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The merry farmer boy.Joseph Bellmont ; Frank Kernell - singing and whistling.Berliner.
The birds and the brook /Stults.Joseph Belmont with orchestra.
In the land of love with the song birds /F. Wallace Rega.Albert Campbell ; Henry Burr ; duet for two tenors with orchestra & bird effects, with Joe Belmont.Berliner.
The lover and the bird, or, [Beautiful bird, sing on!] /[John Oxenford, lyrics and music].Macdonough ; Belmont.Berliner.
The robin and the wren /[Frank E. Banta, music].Belmont and Kernell.Berliner.
Whistle while you walk /Belmont.Murray ; Belmont, with orchestra accompaniment.
In the land of love with the song birds /F. Wallace Regá ; [Hager] ; [performed by] Albert Campbell ; Henry Burr with Joe Belmont. The dress my mother wore / Marion Sunshine ; Henry I. Marshall ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Albert Campbell and Henry Burr, tenors, with Joe Belmont, bird effects, and orchestra [side a] ; Henry Burr with orchestra [side b].Victor.
The whistling coquette /Belmont.Ada Jones ; Joe Belmont.Columbia.
The birds and the brook /Stults ; [performed by] Victor Orchestra. In Venice / Rubens ; [performed by] Alice J. Shaw.Joseph Belmont, bird warbling, with Victor Orchestra accompaniment [Side A] ; Alice J. Shaw, whistling solo, with orchestra [Side B].
Anvil chorus /[S. Cammarano, libretto ; Guiseppe Verdi, music].Jos[eph] Belmont - whistling solo.Berliner.
Come, rise with the lark!.Joe Belmont ; Peerless Quartet.
Robin redbreast /[Reginald] De Koven.Macdonough ; Belmont, bird warbling.Berliner.
Whip-poor-will song :with whistling chorus.Joseph Belmont, whistling.Victor.
Beautiful bird sing on, or, [The lover and the bird] /[John Oxenford, lyrics and music].Belmont, whistling ; Macdonough, tenor.Berliner.
The arrival of the robins /(Allen).Joseph Belmont.
Dance of the honey bees /Benjamin Richmond, music.Victor Orchestra ; Belmont.Berliner.
Arrival Of The RobinsThomas Allen.Joseph Belmont; Victor Orchestra.
The lover and the bird.Macdonough ; Belmont.
Bird imitations.Joseph Belmont, whistling.Berliner.
The cricket's serenade /Theo. Bondix.Victor Orchestra ; Joseph Belmont.
The birds and the brook /Stults.Joseph Belmont, with orchestra, whistling solo.
The Lover And The Bird.Macdonough; Belmont.
Robin redbreast /[Reginald] De Koven.Macdonough ; Belmont, solo with bird warbling, with orchestra.Berliner.
Independentia.Mr. Joe Belmont, whistling.Berliner.
Dance of song birds /Benjamin Richmond.Victor Orchestra ; Joseph Belmont.
Beautiful Bird Sing OnHowe.James Harrod; Reed Miller; With Bird Imitations By Joe Belmong; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Robin redbreast /de Koven.Macdonough ; Belmont.
Dance of the song birds /Benjamin Richmond.Performed by the Victor Orchestra with Joseph Belmont.Berliner.
The lover and the bird /[Guglielmo].Mssrs. Macdonough and Belmont.Berliner.
Robin redbreast :from "Happyland" /De Koven.Macdonough and Belmont with orchestra.
The birds and the brook /Stults.Joseph Belmont with orchestra.
Anvil chorus :from "Il trovatore".Joseph Belmont.
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