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Mother's hands /Grant Clarke ; Milton Ager. When the harvest moon is shining / Andrew B. Sterling ; Harry Von Tilzer.Henry Burr, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Charles Hart and Lewis James with orchestra [side b].
Send me a curl /O'Hara ; [performed by] Geoffrey O'Hara. All aboard for home, sweet home / Burkhart ; Piantadosi, Glogau ; [performed by] Lewis James and Shannon Four.Geoffrey O'Hara, baritone, with orchestra (side A) ; Louis James, tenor, and Shannon Four with orchestra (side B).Victor.
Sittin' in a corner /[Gus] Kahn, [lyrics] ; [George W.], Meyer, [music]. Lou'siana / [Gus] Kahn, [lyrics] ; [Walter] Donaldson, [music].Elliott Shaw, baritone, with orchestra [Sittin' in a corner] ; Lewis James and Elliott Shaw with orchestra [Lou'siana].
That wonderful mother of mine /Goodwin. I can't see the good in good-bye / Lynn Cowan.Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra (1st work) ; Lewis James, tenor with orchestra (2nd work).Columbia
At peace with the world /Irving Berlin ; [performed by] Lewis James, Franklyn Baur. Sally's not the same old Sally : I left on the Ozark Trail / Al Bernard ; Sammy Stept ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet.Side A: Lewis James and Franklyn Baur, vocals ; Side B: Peerless Quartet.
Now I KnowHenry; Onivas.Lewis James; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia
Mr. Radio man (tell my mammy to come back home) /Schuster ; White ; Friend. Watchin' the moon rise / Kahn ; Egan ; Whiting.Lewis James, tenor, with orchestra [side a] ; Peerless Quartet with orchestra [side b].
Main Street wasn't big enough for Mary /Benny Davis ; Abner Silver ; [performed by] Henry Burr. Why live a lie? / L. Wolfe Gilbert ; Ted Koehler ; [performed by] Lewis James.Side A: Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra ; Side B: Lewis James, tenor with orchestra (Charles Adams Prince conducting on both works).
When you long for a pal (who would care) /Keithley [lyrics] ; Duryea [music]. Trail to long ago / White [lyrics] ; Erickson [lyrics]; Klickmann [music] ; Keithley [music].Lewis James, tenor with orchestra (When you long for a pal (who would care)) ; Lewis James ; Elliott Shaw, duet with orchestra (Trail to long ago)
Just for remembrance (bring me a red, red rose) /Parish ; Young ; Squires. Just some roses / William McKenna.Elliott Shaw, baritone, with orchestra [side a] ; Lewis James, tenor, with orchestra [side b].
Suki san /Donaldson ; sung by George Wilson. I called you my sweetheart / Johnson, Clarke, Monaco ; sung by Henry Burr.Lewis James (as George Wilson), tenor (Side A) ; Henry Burr, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
I want him back again /Brown ; sung by Sterling Trio. I'm sorry I made you cry / Clesi ; sung by Robert Lewis.Sterling Trio (Side A) ; Robert Lewis, tenor (Side B).Columbia.
All that I want is you /Goodwin ; sung by Henry Burr. When the harvest moon is shining / H. Von Tilzer ; sung by Lewis James.Henry Burr, tenor (Side A) ; Lewis James, tenor (Side B).Columbia
Mike /Benny Davis ; Jesse Greer ; [performed by] Henry Burr. Someone to love / Gus Kahn, Ted Fiorito ; [performed by] Lewis James, Franklyn Baur.Side A: Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra ; Side B: Lewis James and Franklyn Baur, vocal duet with orchestra.
Hail Columbia /Philip Phile ; Joseph Hopkinson. Yankee Doodle / [composer not identified].Haydn Quartet ; Harry Macdonough (side A), Haydn Quartet ; Billy Murray (side B).
Hark! hark! the lark [and others] /Franz Schubert.John McCormack, tenor ; Victor Salon Group [Wilfred Glenn, bass ; Charles Harrison, tenor ; Lewis James, tenor ; Elliott, Shaw, baritone ; with orchestra] ; Nathaniel Shilkret, conductor.
My kid /Dubin ; McHugh, Dash ; [performed by] Lewis James. At the end of the road / Ballard MacDonald ; James F. Hanley ; [performed by] Albert Campbell, Henry Burr.Side A: Lewis James, tenor with orchestra ; Side B: Albert Campbell and Henry Burr, vocal duet with orchestra.
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