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289 A Promenade Concert in the Saloon of the City Park [Vienna] Gause, Wilhelm, 1853-1916 1881-09-17
334 The Ring Theatre in Vienna, Lately Destroyed by Fire Unknown 1882-01-14
1218 National Types From the Vienna Exhibition Unknown 1873-10-04
1237 Vienna. Coal Trophy at the Exhibition Unknown 1873-10-18
1263 Austria. Reception of Victor Emanuel by the Emperor Francis Joseph at the Vienna Railway Station Miranda; Trichon 1873-11-01
1264 Austria. Illuminated Fountains in Front of the Grand Entrance to the Vienna Exhibition Miranda; Trichon 1873-11-01
2998 The Vienna Exhibition Building. Under the Great Rotunda Bader, F. W. 1872-11-23
3102 The Dome From the Interior of the Main Gallery the Vienna Exhibition Rimbault, J. H. 1873-02-01
3234 The Vienna Exhibition Prize Medals Unknown 1873-05-17
3235 The New Stadt Theatre, Vienna Strassberg, B. 1873-05-17
3838 Vienna. Bird's Eye View of the Exhibition Building Unknown 1873-07-05
3885 In Front of the Indian Lodge [Sketches at the Vienna Exhibition] Unknown 1873-07-19
3886 In the Turkish Coffee House [Sketches at the Vienna Exhibition] Unknown 1873-07-19
3933 Ambulance Train Exhibited at the Vienna Exhibition by the French "Societé de Secours aux Blessés Militaires" Unknown 1873-08-02
4004 The Vienna Exhibition. In the Rotunda Unknown 1873-08-23
4026 Austria. The Railway Station, Vienna Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-08-30
4413 The Ice Shove on the Danube. Inundation of the Prater, Vienna Unknown 1871-04-22
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