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Dear Love Days E A Esrom.Henry Burr; Albert Campbell; Will Oakland; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
Hiawatha's Melody Of Love Bryan; Mehlinger; Meyer.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
There's Only One Pal After All Frost; Klickmann.Crescent Trio; Orchestra; Male Trio.
Let Me Dream Ray Sherwood; Curtis Gordon.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly). Eliot Daniel; Larry Morey.Burl Ives; Captain Stubby; Buccaneers; Male Trio.
When You And I Were Young, Maggie Butterheld.Theo Karle; Male Trio.
Wonderful Pal Wm Tracey; Maceo Pinkard.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
Who'll Take The Place Of Mary? Dubin; Gaskill; Mayo.Crescent Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
Hiawatha's Melody Of Love Meyer.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orch.
Goodbye Sweetheart Lottie Biggs; Don Reid.Gisele Mackenzie; With Orchestra; Buddy Cole; Male Trio.
Everything reminds me of that old sweetheart of mine / Harriman.Lyric Trio ; Will Oakland ; Henry Burr ; Albert Campbell.Columbia.
Bye-lo Ray Perkins.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orch.
Mummy Mine Richard Coburn; Vincent Rose.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
Camp Meeting.Vocal Trio.Columbia
Pretty Little Rainbow Robert Levenson; Vincent C Plunkett.Sterling Trio; Male Trio; Orchestra.
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