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Tripoli :on the shores of Tripoli /F. Cunningham ; Al. Dubin ; Irving Berlin.Helen Clark, contralto ; Joseph Phillips, baritone with orchestra.
Just about this time last night /[Bill Borden].Claude Thornhill and his orchestra, vocal chorus by Fran Warren; Prima; Cunningham; Miller.Columbia
Tripoli, or, On the shores of Tripoli /P. Cunningham ; Al. Dubin ; Irving Weill.Helen Clark ; Joseph Phillips.
Have a Smile /Brennan ; Cunningham ; Rule.Sterling Trio, male Trio with orchestra.
HarrietAbel Baer; Paul Cunningham.Red Foley; Roy Ross; His Ramblers.
You're goin' to fall in love with California /Cunningham, lyrics ; Monaco, music.Sterling Trio.Okeh.
Tripoli /Cunningham ; Dubin ; Weill.Hugh Donovan, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
That's how I believe in you /Dubin, Cunningham ; Rule ; [performed by] Henry Burr. I want you morning, noon and night / Will D. Cobb ; Gus. Edwards ; [performed by] Charles Harrison.Side A: Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra ; Side B: Charles Harrison, tenor with orchestra.
Have a smile ; I think I'll wait until they all come home /Rule ; [Cunningham] ; [Brennan] ; Rice.Van Eps Trio, banjo, piano and saxophone.Berliner.
Have a smile /Brennan ; Cunningham ; Rule.Sterling Trio (male Trio with orchestra).
Have a smile /Brennan ; Cunningham ; Rule.Sterling Trio.
Tripoli ; Honeymoon /Weill ; [Cunningham] ; [Dubin] ; Arden.Harry Thomas Trio.Berliner.
Have a smile (for everyone you meet and they will have a smile for you) /Rule, music ; [Brennan, lyrics] ; [Cunningham, lyrics].Lewis James, tenor solo with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia
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