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Maybe I'll baby you /Buck ; Stamper.Waring's Pennsylvanians, vocal refrain by Tom Waring.
Luana Lou :Hawaiian love song /Gene Buck, lyrics ; Dave Stamper, music.Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Pathé.
Bachelor days :from "Ziegfeld follies" /Gene Buck ; Louis A. Hirsch.Peerless Quartet with orchestra.
Hello Frisco! /Gene Buck ; Louis A. Hirsch.Alice Green ; Edward Hamilton.
Swanee River blues /Buck ; Stamper.Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra.
Any old time at all /Hirsch, music ; [Buck, lyrics].Peerless Quartette, male quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
The love boat /Buck, lyrics ; Hebert [i.e. Herbert], music.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra.Berliner.
Daddy has a new sweetheart and Mother is her name /Buck ; Stamper.Edna Brown, contralto with orchestra.
Tulip time /Buck ; Stamper.Henry Burr ; Sylvia Swan.
Ever lovin' bee :from "Ziegfeld follies" /Gene Buck ; Dave Stamper.Ace Brigode and his 14 Virginians.
There is nothing, dear, I wouldn't do for you :from Lew Fields' "All aboard" /Buck ; Stamper ; [performed by] Elsie Baker, Frederick Wheeler ; the girl in the gingham gown : from the N.Y. Hippodrome production, "America" / Klein ; [performed by] Orpheus Quartet.Side A: Elsie Baker, contralto, and Frederick Wheeler, baritone, with accompaniment by Victor Orchestra ; Side B: Orpheus Quartet (Harry Macdonough, tenor; John Barnes [i.e. Jack] Wells, tenor; Reinald Werrenrath, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass) with orchestra.
Any place would be wonderful with you ; The girls of my dreams /Buck ; Stamper ; Berlin.Diamond Trio.Berliner.
Garden of my dreams /Hirsch, music ; Stamper, music ; [Gene Buck, lyrics].Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra accompaniment.Pathé.
Tulip time :from "Ziegfeld follies of 1919" /Buck ; Stamper.Henry Burr, tenor with orchestra ; Sylvia Swan, vocal obbligato.
Any old time at all /Hirsch, music ; [Buck, lyrics].Peerless Quartette, male quartette with orchestra accompaniment.Columbia.
I'm going back to Old Virginia /Buck : A. Von Tilzer.Campbell : Henry Burr ; tenor duet; orchestra accompaniment.
I left her on the beach at Honolulu /Gene Buck, lyrics ; Louis A. Hirsch, music.Harry Macdonough and mixed chorus with orchestra.Victor.
My rambler rose :introducing "List'ning on some radio" from "Ziegfeld follies" /Hirsch ; Buck ; Stamper.Paul Whiteman and his orchestra.
Nobody But YouBuck; Hirsch; Stamper.Brooke Johns; His Orchestra.
Chu-chin-chow :from "Ziegfeld follies, 1917" /Gene Buck ; Dave Stamper.Alice Green, soprano ; Orpheus Quartet, orchestra.
Tulip time :from "Ziegfeld's follies" /Buck ; Stamper.Lewis James, tenor with orchestra.
Have a heart /Gene Buck ; Jerome D. Kern.Alice Green ; Raymond Dixon, soprano and tenor duet with orchestra.Victor.
'Neath the south sea moon /Hirsch ; Buck ; Stamper.Bailey's Lucky Seven.
Hello, My Dearie.Gene Buck; Dave Stamper.Alice Green; Raymond Dixon; Orchestra.
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