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I fancy you're looking for me / [Charles Bradford, lyrics?] ; [Maurice Scott, music?].Charles Foster.Berliner.
Would you like to go halves.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Halloa! Halloa! Halloa!.Charles Foster.Berliner.
I suffer withe same complaint.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Alas, my poor brother.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Girl wanted / [G.C. Weinberg, lyrics and music].Charles Foster.Berliner.
She wore a white silk dress.Mr. Charles Foster.Berliner.
Have it over your side Lucy / [Collins] ; [Barnes].Charles Foster.Berliner.
Staring you in the face.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Sweet Rosie [O'Grady] / [Nugent].Mr. Chas. Foster.Berliner.
Is there anything else you'd like? / Frank Leo, lyrics and music.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Poor thing.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Patching up the seats of the mighty.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Sweet Rosie [O'Grady] / [Nugent].Mr. Chas. Foster.Berliner.
Dora Dean / [Bert Williams?].Charles Foster.Berliner.
Darling Mabel.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Bid me good bye forever.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Do buy me that, mama [=Please Mamma, buy me a baby?] / [Will D. Cobb, lyrics?] ; [Gus Edwards, music?].Charles Foster.Berliner.
When you wake up in the morning.Mr. Chas. Foster.Berliner.
My old Kentucky home / [Stephen C. Foster, music].Charles P. Lowe, Xylophone Solo.Berliner.
Mrs. Kelly.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Daisy Day / [Tabrar, Joseph].Charles Foster.Berliner.
You 'ave to 'ave 'em.Charles Foster.Berliner.
Ah! Girls, if he wants to kiss you.Charles Foster.Berliner.
My Old Kentucky home / [Stephen C. Foster, music].Charles P. Lowe, xylophone solo.Berliner.
Hooligan's mule / [Lester Barett].Mr. Charles Foster.Berliner.
The horse the misses dries the clothes on.Mr. Charles Foster.Berliner.
And other things too numerous to mention.M. Charles Foster.Berliner.
At Trinity church [I met my doom] / [Fred Gilbert].Charles Foster.Berliner.
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