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The rose of the mountain trail /Jack Caddigan ; Jas. A. Brennan ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet. Alice of old Vincennes (I love you) / Keithley ; Thompson ; [performed by] Henry Burr.Peerless Quartet with orchestra [side a] ; Henry Burr, tenor, with orchestra [side b].Berliner.
My rosary of dreams /Frost ; Keithley.Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Pathé.
When you long for a pal (who would care) /Keithley [lyrics] ; Duryea [music]. Trail to long ago / White [lyrics] ; Erickson [lyrics]; Klickmann [music] ; Keithley [music].Lewis James, tenor with orchestra (When you long for a pal (who would care)) ; Lewis James ; Elliott Shaw, duet with orchestra (Trail to long ago)
In the heart of an Irish rose /Frost, lyrics ; Keithley, music.M.J. O'Connell.Pathé.
Avalon, or, Down the sunset trail to Avalon /Jack Frost ; E. Clinton Keithley.Sterling Trio, male trio with orchestra.Victor.
Diane of the green van /F. Henri Klickmann ; [J. Will Callahan]. Alice of old Vincennes / Thompson ; [E. Clinton Keithley].Nora Watson (side A) ; Henry Burr (side B)Columbia.
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