Sir Robert Borden fonds [textual record, graphic material]

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    • Sir Robert Borden fonds
      Sir Robert Borden fonds Fonds Sir Robert Borden
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    The Borden fonds chiefly documents the record of his premiership, 1911-1920, since approximately 85 percent of the papers fall within that period. Nearly all the correspondence covering the period in which Borden was Leader of the Opposition, 1901-1911, 15 cm, is included in the Memoir Notes. The series of memoranda and clippings also spans this period. The correspondence of Borden after his retirement from office, 1920-1937, occupies approximately 3.66 m.
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    Borden, Robert Laird, Sir, 1854-1937: Prime Minister of Canada Sir Robert Laird Borden (1854-1937) was born at Grand-Pré, N.S. He attended Horton Academy, then taught school in New Jersey before beginning the study of law. Borden was called to the bar in 1878 and had a brilliant legal career in Halifax until political duties, which occupied a great deal of time after 1901, ended his legal practice in 1911. In the House of Commons Borden represented Halifax, N.S., 1896-1904 and 1908-1917; Carleton, Ont., 1905-1908 and King's, N.S., 1917-1920. He was selected as leader of the Conservative party, 6 Feb. 1901, following the resignation of Sir Charles Tupper and he became Prime Minister after the defeat of the Laurier government in the federal election, 1911. The first Borden ministry, 10 Oct. 1911 - 12 Oct. 1917, was dominated by the naval issue and the First World War. A popular demand for conscription to alleviate the reinforcement shortage and for a national non-partisan war effort, led to the formation of the Union government in Oct. 1917. In effect, it was a reorganization of the Borden ministry with the addition of a number of Liberal ministers. All members of the previous ministry except Borden resigned and a number of them were sworn again. The Union government was sustained by a large majority in the federal election of 1917, but the Province of Quebec was alienated, giving 62 seats to the Opposition. After retirement from politics in 1920 Borden was chancellor of McGill and Queen's Universities, first president of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs and president of the League of Nations Society. He wrote a number of articles on the constitutional development of Canada and on the British Commonwealth. He gave lectures at Oxford University and the University of Toronto. He was president of the Crown Life Insurance Company and of Barclay's Bank (Canada). Borden married Laura Bond in 1889; they had no children.
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    Textual records (Papier) The finding aid consists of two major parts: an index on microfilm and the various unbound Finding Aids. Volumes 1-332 have been indexed, and subject, author and chronological lists are available on microfilm reels C-4819 to C-4829. The index is also available on the Prime Ministers CD-ROM. A copy of the subject list used in preparing the index is available on reel C-4650. MSS0018 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part One is the subject and alphabetical list for the OC, OCA, RLB and Post-1921 correspondence series: Volumes 1-286, Reels C-4196 to C-4214, C-4227 to C-4235, C-4237 to C-4242 and C-4306 to C-4449. MSS0018-1 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Two is a subject and author list to the Borden Memoir Notes: Volumes 334-354, Reels C-4465 to C-4471. MSS0018-2 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Three contains a file list to the Memoranda and Notes sub-series, 1900-1913: Volumes 301-323, Reels C-4449 to C-4464. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Four located in MSS0018-3 is a file list and subject index to the Paris Peace Conference Notes Series: Volumes 427-444. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Five located in MSS0018-3 is a file list of correspondence and memoranda for the Washington Disarmament Conference: Volume 294, Reels C-4448 to C-4449. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Six located in MSS0018-3 is a file list of Miscellaneous Notes, memoranda and book reviews: Volume 298, Reel C-4449. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Seven located in MSS0018-3 is a list of the Personal and Family Papers found in volumes 445-448. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) Part Eight located in MSS0018-3 is a list of the Additional Accessions found in volumes 452-454. It also includes a conversion list for old volumes numbers 445-453 to the new volume numbers 445-454. MSS0018-3 (90 90: Ouvert)

    Textual records (Électronique) The finding aid is a microfilm conversion list containing volume numbers, contents, page numbers and reel number. MSS0018-4 (90 90: Ouvert)

    (Électronique) All or some of the documents described have been digitized and are available at the following address: (90 90: Ouvert)

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    Most of the Borden papers were transferred from the Prime Minister's office to his home in Ottawa in 1921 after his retirement. A portion, chiefly memoranda, pamphlets and clippings, 1901-1911, was stored in the attic of the Senate. After Borden's death in 1937, the papers, together with the incomplete Memoirs, were moved to Toronto by Sir Robert's nephew, Mr. Henry Borden, who edited The Memoirs of Sir Robert Borden (published 1938) and deposited the papers at the University of Toronto. In 1952 the Borden papers were microfilmed by the Public Archives and a positive copy of the film was deposited at the University of Toronto. Later in the same year the papers were presented to the National Archives by Mr. Henry Borden. Transferred to Ottawa, the papers were numbered and finding aids were prepared. After the main body of the Borden Papers had been filmed, some additional papers were forwarded to the Archives, where they were filmed and then integrated with the remainder of the papers. Some Borden papers from other sources have not been filmed. In 1951 the series of subject files of memoranda and clippings was transferred to the Archives from the attic of the Senate. It covers the period during which Borden was Leader of the Opposition, 1901-1911. In 1956 a body of correspondence labelled Prime Minister's private war file was transferred from the Department of External Affairs.
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    Sometime before 1928 W.F. O'Connor, a lawyer, was employed for several months arranging and selecting papers to facilitate the writing of an autobiography by Borden. Originally the Borden correspondence was in a single series of subject files arranged in rough chronological order. This was later designated the RLB series. O'Connor selected the files or portions of files which he regarded as most useful for an autobiography, creating a series which he called OC.
    On examination, some of this material that was apparently considered of secondary importance became a third series, designated OCA. O'Connor made copious notes which were bound in nineteen volumes and called Memoir Notes. These were probably the main source for the Borden Memoirs.
    Fonds also includes graphic material acquired from Sir Robert Borden at various periods, including art, photography, and medals. This material has not been completely described. There is likely additional art and photographic material belonging to this fonds that has yet to be accessioned.
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    Volumes 1-354 and Volume 449 are available on 212 reels of microfilm. The index occupies 11 reels.
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