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Goodbye-goodbye / Cohn ; Chaplin.Artie Shaw & his Orchestra ; Helen Forrest, vocal refrain.
All my love / Al Jolson, Harry Akst, Saul Chaplin. Kate : have I come too early, too late / Irving Berlin.Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians ; with vocal chorus by Kenny Gardner [side a], Don Rodney and the Lombardo Trio [side b].
I want my share of love / Sammy Cahn ; Saul Chaplin.Arthie Shaw and his orchestra ; Helen Forrest, vocal refrain ; [Georgie Auld].Victor.
I could make you care / Cohn ; Chaplin.Shirley Harmer ; LeRoy Holmes.
I'll never smile again / Ruth Lowe. (It will have to do) Until the real thing comes along / Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin, L.E. Freeman.Ink Spots, vocals ; unnamed accompaniment.
Give her my love / Berle ; Cahn ; Chaplin.Ink Spots.
I could make you care / Cohn, Chaplin.Shirley Harmer ; LeRoy Holmes, conductor.
Nutty nursery rhymes / Cahn-Chaplin-Raye. [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra with vocal chorus by Pee Wee Hunt. Memories of you / Razaf-Blake. [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra.Glen Gray ; Pee Wee Hunt ; Casa Loma Orchestra.
Anniversary song / Chaplin ; Jolson.Larry Douglas.
Would you like to buy a dream / Sammy Cahn - Saul Chaplin, [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, fox trot, vocal chorus by Kenny Sargent. One, two, three little hours / John Jacob Loeb, [performed by] Glen Gray and the Casa Loma Orchestra, waltz, vocal with chorus by Kenny Sargent.Glen Gray ; The Casa Loma Orchestra ; Kenny Sargent.
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