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By the old cathedral door / Lemon ; Mullen.Frank Coombs.
Beautiful isle of the sea / Thomas ; Cooper.Frank Coombs, tenor with orchestra.
Do they think of me at home? / S.M. Grannis.Frank Coombs, with orchestra accompaniment.
When you and I were young, Maggie / [James A.] Butterfield.Frank Coombs.Columbia Indestructible.
Sweet Kentucky lady, dry your eyes / Hirsch. When you wore a tulip and I wore a big red rose / Wenrich.Frank Coombs and Ernest Aldwell, tenor duet with orchestra accompaniment (1st work) ; Columbia Stellar Quartette, vocal quartette, male voices (2nd work).Columbia
Afterwards / Lemon ; Mullen.Frank Coombs.
Do They Think Of Me At Home? S M Grannis.Frank Coombs; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Resignation / Caro Roma.Frank Coombs, counter-tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
Afterwards / Lemon ; Mullen.Frank Coombs, tenor with orchestra.
Sweet Kentucky Lady, Dry Your Eyes Hirsch.Frank Coombs; Ernest Aldwell.Columbia
Afterwards Lemon; Mullen.Frank Coombs; Orchestra.
In All My Dreams I Dream Of You Al Piantadost.Frank Coombs; William H Thompson.
In all my dreams, I dream of you / Al. Piantadosi.Frank Coombs, tenor ; William H. Thompson, baritone, duet with orchestra accompaniment.
Can't you hear me callin'? / Caro Roma.Frank Coombs, counter-tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
There's a little spark of love still burning / Fischer.Frank Coombs ; Ernest Aldwell.Columbia.
By the old cathedral door / Lamb ; Solman. Afterwards / Lemon ; Mullen.Side 1: Peerless Quartet with orchestra ; side 2: Frank Coombs with orchestra.
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