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Anytime, anyday, anywhere medley : Intr[oducing] Gran na da / Kortlander ; Weslyn.Harry Raderman's Orchestra.
Anytime, anyway, anywhere medley (Intr. : Gra na da) / Kortlander and Weslyn.Harry Raderman's Orchestra.
Railroad blues / C.L. Roberts.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Compo.
Deenah [my Argentina rose] / Scharf.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Make that trombone laugh / Scharf.Harry Raderman, trombone ; Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Blues : my naughty sweetie gives to me / Swanston ; Carron ; Morgan.Harry Raderman's Orchestra.
My lady of the lamp / Lew Pollack.Raderman's Orchestra.
Gra-na-da ; Will you remember or will you forget / Spencer, music ; Hewitt, music.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Cuban moon / Spencer and McKiernan ; [performed by] Raderman's Orchestra. The Japanese sandman / Whiting ; [performed by] Raderman's Orchestra.Raderman's Orchestra.
Silver water / [Harry] Von Tilzer.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
You promised me / Al. Nathan, Jr.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Remember the rose / Simons.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Wond'ring / David.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Tuck me to sleep / Young ; Lewis ; Meyer.Raderman's Orchestra.
Hiawatha's melody of love ; Tired of me / Bryan ; Meyer ; Clarke ; Donaldson.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Omar / Edwards.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Alexandria / Goetzl.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Tuck me to sleep / Young ; Lewis ; Meyer.Raderman's Orchestra.
The Japanese sandman / Egan, lyrics ; Whiting, music.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
The Japanese sandman / Whiting.Raderman's Orchestra.
Annie, my own / Scharf.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.
Ti-O-San / Traveller ; Case.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
I want to go to the land where the sweet daddies grow / [Harry] Von Tilzer, music.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Avalon : fox trot / Jolson ; Rose.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.
Cho cho san / G. Puccini.Raderman's Orchestra.
Dardanella : fox trot or intermezzo / Bernard ; Black.Harry Raderman's Orchestra ; Harry Raderman ; Rudy Wiedoest.
Tuck me to sleep / Young ; Lewis ; Meyer.Raderman's Orchestra.
Whose baby are you? : one step from "The night boat" / Kern.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.
Cuban moon / Spencer ; McKiernan.Raderman's Orchestra.
Blues (my naughty sweetie gives to me) : fox trot / McCarron ; Morgan ; Swanstone.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.
Left all alone again blues ; Blue bells of Scotland / Kern ; [Jordan].Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Blues (my naughty sweetie gives to me) / Swanstone ; McCarron ; Morgan.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Song of Omar / Leo Edwards.Harry Raderman's Orchestra.
Whose baby are you? / Kern, music ; [Caldwell, lyrics].Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
When the harvest moon is shining ; Roses of picardy / Von Tilzer ; Wood.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.
Saxopation / Krueger.Bennie Krueger, saxophone ; Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Avalon / Jolson ; Rose.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Annie, my own / Scharf.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
La veeda / Alden, music.Harry Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
Sudan / Pollack.Raderman's Novelty Orchestra.Berliner.
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