario. He continued to exhibit and sell his work in Canada, much of the promotion and business being handled by his wife. He became a member of the Canadian Art Club in 1912. He was made a major with Lord Beaverbrook's Canadian War Records office, 1916-1917, and produced two canvasses that were installed in the Senate, Ottawa. James Kerr-Lawson died in London in 1939.
    Instrument de recherche :
    Textual records: (Papier) Finding aid 1921 provides a file list of vols. 1-8; also available in accession file for 1,160 photographic items, 18 prints, 18 reproductions, two watercolours, one medal (accession 1992-659 DAP). MSS1921

    Textual records: (Électronique) Finding aid. MSS1921

    1,160 photographic items (accession 1992-659 DAP): (Autre) See "Photographic inventories, indexes, and caption lists arranged by accession number." FA-500

    18 prints, 18 reproductions, two watercolours, one medal (accession 1992-659 DAP): (Papier) Inventory list;available in accession file;item-level.

    Medal: (Papier) Medallic inventory number: 14228.

    Information additionnelle :
    Note général :
    The textual records, sound recordings, and most of the photographic and artistic materials accessions were received in 1984, 1987, 1992 and 1993 from Norah McCullough of Guelph, Ontario. The 1992 textual records accession (and the art accession cited below) were received through the good offices of the National Gallery of Canada.
    The 1,160 photographic items, 18 prints, 18 reproductions, two watercolours, one medal (accession 1992-659 DAP) were an external transfer from Norah McCullough, Guelph, Ontario, via the National Gallery of Canada.
    Note sur le classement :
    395 photographs (prints, negatives, transparencies), 1938-1980s, are snapshots pertaining to Norah McCullough's activities as an art educator in Canada and South Africa; to her family, colleagues and friends (accession 1993-365 DAP): Organized by file title; nitrate and colour materials segregated.
    1,160 photographic material items (prints, negatives, transparencies), ca. 1903-1992; 18 prints, 18 reproductions, two watercolours, ca. 1903-1992; two linocuts; two stain glass window designs; one exhibition poster; one medal (accession 1992-659 DAP): Organized by subject group; arranged by series, see copy of Manuscript's finding aid in Photo accession file.
    Note sur les expositions :

    Exhibition Title: Norah McCullough Memorial. Curators: Terresa McIntosh, Melissa Rombout & Sarah Montgomery, National Archives of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario; 1993.08.23 - 1993.09.03
    (1. Report written by Norah McCullough for the Department of Public Education, Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, 1944; 2. Letter from Arthur Lismer to Norah McCullough Basutoland, South Africa, January 03, 1937; 3. Letter from NM to AL, Toronto, Ontario, April 12, 1937; 4. Portrait of Norah McCullough, Pretoria, South Africa, 1939 by Constance Stuart - Norah McCullough¿s inscriptions reads: ¿To my darling mother from noni with love¿; 5. Art instructors, including Bea Shaw and Betty Barnard, leading a mural painting workshop at the Children Art Centre, where Norah McCullough was an instructor. Pretoria, South Africa ¿ n.d. Photograph attributed to Norah McCullough; 6.Portrait of Norah McCullough in her garden ¿ Guelph, Ontario ¿ June 1991).
    Note sur l'emplacement des documents connexes :
    The final, most complete manuscript of Norah McCullough's catalogue raisonné of Arthur Lismer's paintings: Deposited by her in the National Gallery of Canada.
    Publication: Transferred to the National Archives Library.
    Vedette-matière :
    1. "A Colonial Girl; or Fail Me Never" - Authorship, [n.d., 1913-1916]
    2. "Beyond the 'Banalty of Surface'" - Authorship, [1981-1984]
    3. "Beyond the 'Banalty of surface'", [1981-1984]
    4. "Education through Art", [1911-1966]
    5. "Proposal for a Port Caldwell Pioneer Village" - Authorship, [1981-1984]
    6. "Proposal for a Port Caldwell Pioneer Village", [1981-1984]
    7. "The Teaching of Art", ]1911-1966]
    8. Afrique du Sud
    9. Alice McCullough - Authorship, [1888-1983]
    10. Art - Exhibitions, 1986
    11. Art critics - Canada, [1899-1939]
    12. Art critics - Engl&, [1899-1939]
    13. Art critics - United States, [1899-1939]
    14. Art Gallery of Windsor (Windsor, Ont.)
    15. Art museums, n.d., 1936-1984
    16. Arthur Lismer, [n.d., 1911-1985]
    17. Artists - Canada, [1899-1939], [1917-1983]
    18. Author Lismer - Authorship, [1911-1966], 1936-1966
    19. Authors, English, [1899-1939]
    20. Canada Council
    21. Canadian Courier, 1911-1914
    22. Canadian Crafts Council, [1978-1979]
    23. Charles B&, 1940-1950
    24. Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.)
    25. Dramatists, [1981-1984]
    26. Edward Greig, 1913-1917
    27. Esther Lismer, [n.d., 1936-1984]
    28. Exhibitions - Catalogues, n.d., 1919-1940, [1967-1985]
    29. Graphic Arts Club, 1911-1914
    30. Herman Voaden - Authorship, [1981-1984]
    31. Jessie Kerr-Lawson - Authorship, [n.d., 1913-1916]
    32. Kerr-Lawson, James
    33. Marion Gilroy, [1981-1984]
    34. Marjorie Bridges Irwin, [1970-1985]
    35. McCullough family, 1888-1941
    36. Norah McCullough - Interviews, [1946-1984]
    37. Northrop Frye, [1970-1985]
    38. Obituaries, [1970-1985]
    39. Painters - Engl&, [1899-1939]
    40. Painters - Netherl&s, [1899-1939]
    41. Painting, Canadian, [1970-1985]
    42. Publishers & publishing - Canada, [1970-1985]
    43. Sculptors - Engl&, [1899-1939]
    44. Sherill Grance - Authorship, [1981-1984]
    45. South Africa
    46. Teachers - South Africa, [1917-1983], 1938-1946
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