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Par un jour de mai =[enregistrement sonore] /May timeBeaudry, [paroles françaises] ; De Sylva, paroles ; Rose, musique.J.H. Germain.Starr.
Murmure d'amour =[enregistrement sonore] /WhisperingShonberger, musique et paroles anglaises ; Brisson, [paroles françaises] ; [Coburn, musique et paroles anglaises] ; [Rose, musique et paroles anglaises].Hector Pellerin, baryton avec orchestre.Victor.
Reste encore un peu :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Linger awhile"Brisson, paroles ; Rose, musique.Hector Pellerin, baryton français avec orchestre.Victor.
Murmure d'amour :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Whispering"Beaudry, traducteur ; Schonberger ; [Coburn] ; [Rose].Hector Pellerin, baryton avec orchestre.Starr.
La valse au village :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air "Umbrella man"Cavanaugh, paroles ; Rose, musique ; Stock, musique.Ludovic Huot, ténor avec orchestre.Compo.
Canadienne aux yeux bleus =[enregistrement sonore] /[Avalon]Barthus, paroles? ; Jolson, musique? ; [DeSylva, paroles anglaises] ; Rose, musique?.Hector Pellerin, baryton français avec orchestre.Victor.
Canadienne au[x] doux yeux, ou, [Canadienne aux yeux bleus] :[enregistrement sonore] /sur l'air de "Avalon"[De Sylva] ; [Jolson] ; [Rose].Hector Pellerin, baryton avec orchestre.Starr.
Avalon /Al Jolson ; Vincent Rose. Susan / Dave Kaplan.Rega Dance Orchestra (Avalon) ; The All-American Five (Susan)
Reste encore un peu =[enregistrement sonore] /Linger awhileBrisson, paroles françaises ; Rose, musique ; Owens, paroles anglaises.J.H. Germain, baryton avec orchestre.Starr.
The umbrella man /James Cavanaugh ; Vincent Rose ; Larry Stock.Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians ; Vocal Trio.
Love TalesVincent Rose.The Great White Way Orchestra.
Nightingale /Coburn ; Rose.Rega Orchestra.Berliner.
WhisperingSchonberger; Coburn; Rose.Ben Light; With Instrumental Accompaniment.
The world is waiting for the sunrise /Ernest Seitz, Eugene Lockhart ; [performed by] Les Paul and Mary Ford. Whispering / Schonberger, Coburn, Rose ; [performed by] Les Paul.Les Paul, guitar ; Mary Ford, vocal (1st work).
Tell me why /Coburn ; Rose.Joseph Phillips, baritone with orchestra.Berliner.
The umbrella man /Vincent Rose ; Larry Stock.Johnny Messner and his Music Box Band ; Three Jacks, vocal refrain.
Susan ; The Japanese sandman ; Avalon /Kaplan ; Whiting ; Jolson ; Rose.Mario Perri, accordion solo.Berliner.
Avalon /Jolson ; Rose.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
Wa wa waddle walk /Richard Coburn ; Vincent Rose ; King Zany. Driftwood / Lou Gold.Paul Ash ; Granada Orchestra.
Whistling in the wildwood /Stock-Rose-Cavanaugh, [performed by] Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians with vocal trio by Carmen Lombardo-Larry Owen-Fred Higman. Boom / Charles Trenet-E. Ray Goetz, [performed by] Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians with vocal trio by Carmen Lombardo-Larry Owen-Fred Higman.Guy Lombardo ; Carmen Lombardo ; Larry Owen ; Fred Higman ; Royal Canadians.
When you're counting the stars alone :cuando sola cuentes las estrellas /Russell ; Rose ; Murray.Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra.
I love the moonlight /Harry Akst ; Harry Richman ; Benny Davis. Song of Shanghai / Vincent Rose ; Richard A. Whiting.Jack Denny Orchestra.
Kiss by kiss :(I'm falling in love with you) = Beso por beso /[words by] Meskill, Klages ; [music by] Rose. One of us was wrong = Uno de nosotros estaba equivocado / [words by] Kahn ; [music by] Goering.Casa Loma Orchestra ; [Kenny Sargent, vocals]--Cf. American dance band discography, 1975 / Rust.
Nightingale :"Introducing drifting away" : fox trot /Coburn ; Ross.Vernon Trio.
Moonlight memories (rêverie au clair de lune) /Terriss ; Rose.The Windsor Hotel Orchestra (Harold Leonard an his Red Jackets).
Moonlight memories :waltz /Terriss ; Rose.Windsor Hotel Orchestra ; Harold Leonard, and his Red Jackets.
Moonlight memories =Rêverie au clair de la lune /Terriss, lyrics ; Rose, music.The Windsor Hotel Orchestra (Harold Leonard and his Red Jackets).Victor.
Umbrella man /Rose ; Stock ; Cavanaugh.Emilia Heyman.
Trulyfox trot.Paul Whiteman and his orchestra. [Henry Busse and Tommy Gott, trumpet; Sam Lewis, trombone; Ross Gorman, clarinet or alto sax; Don Clark, alto sax; Hale Byers, soprano sax, alto sax or flute; Paul Whiteman and George Tjordy, violin; Ferdie Grofe, piano; Mike Pingitore, banjo; Jack Barsby, tuba; Harold McDonald, drums.]-cf. B. Rust, American dance band discography, 1975.
WhisperingJ Schonberger; V Rose; R Coburn.Don Baker; Lee Pepper.
Avalon /Jolson ; Rose.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
The umbrella man /Vincent Rose ; Larry Stock ; James Cavanaugh.Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians ; vocal Trio.
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