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My Sahara rose /Donaldson, music ; [Clarke, lyrics].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Beautiful faces (need beautiful clothes) /Berlin.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
The love nest ; The music box /Hirsch ; Ager.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
When the sun goes down /Stoneham ; Bloom.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Patches /Roberts.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
You'd be surprised ; Jerry [you warra a warrior in the War] /Berlin ; Bassette [i.e. Baskette].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Su-ez-za ; China boy /Dimond ; Rose ; Pollock [Channing?].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Wild flower ; Honolulu eyes /Martens ; Earl ; Violinsky.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Dardanella /Bernard ; Black.Coleman's Orchestra ; Nate Glantz and his sobbing saxophone.Berliner.
My Cuban dream[s] /Warshauer.Coleman's Orchestra ; Warshauer, director.Berliner.
While others are building castles in the air ; Buddha /Fisher ; Pollack.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Indigo blues /Jones.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Wang wang blues /Mueller ; Johnson ; Busse.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Salonica /Vescey [i.e. Vecsey].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Anytime, anyday, anywhere ; A little wigwam for two /Kortlander ; Schwartz.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Karavan /Wiedoeft ; Olman.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
A baby in love.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Let the rest of the world go by ; Just love me /Ball ; Roy.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
That naughty waltz /Levy.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Who'll be the next one to cry over you? /J.S. Black.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Just like a gypsy ; In sweet September /Simons ; Bayes ; Monaco.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Just another kiss /Hilbert ; Hilbert. Nailo / Callahan ; RobertsColeman's Orchestra.
Freckles ; I used to call her Baby ; They're all sweeties /[Cliff Hess ; Milton Ager] ; [Cliff Hess] ; [Harry Von Tilzer].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Oriental stars /Monaco.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
June ; Grieving for you /Hickman ; Black ; [Gibson] ; [Ribaud] ; [Gold].Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Peggy /Moret ; Williams.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Venetia ;Buzzing around ; Voulez vous /Burns ; Sheppard ; Morrissey.Coleman's Orchestra.
Buggy riding ; Moon of love /Jerome Kern.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
Cuban moon /Spencer ; McKierman.Coleman's Orchestra.Berliner.
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