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The low back'd car /Lover ; [performed by] James McCool with orchestra. Mr. and Mrs. Murphy ; [performed by] Miss Jones and Mr. Spencer with orchestra.[Side A] James McCool, tenor with orchestra ; [Side B] Ada Jones and Len Spencer.
To my first love ; You'd better ask me /Hamilton, [lyrics for first selection] ; Lohr, [music] ; Lover, [lyrics for second selection].Dora Labbett, [Soprano] ; Hubert Eisdell, [Tenor] with Piano.Columbia.
The angel's whisper /Samuel Lover.Victor Herbert, cello ; Rosario Bourdon, piano.
The girl I left behind me /[Lover, arrangement].Columbia Stellar Quartette, male quartette.Columbia.
Rory O'More /Lover.William Thomas, tenor solo with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
Barney O'Hea /Samuel Lover. When you and I were young, Maggie / Butterfield ; [George W. Johnson]William Thomas (side A) ; Archie Anderson (side B)Columbia
The Angel's WhisperSamuel Lover.Victor Herbert; Rosario Bourdon.
Terence's farewell to Kathleen /[Lady Dufferin]. Rory O'More / Lover.William Thomas.Columbia
The girl I left behind me /Lover.James McCool, tenor, with orchestra.
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