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You'll always be the same sweet baby / Brown.Louise McMahon, soprano ; Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
The ladder of roses : from hip hop hooray / Hubbell.Grace Nash, soprano ; Henry Burr, tenor, orch. acc.
A girl in your arms is worth two in your dreams / Wenrich.Grace Nash ; Henry Burr.
Some sort of somebody / Kern ; sung by Grace Nash, Edgar Stoddard. You'll always be the same sweet baby / Brown ; sung by Louis [sic] McMahon, Henry Burr.Grace Kerns (as Grace Nash), soprano (Side A) ; Andrea Sarto (as Edgar Stoddard), baritone (Side A) ; Louise McMahon, soprano (Side B) ; Henry Burr, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
A Girl In Your Arms Is Worth Two In Your Dreams Wenrich.Grace Nash; Henry Burr; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
When You Were A Baby And I Was The Kid Next Door Tierney.Louise Macmaron; Sam Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Rackety-coo! / Friml.Grace Nash ; Sam Ash.Columbia.
The whole world loves a lover / Whiting. Ireland must be heaven / McCarthy, Johnson and Fischer.Grace Nash, soprano, Henry Burr, tenor, with orch. (1st work); De Los Becker, tenor, with orch. (2nd work).Columbia.
My dreamy China lady / Van Alstyne, music ; [Kahn, lyrics].Grace Nash, soprano ; Henry Burr, tenor, duet with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
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