Kryn Taconis fonds [graphic material, textual record, moving images].

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    • Kryn Taconis fonds
      Kryn Taconis fonds
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    Sans lieu, inconnu ou indéterminé
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    ca. 173,010 photographs b&w and col.
    4.5 cm of textual records.
    1 film reel.
    12 containers consisting of magazine tear sheets as well as large exhibition prints b&w and col.
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    Fonds consists of photographs which depict Hutterites in Canada; photographs of the Second World War, 1944-1945; locations and events in Canada and from around the world; Taconis' work from 1959 to 1978 for the Star Weekly; the Polar Gas Tour album; landscapes and scenes from various assignments; and several of Kryn Taconis' photo assignments while he was a member of Magnum Photo Inc.

    Fonds also consists of thirteen letters from Taconis to his wife Tess, n.d., 24 July to 20 August 1957, from Cairo and Tunis, while on assignment to cover the Front de libération in Algeria. Also included are various correspondence and miscellaneous textual material dated from pre-1950's to 1978. Twelve containers of both magazine tear sheets and large exhibition prints can be found as well.

    Also included is a film entitled Celebration, 1966.

    Créateur / Provenance :
    Biographie/Histoire administrative :
    Kryn Taconis, photojournalist, was born in 1918 at Rotterdam, Holland, and devoted his life to photojournalism. He produced his first photographs for the Dutch Resistance during World War II. From 1948 to 1950 he was an independent photographer and Time-Life correspondent for the Benelux countries. In 1950, he became a member of Magnum, founded to disseminate the work of photojournalists. In August 1957, Taconis went to Algeria and clandestinely photographed the activities of the Front de libération nationale (F.L.N.). These photographs remained unpublished until their appearance in Photo Communiqué, 1982.

    Taconis left Europe and he and his wife Tess immigrated to Toronto in 1959. He left Magnum in 1960. In Canada, he became a special contributor to major Canadian magazines especially Star Weekly, Chatelaine and Maclean's. He also worked for the National Film Board for three years. Among his best known Canadian works is a photo essay of Hutterite communities in the West.

    Works located in: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography; National Archives of Canada: 1975-114, 1976-248, 1980-068, 1980-220; National Film Board of Canada Stills Division, EX-68-11.

    Exhibition(s): 1979, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (group). 1984, Contemporary Canadian Photography, National Film Board of Canada. 1989, Kryn Taconis, Photojournalist, PAC, Ottawa (individual).

    See also: The Canadian Encyclopedia.
    Instrument de recherche :
    Photographs: (Autre) Accession number 1975-114; see "Photographic inventories, indexes, and caption lists arranged by accession number." FA-500

    Photographs: (Papier) Accession number 1980-068; caption list and 24 contact sheets from Hunger Winter series. Captions from photo assignments dating from 1946 to 1978. Note; can be used in conjunction with blue bound finding aid which contains all assignment names. An electronic finding aid (spreadsheet) is available on the shared drive. See Excel file, "Taconis FA085 Correlation." FA-085 (90 Ouvert)

    Photographs: (Autre) Accession number 1980-220. FA-261 Currently not available. (99 Fermé pour fins de traitement)

    Photographs: (Électronique) Accession number 1982-047 & 1988-081 FA-261 (90 Ouvert)

    Moving images: (Électronique) See MISACS for item level description.

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    Note général :
    Material was received between 1980 and 1988 from a variety of sources including: Kryn Taconis, Tess Taconis, The National Film Board of Canada and Magnum Photo Inc.
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    Photographs by Kryn Taconis: Copyright assigned to Library and Archives Canada by the Estate of Kryn Taconis
    Photographs by Hans Bethlem: prints for research/review purposes only. Requests for publication should be directed to Mr. Hans Bethlem. Copyright: Hans Bethlem.
    Credit: Name of photographer / Library and Archives Canada / E-copy number.
    Moving images: Reproduction and use in any form requires the written permission of the copyright holder.
    Textual material: Restrictions: Nil.

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