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Christ In Flanders Ward; Stephens.Charles Harrison; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
When Your Boy Comes Back To You Gordon V Thompsn.Charles Harrison; Broadway Quartette; Orchestra Accomp.Columbia.
It's So Easy To Forget J David; Charles.Four Lads; Ray Ellis.
The living God / O'Hara.Charles Hackett, tenor.Columbia.
My little angel / D. Jordan, G. Charles. Standing on the corner : excerpt from Act 1, Scene 2 of "The most happy fella" / Loesser.The Four Lads, vocals ; with Ray Ellis and his orchestra and chorus.Columbia
When your boy comes back to you / Gordon V. Thompson ; sung by Charles Harrison, Broadway Quartette. Sons of liberty / Gay ; sung by Andrea Sarto, Stellar Quartette.Charles Harrison, tenor (Side A) ; Broadway Quartette (Side A) ; Andrea Sarto, baritone (Side B) ; Stellar Quartette (Side B).Columbia.
Christ in Flanders / Johnstone, lyrics ; Stephens, music.Charles Harrison, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
Who needs you? / Stillman - R. Allens ; [performed by] the Four Lads with Ray Ellis. It's so easy to forget / J. David - Charles ; [performed by] the Four Lads with Ray Ellis.Four Lads, vocals ; Ray Ellis, conductor.
Guess what the neighbors'll say / J. David ; G. Charles.Four Lads ; Ray Ellis and his Orchestra.
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