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Sittin' in a corner / [Gus] Kahn, [lyrics] ; [George W.], Meyer, [music]. Lou'siana / [Gus] Kahn, [lyrics] ; [Walter] Donaldson, [music].Elliott Shaw, baritone, with orchestra [Sittin' in a corner] ; Lewis James and Elliott Shaw with orchestra [Lou'siana].
Now I Know Henry; Onivas.Lewis James; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
When you long for a pal (who would care) / Keithley [lyrics] ; Duryea [music]. Trail to long ago / White [lyrics] ; Erickson [lyrics]; Klickmann [music] ; Keithley [music].Lewis James, tenor with orchestra (When you long for a pal (who would care)) ; Lewis James ; Elliott Shaw, duet with orchestra (Trail to long ago)
Suki san / Donaldson ; sung by George Wilson. I called you my sweetheart / Johnson, Clarke, Monaco ; sung by Henry Burr.Lewis James (as George Wilson), tenor (Side A) ; Henry Burr, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
I want him back again / Brown ; sung by Sterling Trio. I'm sorry I made you cry / Clesi ; sung by Robert Lewis.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Robert Lewis, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
Hark! hark! the lark [and others] / Franz Schubert.John McCormack, tenor ; Victor Salon Group [Wilfred Glenn, bass ; Charles Harrison, tenor ; Lewis James, tenor ; Elliott, Shaw, baritone ; with orchestra] ; Nathaniel Shilkret, conductor.
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