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Neverless :I'm in love with you /Kalmar ; Ruby.Majestic Dance Orchestra ; Dick Robertson, chorus.
The dancers /Ruby ; Lyman ; Gray.Andy Tipaldi and his Ritz-Carleton Orchestra.Compo.
I love you so much :from "The cuckoos" /Kalmar ; Ruby.Majestic Dance Orchestra.
Three little words :from "Check and double check" /Kalmar ; Ruby.Hew Sterling's Orchestra.
Pick me up and lay me down in dear old Dixieland /kalmar ; Ruby.Club Royal Orchestra (under the direction of Clyde Doerr).
So long, Oo-long (How long you gonna be gone) ; Tell me little gypsy /Kalmer [i.e. Kalmar] ; Ruby ; Berlin.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
The Dixie[land] volunteers /Leslie, lyrics ; Ruby, music.Peerless Quartette, vocal quartette, male voices with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
And he'd say oo-la-la! Wee-wee ; Take it from me /Ruby ; Jessel ; Anderson.Lincoln's Orchestra.Berliner.
I gave you up just before you threw me down /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ahlert.Arthur Fields, baritone with orchestra.
Sally Green (the village vamp) /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Jerome ; White.Billy Jones.Berliner.
I love you so much :from "The cuckoos" /Kalmar ; Ruby.Majestic Dance Orchestra.
Down in Maryland /Kalmar ; Ruby.Cal Smith's American Orch.
My sunny Tennessee /Kalmar ; Ruby.Champion Jazz Band.Berliner.
That's worth while waiting for /Lewis ; Young ; Ruby.Billy Murray, with orchestra.Berliner.
My Sunny TennesseeKalmar; Harry Ruby; Herman Ruby.Broadway Quartette; Orchestra.
My sunny Tennessee /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ruby.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra ; Shannon Four, male quartet.Berliner.
I gave you up before you threw me down /Kalmar, lyrics ; Ruby, music ; Ahlert, music.Martucci and his orchestra.Compo.
Nevertheless.Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby.Paul Weston; Orchestra; Norman Luboff Choir.
So long! Oo-long! (How long you gonna be gone?) /Kalmar ; Ruby.Billy Murray, with orchestra.Berliner.
Come, play wiz me ; Madelon /[Ruby] ; [Robert].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
I'm thru saying I'm thru /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Kahn.Jan Garber and his Orchestra ; Lee Bennett, vocal refrain.
Wait'll you see (how sorry you'll be) /Kalmar ; Ruby.Peerless Quartet, male quartet with orchestra.Berliner.
Moonlight saving time ;Nevertheless /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Richman ; Kahal.Majestic Dance Orchestra.
Pick Me Up And Lay Me Down In Dear Old DixielandBert Kalmar; Harry Ruby.Club Royal Orchestra; Direction Of Clyde Doerr.
Angels /Kalmar ; Ruby.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
I love you so much :from "The cuckoos" /Kalmar ; Ruby.Murray ; Scanlan, duet with orchestra accompaniment.
I gave you up just before you threw me down /Kalmar ; Ruby ; Ahlert.Rachel Grant ; Bill Murray (duet with orchestra).
For the two of us /Edgar Leslie, Harry Ruby. I hate to lose you / Grant Clarke, Archie Gottler.Horace Wright and Rene Dietrich, vocal duet with orchestra [side a] ; Peerless Quartet, male quartet, with orchestra [side b].Victor.
Jean ; So long, Oo-long /Brooks ; Kalmar ; Ruby.Diamond Trio.Berliner.
Come play wiz me, or, [Come on and play with me] /[Harry Ruby].Billy Murray, with orchestra.Berliner.
Nevertheless (I'm in love with you) /Kalmar ; Ruby.Ruth Etting.
I love you so much :from "The cuckoos" /Kalmar ; Ruby.Majestic Dance Orchestra, with vocal chorus.
I Love You So Much /Kalmar ; Ruby.Majestic Dance Orchestra.
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