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Chu-chu-san /Samuels.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
La charmeuse :[enregistrement sonore] /gavotteMiro.Orchestre Henri.Victor.
L'ostende :[enregistrement sonore] /gavotteGoldman.Orchestre Henri.Victor.
Good times /Raymond Hubbell.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Nobody knows (and nobody seems to care) ; Ja-da /Berlin ; Carleton.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
When my baby smiles at me ; Who wants a baby? /Munro ; Yellen ; Olman.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
I'm forever blowing bubbles ; Dear heart /[Jaan] Kenbrovin ; Kellette.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Your eyes have told me so /Blaufuss.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Arabia /[George] Green.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Oh! By jingo /von Tilzer, music ; [Brown, lyrics].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Oh! What a pal was Mary /Pete Wendling.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Bells of St. Mary's /Adams.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Love will find a way ; At siesta time /Fraser-Simpson ; Torrens.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Baby ; When you see another sweetie hanging around /Egbert Van Alstyne ; [Walter Donaldson].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Breeze [blow my baby back to me] ; I aint-en got-en no time to have the blues, or, [I aint'en got'en no time to have the blues] ; Take me back to the land of jazz, or, [Take me to the land of jazz] /Handley [i.e. Hanley] ; [MacDonald] ; [Goodwin] ; [Harry] Von Tilzer ; Wendling.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Sunshine rose, or, [My sunshine rose] /Polla.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Sweet and low /Johnson.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Somebody's waiting for someone, or, [Somebody's waiting for me] ; Sing me love's lullaby, or, [Love's lullaby of dreams] /[Harry] Von Tilzer ; Morse.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Minuetto ; Barcarolle /Offenbach.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
That tumble-down shack in Athlone ; Please learn to love /Carlo ; Sanders ; [Hilliam].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Johnny's in town ; I've got my captain working for me now /Geo. W. Meyer ; Abe Olman ; [Irving Berlin].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Come, play wiz me ; Madelon /[Ruby] ; [Robert].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
The rye waltz /[Emil Ascher].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Dolly I love you /Félix Fourdrain.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Yearning /Neil Moret.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Tumble-in ; For love /Schwartz ; [Romberg] ; Johnston [i.e. Johnstone].Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Come, Play Wiz Me.Henri's Orchestra.
Minuetto ; Barcarolle /Offenbach.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
There's a typical Tipperary over here /Gerber ; Silver.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Please /Callahan ; Roberts.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Korinthia ; Dance it again with me /Knight ; Freed, lyrics ; Wallace, music.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
If you could care /Darewski, music.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
Taxi ; Don't put a tax on the beautiful girls /Kaufman ; Milton Ager.Henri's Orchestra.Berliner.
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