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Loch Lomond /Thornhill, arr.Benny Goodman and his Orchetra ; Martha Tilton, vocal refrain.
Jim :fox trot /Shawn, Petrillo, E. Ross. Concerto for two (a love song) : adapted from Tchaikovsky's piano concerto : fox trot / Lawrence.Claude Thornhill and his orchestra ; Vocal chorus by [side A] Kay Doyle and [side B] Dick Harding.
Just about this time last night /[Bill Borden].Claude Thornhill and his orchestra, vocal chorus by Fran Warren; Prima; Cunningham; Miller.Columbia
Sonata.Drake; Shirl; Alstone.Claude Thornhill; Orchestra; Buddy Hughes.
Sleepy SerenadeMort Greene; Lou Singer.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra.
Smiles /Callahan ; Roberts.A Pair of Pairs, vocal chorus ; Claude Thornhill and his orchestra.
Sonata /Drake ; Shirl ; Alston.Claude Thornhill and his Orchestra ; Buddy Hughes, vocal chorus.
A Sunday Kind Of LoveBelle; Leonard; Rhodes; Prima.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra; Fran Warren.
Autumn nocturne /Gannon ; Myrow.Claude Thornhill and his Orchestra.
Robbin's nest /Thompson; Jacquet.Claude Thornhill and his orchestra.Columbia
Concerto for two :a love song : adapted from Tchaikovsky's piano concerto : fox trot /Lawrence.Dick Harding ; Claude Thornhill, and his orchestra.
Sugarfoot RagHank Garland; George Vaughn.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra; Snowflakes.
Polka dots and moonbeams /Burke-Van Heusen.Claude Thornhill and his orchestra.
Down The LaneGeorge Howe; Bobby Burns.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra; Nancy Clayton; Russ Mcintyre.
Do I Worry?Cowan; Worth.Eddy Howard; Orchestra; Lou Adrian.
I don't know why /Fred E. Ahlert ; Roy Turk.Claude Thornhill and his orchestra.
I'm Getting Tired So I Can Sleep.Berlin.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra; Terry Allen.
Autumn NocturneKim Gannon; Josef Myrow.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra.
Rock-a-bye bay :fox trot /Curtis ; Wood.Lilliam Lane, vocal chorus ; Snowflakes ; Claude Thornhill, and his orchestra.
Lullaby Of The RainBorbs Furman; Lou Ricca.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra.
A Sunday kind of love :fox trot /Belle ; Leonard ; Rhodes.Fran Warran ; Claude Thornhill, and his orchestra.
The things we did last summer /Cahn, Styne, arr. by Ray Ellis. Put a light in the window / R. Roberts, Jacobson.The four lads ; with Claude Thornill and his orchestra ; with Ray Ellis and his orchestra (2nd work).
Where Or WhenLorenz Hart; Richard Rodgers.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra.
Warsaw concerto /Addinsell. Love for love : from "Escape me never" / Koehler, Korngold.Claude Thornhill and his orchestra, performers ; Fran Warren, vocal chorus (2nd work).
There's A Small HotelLorenz Hart; Richard Rodgers.Claude Thornhill; His Orchestra; Snow Flakes.
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