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Nita Gitana /de Koven.Oscar Seagle, with orchestra accompaniment.
Smilin' ThroughFenn.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
The Ninety And NineSankey.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Herodiade.Massenet.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Brown october ale /De Koven.Sung by Oscar Seagle [side A].
Stand Up For JesusG J Webb.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Saved by grace /Stebbins. The ninety and nine / Sankey.Oscar Seagle, baritone, with orchestra accompaniment.
Tis The DayLeoncavallo.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Nearer, my God to thee /Mason, music ; [Adams, lyrics].Oscar Seagle, baritone ; Columbia Stellar Quartette, male quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
The Magic Of Your EyesPenn.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Brown October AleDe Koven.Graham Marr; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra.Columbia.
Jesus, saviour, pilot me /Gould.Oscar Seagle, baritone solo ; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young CharmsMoore.Oscar Seagle.
My love's an arbutus /arr. by Stanford ; Airlie Irish airs.Oscar Seagle, with orchestra accompaniment.
Calling Me Home To YouDorel.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
I Pagliacci.Leoncavallo.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Carry me back to old Virginny /Bland. Old folks at home / Foster.Louis Graveure, baritone [side a] and Oscar Seagle with male quartet [side b].
Hamlet.Ambroise Thomas.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
A Perfect DayJacobs-bond.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Dear Old Pal Of MineRice.Orchestra Accompaniment; Oscar Seagle.
The Barefoot TrailWiggens.Oscar Seagle; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
The BandoleroStuart.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
The Voice Of The ChimesHahn.Male Quartette; Oscar Seagle; Columbia Steelar Quartette; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
Will There Be Any Stars In My Crown?Sweney.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Onward Christian soldiers /Sullivan ; Stand up for Jesus / G.J. Webb.Oscar Seagle, baritone ; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
NazarethGounod.Andrea Sarto; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Can't Yo' Heah Me Callin' CarolineRoma.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette.
Keep the home fires burning /Novello. Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag (and smile, smile, smile) / Powell.Oscar Seagle, baritone, and the Columbia Stellar Quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
Pack Up Your Troubles In Your Old Kit Bag.Powell.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
When You And I Were Young MaggieButterfield.Oscar Seagle; With Orchestra Accompaniment.
There's A Long, Long TrailElliot.Oscar Seagle; Columbia Stellar Quartette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Lead kindly light /John Dykes ; sung by Oscar Seagle. Nearer, my God, to Thee / Mason ; sung by Oscar Seagle.Oscar Seagle, baritone.Columbia.
The banks of the daisies /arr. by Stanford ; Airlie Irish airs.Oscar Seagle, with orchestra accompaniment.
Lead Kindly LightJohn Dykes.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra.
A Stein SongFrederick Field Bullard.Reed Miller; Frank Croxton; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Stein song /Bullard.Oscar Seagle and Shannon four (baritone solo and male quartette with orchestra).
Damnation of Faust :Chanson de la puce = Song of the flea /Moussorgsky.Oscar Seagle, with orchestra accompaniment.
When The Swallows Homeward FlyAbt.Oscar Seagle; Orchestra.
Do you remember? /Jacobs ; Bond.Oscar Seagle, with orchestra accompaniment.
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