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McCormack, John, 1884-1945
Jarvis, Harold (Harold Augustus), 1864-1924
Victor Orchestra
Evan Williams, tenor.
Mary of Argyle / Composer, S Nelson ; lyric, Charles Jefferys.
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DA 384
Remarques sur l'enregistrement
Recorded 14 April 1908.
Content not verified.
Recorded on both sides.
Matrix no a6107.
Order no. 01846/M.
With Orch.; Original single sided issue of this record was originally published in 1908, Recorded in America.
Comments: Berliner is a Canadian record company
Comments: Single sided disc
Issue no.: 64432
Comments: Harold (Harold Augustus) Jarvis Canadian
Issue no.: 16033
Comments: Single-sided disc.
Issue no.: 64088
Other no.: A
1 audio disc : analogue, 77.43 rpm ; 10 in.
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