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Asleep in the deep /Lamb ; Petrie.Wilfred Glenn, bass, accompaniment by Victor orchestra.
Down deep within the cellar (Old German drinking song) /Oxenford.Wilfred Glenn, bass, accompaniment by Victor orchestra.
Rocked In The Cradle Of The DeepJ P Knight.Wilfred Glenn; With Orchestra.
When the bell in the lighthouse rings /Lamb ; Solman.Wilfred Glenn, bass with orchestra.
Silent Night (Christmas Hymn)Gruber.Florence Easton.Brunswick.
Rocked in the cradle of the deep /Knight.Wilfred Glenn, bass, accompanied by Victor Orchestra.
Asleep In The DeepLamb; Petrie.Wilfred Glenn; Victor Orchestra.
Massa's in the cold, cold ground /Stephen C. Foster.Wilfred Glenn : Shannon Quartet ; bass with male quartet and orchestra.
The armorer's song. Till the sands of the desert grow cold.Wilfred Glenn, accompanied by Victor Orchestra
Song of the turkey :from "Rob Roy".Wilfred Glenn, bass ; Victor Orchestra.
Asleep in the deep /A. J. Lamb ; H. W. Petrie.Wilfred Glenn, bass with orchestra.
The Monarch Of The WoodsCherry.Wilfred Glenn; With Orchestra.
Off to Philadelphia (old Irish melody).Wilfred Glenn, bass, accompanied by Victor orchestra.
Anchored /Samuel K. Cowan ; Michael Watson ; [performed by] Wilfred Glenn. Out on the deep / Samuel K. Cowan ; Frederic N. Lohr ; [performed by] Wilfred Glenn.Wilfred Glenn, bass; with orchestra (conducted by Rosario Bourdon).
Hail Columbia /Philip Phile ; Joseph Hopkinson. Yankee Doodle / [composer not identified].Haydn Quartet ; Harry Macdonough (side A), Haydn Quartet ; Billy Murray (side B).
Hark! hark! the lark [and others] /Franz Schubert.John McCormack, tenor ; Victor Salon Group [Wilfred Glenn, bass ; Charles Harrison, tenor ; Lewis James, tenor ; Elliott, Shaw, baritone ; with orchestra] ; Nathaniel Shilkret, conductor.
Gypsy love song :from "The fortune teller" /Herbert, music ; [Smith, lyrics].Wilfred Glenn, bass.Columbia
Out On The DeepSamuel K Cowan; Frederic N Lohr.Wilfred Glenn; Orchestra.
Bandolero /Stuart.Wilfred Glenn, with orchestra accompaniment.
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