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At dawning / Cadman ; Eberhart.Ada Alsop.
I hear a thrush at eve / Eberhart ; Cadman. Come where my love lies dreaming / Foster.Theo Karle, tenor, and male trio [side b only], with orchestra.
At dawning : I love you / Eberhart, Cadman. At parting / Peterson, Rogers.Mary Garden, soprano ; Jean H. Dansereau, piano acc.Victor.
From the land of the sky-blue water ; Let me always sing / Nelle R. Eberhart ; Charles W. Cadman ; Gene Raymond.Jeannette MacDonald, soprano with piano accompaniment by Giuseppe Bamboschek.
I hear a thrush at eve ; (serenade) / Eberhart ; Cadman.Charles Hackett with orchestra.
At dawning (I love you) / Eberhart ; Cadman.Mary Garden ; Jean H. Dansereau, piano accompaniment.Victor.
At dawning / Eberhart Cadman.John McCormack ; Victor Orchestra.
At dawning (I love you) / Eberhart ; Cadman.Paul Weston and his orchestra ; The Norman Luboff Choir.
I had [i.e. hear] a thrush at eve : serenade / Eberhart ; Cadman.John McCormack, tenor with orchestra.
From the land of the sky, or, Bluewater : from "American Indian songs" / Eberhart ; Cadman.Evan Williams, tenor with orchestra.
I Hear a Thrush at Eve / Eberhart ; Cadman.Thoe Karle, tenor with orchestra.
At dawning / Eberhart, lyrics ; Cadman, music.Leon Kofman, violin solo ; Rex Battle, piano accompagnement.Compo.
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