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Good bye /Tosti. Simple confession : Simple aveu / Thome.Elizabeth Wheeler, soprano with orchestra [side a] and Victor Sorlin, violoncello solo with piano [side b].
His buttons are marked U.S. /Carrie Jacobs Bond.Elizabeth Wheeler, accompaniment by Victor Orchestra.Berliner.
The mocking bird.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough, duet with orchestra.
The Child Of A KingSumner.Elizabeth Wheeler; With Orchestra.
I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls :Balfe's "Bohemian girl" /Balfe.Elizabeth Wheeler.
Loch LomondOld Scotch.Evan Williams; Victor Orchestra.
I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls :[from] Balfe's "Bohemian girl" /Balfe.Elizabeth Wheeler with orchestra, soprano.
When I marry you /Albert Gumble ; Alfred Bryan. Swanee babe / Dick Richards ; Jack Drislane.American Quartet, Haydn Quartet ; Harry Macdonough ; Elizabeth Wheeler.
I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls :from "Bohemian girl" /Balfe.Elizabeth Wheeler, soprano with orchestra.
When you and i were young, maggie /Butterfield.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough.
The Glowworm.Paul Lincke.Elizabeth Wheeler; With Orchestra.
When You And I Were Young MaggieButterfield.Mrs Morgan; Mr Stanley; With Orchestra.
I dream I dwelt in marble halls :[from] Balfe's "Bohemian girl" /[Balfe].Elizabeth Wheeler, soprano.
At the end of a beautiful day /Wm. H. Perry.Jane Kenyon, soprano with orchestra.Victor.
I dreamt I dwelt in marble halls :[from] Balfe's "Bohemian girl" /Balfe.Elizabeth Wheeler, soprano.
Softly now the light of day /Gottschalk.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, duet, with orchestra.
DaddyBehrend.Elizabeth Wheeler; With Orchestra.
Don't Be Cross With MeGillespie; Van Alstyne.Charles Hart; Elliott Shaw; Orchestra.
Mother Goose songs :Hey diddle diddle ; Little Bo-Peep ; Ride a cock horse ; Little Jack Horner ; Twinkle, twinkle ; Lullaby /Elliott.Elizabeth Wheeler, with orchestra.
The Mocking Bird.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough, duet with orchestra.
The vacant chair /Root ; [performed by] Haydn Quartet with orchestra. When you and I were young, Maggie / Butterfield ; [performed by] Elizabeth Wheeler and Harry Macdonough with orchestra.Haydn Quartet, male quartet, with orchestra [side a] ; Elizabeth Wheeler and Harry Macdonough, duet, with orchestra [side b].
The Cuck-Coo Clock ;Slumber-Song /Pfirshing Schaefer.Elizabeth Wheeler, with pianoforte accompaniment.
Over hill, over dale /Mendelssohn.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Marguerite Dunlap ; Elsie Baker with orchestra.
Summer Now Hath Come Among UsPinsuti.Elizabeth Wheeler; Marguerite Dunlap; Orchestra.
Tell mother I'll be there /Chas. Fillmore.James F. Harrison and the Edison Mixed Quartet (includes Elizabeth Spencer, Mary Jordan, Harry Anthony and W.F. Hooley).Edison
Ave maria /Bach ; Gounod.Elizabeth Wheeler, soprano with orchestra.
I heard the voice of Jesus say /Boner ; Dykes.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, soprano and tenor with orchestra.
Barcarolle =Oh, night of love! : from "Contes d'Hoffman" /Offenbach ; [performed by] Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler with the orchestra. Fatinitza selection / Von Suppe ; [performed by] Arthur Pryor's Band.[Side A] Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler ; [Side B] Arthur Pryor's Band.
My grandfather's girl /Will Dillon.Jane Kenyon, soprano with orchestra.Victor.
The rosary /Ethelbert Nevin.Elizabeth Spencer and Knickerbocker Quartet [Harry Anthony, Walter Van Brunt, James F. Harrison, and William F. Hooley].Edison
Gobble duet :When I behold your manly form : from "La mascotte" /Audran.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough, duet with orchestra.
Beautiful Valley of Eden /Sherwin.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler.
Last Rose Of Summer.Moore.Marcella Sembrich; With Orchestra.
When I behold your manly form: gobble duet from Mascotte /Audran.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough, with orchestra.
The Secret ;Old Chanticleer ; The Hungry Windmill /Alice Terhune.Elizabeth Wheeler, with piano accompaniment.
The mocking bird (Listen to the mocking bird) /Winner.Elizabeth Wheeler : Harry Macdonough ; soprano and tenor duet with orchestra.
Abide with me /Lyte ; Monk.Geraldine Farrar, soprano with orchestra.
Can't You SeeBryan; Gumble.Elizabeth Wheeler; Harry Macdonough; Orchestra.Berliner.
Near the cross /W.H. Doane. Some sweet day, bye and bye / Fanny Crosby, W.H. Doane.Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wheeler (side A) ; Anthony and Harrison (side B).
What a friend we have in Jesus /Joseph Scriven ; Charles C. Converse. That sweet story of old / Jemima Luke ; William B. Bradbury.Mr. and Mrs. William Wheeler, soprano and tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Elsie Baker, contralto, with orchestra [side b].
Oh! that we two were maying /Kinsley, Nevin. The story of the rose / Andrew Mack.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, duet with orchestra (side A); John Barnes Wells, tenor with orchestra (side B)--Cf. The Victor black label discography, 16000-17000 series / Bolig, 2007.
When you and I were young Maggie /Butterfield.Elizabeth Wheeler ; Harry Macdonough with orchestra.
Dear Lord and Father /Whittier ; Maker.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, duet with orchestra.
Beautiful valley of Eden /Sherwin.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler with orchestra.
Vilia :song from "The merry widow" /Lehar.Elizabeth Wheeler, with orchestra.
Abide with me /Lyte ; Monk.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler.
He leadeth me /Bradbury.Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler with orchestra.
The child of a king /Sumner.Elizabeth Wheeler with orchestra.
Cradle song /Brahms ; Wiegenlied.Elizabeth Wheeler.
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