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Once Upon A MidnightSpina; Burke.Glen Gray; The Casa Loma Orchestra; Vocal Chorus; Ken Sargent.
The image of you /Burke ; Spina.Vincent Rose and his orchestra : Russ Morgan.
If you were as lonely (as you are lovely) /Burke; Spina.Will Osborne and his Orchestra; vocal refrain by Will Osborne.Columbia
OnceB Russell; Spina.Toni Arden; Percy Faith; His Orchestra.
My first and my last love /Remus Harris - Marvin Fisher [performed by] Bill Kenny of the Ink Spots. Once / Harold Spina - Bob Russell[performed by] Bill Kenny of the Ink Spots.Bill Kenny.
Annie Doesn't Live Here AnymoreYoung; Burke; Spina.Guy Lombardo; Royal Canadians; Trio.
IrresistibleSpina; Burke.Kenneth Sargent; Glen Gray; Casa Loma Orchestra Glen Gray And The Casa Loma Orchestra; Kenneth Sargent.
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