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I found the end of the rainbow / Meara ; Tierney ; McCarthy.Samuel Ash, with orchestra accompaniment.
I Found The End Of The Rainbow Mears; Tierney; Mccarthy.Samuel Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Good Bye, Virginia Clark; Schwartz.Sam Ash; Quastette; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
I've fallen in love with the girl of my dreams / Sam Ash ; Ronnie McCormac.Sam Ash, tenor with orchestra.
Hearts Macdonald; King.Sam Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.
Some day you'll want me back / Morgan ; Retrop.Sam Ash.
When You Were A Baby And I Was The Kid Next Door Tierney.Louise Macmaron; Sam Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.Columbia.
In my garden of yesterday / Ash ; Ring ; Hager.Sam Ash, tenor with orchestra.Okeh.
The Woman Thou Gavest Me Al Piantadosi.Sam Ash; Orchestra Accompaniment.
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