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Marilyn /Wiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft.
Valse vanité /Wiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft.
Valse Yvonne /Wiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft.
Feather your nest /Kendis, Brockman, Johnson ; [performed by] Albert Campbell, Henry Burr, saxophone solo, Rudy Wiedoeft. Old pal why don't you answer me? / Lewis, Young ; Jerome ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Side A: Albert Campbell and Henry Burr, duet, with orchestra and saxophone solo by Rudy Wiedoeft ; Side B: Henry Burr, tenor, with orchestra.
Dear OneFisher; Richardson; Burke.Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; Frank Banta.
SaxemaWiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft; Jack Shilkret.
Little Pal Of Long AgoHirsch; Sacre; Dixon.Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; With Orchestra.
You forgot to remember /Irving Berlin ; [performed by] Henry Burr. Alone at last / Gus Kahn ; Ted Fiorito ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Henry Burr, tenor vocals; Rudy Wiefoeft, saxophone; Frank Banta, piano (not on label).
SaxophobiaRudy Weidoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Valse Yvonne (petite valse caprice) /Rudy Wiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft, saxophone solo.
Honest and truly /Fred Rose ; [performed by] Henry Burr, Rudy Wiedoeft, Frank Banta. Dear one / Fisher, Richardson, Burke ; [performed by] Henry Burr, Rudy Wiedoeft, Frank Banta.Henry Burr, tenor; saxophone obbligato by Rudy Wiedoeft; Frank Banta at the piano.Victor.
Dear one /Fisher ; Richardson ; Burke.Henry Burr, tenor; Rudy Wiedoeft, saxophone; Frank Banta, piano.Victor.
Na-Jo /Wiedoeft ; Holliday.Vanderbilt Hotel Orchestra ; M. Fells, director.Berliner.
Wonderful OneDorothy Terriss; Paul Whiteman; Ferdie Grofe; Marshal Neilan.Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; Frank Banta; With Saxophone; Piano.
Feather Your NestKendis; Brockman; Johnson.Albert Campbell; Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; With Orchestra.
Ev'ry Night I Cry Myself To Sleep Over YouJohnson; Wood; Bibo.Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; With Orchestra.
Karavan /Wiedoeft ; Olman.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
If the rest of the world don't want you (go back to mother and dad) /Alex Gerber ; Dave Dreyer. Little pal of long ago / Hirsch ; Sacre ; Dixon.Franklyn Baur, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Henry Burr, tenor, and saxophone by Rudy Wiedoeft with orchestra [side b].
Somebody /Dellen ; Wiedoft ; Little ; Stanley.Prince's Dance Orchestra.
Midnight rose /Sidney D. Mitchell ; Lew Pollack. Ev'ry night I cry myself to sleep over you / Johnson ; Wood ; Bibo.Henry Burr, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; also with Rudy Wiedoeft, saxophone [side b].
SaxarellaWiedoeft.Rudy Wiedoeft.
Carry Me Back To My Carolina HomeBenny Davis; Abner Silver.Albert Campbell; Henry Burr; Rudy Wiedoeft; With Orchestra.
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