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Horses /Richard A. Whiting ; Byron Gay ; Frank Skinner. I'm gonna let the bumble bee be / Jack Little ; Addy Brit.Six Jumping Jacks.
The vamp /Gay ; [performed by] Green Bros. Xylophone Orch. Just leave it to me / Tracey, Pinkard ; [performed by] Reisenweber's Orch.Green Brothers Xylophone Orchestra (side A) ; Reisenweber's Orchestra, with singing chorus.
Four or five times /Gay-Hellman [performed by] Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchcestra (chorus, Sy Oliver). Hell's bells / Art Kassel [performed by] Jimmie Lunceford and His Orchcestra.Jimmie Lunceford ; Sy Oliver ; Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra.
Keep a-goin' /Gay.Andy Tipaldi and his Orchestra.Berliner.
Fate.Byron Gay.Paul Whiteman; His Orchestra.
The Vamp.Byron Gay.Joseph C Smith's Orchestra; With Vocal Refrain.
Fate /Byron Gay.Glantz and his orchestra.
Catalina /Gay.Harry Thomas Trio ; Harry Moss, violin.Berliner.
Sand Dunes /Byron Gay.Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra.
The vamp /Byron Gay.Van Eps Quartet.Berliner.
I like to do it /Gay.Billy Murray's Melody Men.Berliner.
"O", or Oh /Gay ; Johnson.Billy Murray's Melody Men ; Billy Murray, vocal chorus.Berliner.
I like to do it /Gay.Billy Murray, with orchestra.Berliner.
The vamp :fox trot /Gay. Arabian nights : fox trot / David, Hewitt.Savoy Quartet ; Joe Wilbur, vocalist.
Fate /Gay. Can you forget / Frey.Instrumental selections by Harold Leonard and his Red Jackets.
The little Ford rambled right along /C.R. Foster, Byron Gay ; [performed by] Billy Murray. Auntie Skinner's chicken dinner / Fields, Carroll, Morse ; [performed by] Collins and Harlan.Billy Murray ; [Side B] Collins and Harlan.
The little ford rambled right along /C. R. Foster ; Byron Gay.Billy Murray.
My angel of the flaming cross /Gay.Greek Evans with orchestra accompaniment.Okeh.
Laughing vamp ; The vamp /[Vincent] ; [Baskette] ; [Frisch] ; [Grossman] ; [Donaldson] ; [Ehrlich] ; [Flatow] ; [Jones] ; [Siegal] ; [Brown] ; [Gay].Simone Martucci's Venetian Garden Orchestra.Berliner.
Fate, or, It was fate when I first met you /Gay.Paul Whiteman and his orchestra.
the vamp /Gay.Waldorf Astoria Dance Orchestra ; Joseph Knecht, director.
The vamp /Byron Gay.Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra.
Four or five times /Hellman ; Gay.Five Little Chocolate Dandies.
The vamp /Byron Gay.Joseph C. Smith's Orchestra with vocal refrain.
Sand dunes /Byron Gay.Nicholas Orlando's Orchestra.
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