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Shades of night / Gilbert ; Friedland ; Franklin. I love you best of all / Tell Taylor.Sterling Trio with orchestra [side a] ; Harry Macdonough, tenor, with orchestra [side b].
'N ev'rything / Al Jolson. When you play with the heart of a girl / A. Von Tilzer.Al Jolson, tenor, with orch. [side A]; Sterling Trio, with orch. [side B].Columbia.
Bye-lo Ray Perkins.Sterling Trio.
Who'll dry your tears when you cry? / Young ; Lewis ; Akst. In the heart of dear old Italy / Eugene West ; Jack Glogau.William Robyn, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Sterling Trio with orchestra [side b].
All the world will be jealous of me / Ball. Mother, Dixie and you / Johnson and Santly.Henry Burr, tenor, with orch. (1st work); Sterling Trio, male vocal trio, with orch. (2nd work).Columbia.
On Honolulu Bay / Yellen ; Cobb ; Barron. In the sweet long ago / Heath ; Lange ; Solman.Peerless Quartet with Hawaiian guitars by Louise and Ferera and Orchestra [On Honolulu Bay] ; Sterling Trio with orchestra [In the sweet long ago].
Bye-lo / Ray Perkins.Sterling Trio, vocal trio with orch[estra].
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