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Vedette d'interprète
Willoughby, Louis.
Vaughan Williams, R.
Neel, Boyd, 1905-1981.
Boyd Neel String Orchestra.
Willoughby, Louis.
Boyd Neel London String Orchestra.
The Boyd Neel String Orchestra; Louis Willoughby; R Vaughan Williams.
Fantasia On A Theme By Tallis R Vaughan Williams.
Vedette de compositeur
Vaughan Williams, R.
Tallis, Thomas, ca. 1505-1585.
Étiquette générique
Étiquette transcrite
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Numéro d'album
K.815; mx GA 7646-III.
This catalog entry was made possible by a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities and by a grant from Lloyd E. Rigler and Lawrence E. Deutsch.
Alternate issues: [Decca] : 25567 (primary label) (American issue); [Decca] : Z 715 (primary label) (Australian issue).
Comments: Blue label, gold letters; Beethoven head above Decca in blue letters; Mecolico label appears at bottom of label.
Comments: Text transcribed from label/Texte transcrit de l'étiquette: The Supreme Record; Recording personally supervised by the composer, R. Vaughan Williams. O.M.; This copyright record may not be sold below the price fixed by the manufacturer, nor publicly performed; manufactured in England; fabriqué en Angleterre.
Comments: Additional information/information additionnelle: Based on 1 of 9 Psalm tunes: Why fumeth in fight, by Thomas Tallis.
Comments: Side 2.
Discographical reference: My orchestras and other adventures : the memoirs of Boyd Neel, recording date, release date, recording company, recording location.
Distributor: Decca Record Co. Ltd.
Issue type: primary label.
Other number: C.
Released: [Apr 1936].
Comments: Disc 1, side 2 of a 2 disc set.
on 1 side of 1 audio disc : 78 rpm
String orchestra music.
String orchestra music.
Orchestre à cordes, Musique d'.
Orchestre à cordes, Musique d'.
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