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Mandy Lee /[Thurland Chattaway, lyrics and music].Haydn Quartet.Berliner.
Lonely night, or, Lovely night /Chattaway, music.Pryor's Trombone Quartet.Berliner.
Mandy Lee /[Chattaway].Edison Male Quartette.Edison.
Red wing :[an Indian fable] /[Mills, composer] ; [Chattaway, lyrics].Frank Stanley and Henry Burr.Indestructible Record
Red wing /Chattaway [Thurland], lyrics ; Mills [Kerry], music.Harrison ; Hollinshead.Supertone.
Red wing :[an Indian fable] /[Mills, composer] ; [Chattaway, lyrics].Stanley ; Burr.Columbia Indestructible
Mandy Lee /Thurland Chattaway ; [performed by] Shannon Quartet. My old New Hampshire home / Andrew B. Sterling ; Harry Von Tilzer ; [performed by] Peerless Quartet.Shannon Quartet (side A); Peerless Quartet (side B).
We've been chums for fifty years /Chattaway.Craig Campbell.Pathé.
Can't you take it back and change it for a boy /Chattaway.Byron G. Harlan, tenor with orchestra.
In the golden field of grain /Thurland Chattaway, lyrics ; Henry Frantzen, music.J.W. Myers.Berliner.
Red wing /[Chattaway], lyrics ; [Mills], music.Frank C. Stanley, baritone ; Henry Burr, tenor.Columbia.
Red wing :an Indian fable /[Chattaway ; Mills].Baritone and tenor duet sung by [Frank C.] Stanley and [Henry] Burr [with] orchestra accompaniment.
Tell me the way to go /Thurland Chattaway.Jos. Natus, baritone solo.Berliner.
Virginia song /[George M. Cohan]. Red wing / [Thurland Chattaway ; Kerry Mills].Vocals by J.W. Meyers ; with orchestra (side A) ; vocal duet by Stanley and Burr ; with orchestra (side B).
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