Item: Clara FAIR (163599)

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Maria Rye
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July 27 1872, St George’s Union paid £12 LMA - St George's Hanover Square - We/BG/SG/6 7 I - "Monday 22nd July 1872. Details of the Justices of the Peace Certificates confirming the following four had freely consented to emigrate to Canada under the care of Miss Rye on the 1st August next: Clara Fair, 9. 1875 Inspection Report - St Thomas Centre, Mrs Parish Sr, Inspector, St Georges Union 1872, with Mrs Yeomans, St. Thomas. Removed.1878 Rye Report - #693-8, Co Elgin, St Thomas, in service Mentioned in sister Jessie’s letter from St. Thomas, February 15th, 1880 - “ I have not seen Clara since October, and she was quite well, she is still living with Mrs. C., and she says that shes Clara better than she used to.” .. and “My brother has not come to see us yet, but we are expecting him every day.” (Herbert Fair came on the Caspian July 16 - 26, 1872 to Halifax.) 1881 Census - Clarey FAIR, 17, Eng, servant, George COUSE, Desciple, farmer, Yarmouth Township, Elgin County, A2, pg 57, LAC microfilm C-13265. Brother Herbert is in Sackville, Westmorland, New Brunswick.
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Maria Rye Index, 1869-1879
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Index Maria Rye, 1869-1879 : Notes à propos des sources et des navires
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