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38 Attempted Assassination of Hon. Geo. Brown, Toronto Julien, Henri, 1852-1908 1880-04-10
60 Sketches by the Pupils of the Ontario School of Art Unknown 1880-05-15
61 The Charcoal Class [Sketches by the Pupils of the Ontario School of Art] Unknown 1880-05-15
77 Toronto. The Lunatic Asylum Notman and Fraser 1880-06-12
103 King Street, the Great Thoroughfare of Toronro [sic] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Julien, Henri, 1852-1908; Notman and Fraser 1880-07-31
117 Not So Bad for the Baby Unknown 1880-09-04
126 Views at the Great Toronto Industrial and Agricultural Exhibition Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1880-09-18
203 The Fight Between the Storekeepers and the Company's Employees Langton, W. N., Act. 1881 1881-02-12
206 Toronto. Ice Boating on the Bay Unknown 1881-02-26
241 The Porcelain Company, King Street West, Toronto Unknown 1881-05-28
281 The Arsenical Test. Portrait of Professor Croft, D.C.L., F.C.S. Patterson, Andrew Dickson, 1854-1930 1881-08-20
284 The Lawn Tennis Tournament in Toronto Patterson, Andrew Dickson, 1854-1930 1881-09-03
300 Toronto. In the "Zoo" Unknown 1881-10-22
308 Our Visitors. The Toronto Press Lacrosse Team Unknown 1881-11-12
550 Great Western Railway Station, Toronto Notman and Fraser 1870-04-02
564 Toronto. Turkey Shooting on the Don Scheuer, W., Act. 1873-1883 1876-01-08
625 Presentation of the Workingmen's Testmonial to Lady MacDonald [Toronto] Bengough, John Wilson, 1851-1923 1872-08-17
626 Toronto. Curling Bonspiel, on the 25th January Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-02-13
693 Celebration of Dominion Day in Toronto Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-07-17
721 Toronto. The New Union Station. Interior View H., G. 1873-08-02
722 The Blockaded Cars After the Battle Toronto. Snowing up the Toronto Street Car Company [The Fight Between the Storekeepers and the Company's Employees] Langton, W. N., Act. 1881 1881-02-12
726 The First Ontario Parliament Notman and Fraser 1871-11-11
909 University of Toronto Unknown 1870-01-22
1034 Osgoode Hall. Toronto Notman and Fraser 1870-04-23
1065 The Ridgeway Monument for Queen's Park Toronto Unknown 1870-05-21
1070 Provincial Lunatic Asylum, Toronto Unknown 1870-05-21
1102 Toronto. The New Knox College Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-09-13
1112 Volunteers Drilling at the Crystal Palace, Toronto [Red River Expedition] Unknown 1870-06-11
1125 Mechanics' Institute, Toronto Unknown 1870-06-18
1166 Unveiling the Ridgeway Monument at Toronto, 1st July, 1870 Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1870-07-16
1189 Toronto. The International Regatta. The Start of First Class Yachts Smith, E. A. 1873-09-20
1514 The Procession Turning Into the Park [The Foresters' Fete, Toronto] Unknown 1874-08-15
1515 General View of the Grounds [The Foresters' Fete, Toronto] Gascard, G., Act. 1873-1874 1874-08-15
1518 The Band Stand During the Competition [The Foresters' Fete, Toronto] Unknown 1874-08-15
1523 Toronto. The York Pioneers' Pic-Nic in the Queen's Park, Aug. 6 Canning, P. W. 1874-08-22
1535 The New Grand Opera House, Toronto Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1874-08-29
1572 Toronto. The New Central Prison Notman and Fraser 1874-09-19
1573 View Showing the Old Fort [Toronto. The Ontario Rifle Association Match. The All-Comers' Match] Canning, P. W. 1874-09-19
1574 View Showing the Lunatic Asylum [Toronto. The Ontario Rifle Association Match. The All-Comers' Match] Canning, P. W. 1874-09-19
1575 Toronto. Yacht Race for the Prince of Wales' Cup. View from the Garrison Common Canning, P. W. 1874-09-19
1690 Annual Ball of the Royal Yacht Club, at the Grand Opera House [Toronto] Canning, W. C. 1874-12-12
1734 Reform Club House [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1875-01-09
1757 Toronto Elections. Meeting in Music Hall: an Interruption Julien, Henri, 1852-1908; Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-01-30
1759 The Performance of the "Messiah" at the Grand Opera House, Toronto Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-01-30
1783 The Queen's Hotel [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1875-02-13
1804 First Annual Ball of the Grand Opera House Company [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-02-27
1924 Funeral of the Late Lt. Gov. Crawford: Service in St. James Cathedral [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-05-29
1927 Toronto: Funeral of the Late Lt. Gov. Crawford. The Procession Leaving Government House Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-05-29
1946 The Riots of Sunday, October 3, 1875 [Toronto] S., F. M. B. 1875-10-16
1950 Athletic Sports of the Toronto University, on 19th Oct. [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-10-30
1996 Major Draper, Chief of Police, Toronto Unknown 1876-01-29
1998 Healing the Sick by Magnetic Treatment, in the Agricultural Hall [Toronto] Scheuer, W., Act. 1873-1883 1876-02-05
2005 Toronto. Christ Church Dorcas Society Julien, Henri, 1852-1908; Cruikshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-02-26
2015 Toronto. Police Court Sketches Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-04-01
2016 Toronto. Police Court Sketches. Sketch in the Passage Leading to the "Cage" Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-04-01
2021 Fort York, Toronto, in 1841 Fenwick, J.; Gillespie, J. 1876-04-15
2054 Toronto. The Race for the Queen's Plate at Woodbine Park Race Course Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-06-24
2066 Toronto. The New Rooms of the Ontario Artists' Society, Recently Opened Julien, Henri, 1852-1908; Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1876-07-15
2084 Toronto. The New Fort McArthur, John C., Act. 1876-1886 1876-09-16
2091 Toronto. Annual Matches of the Ontario Rifle Association Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-09-23
2093 Toronto. Lacrosse Match for the Championship; Montreal vs. Toronto Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-09-30
2097 Toronto. The Pork Packing and Exporting Business Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1876-10-07
2149 Infants' Home Bazaar [Toronto] Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1877-01-13
2159 Toronto. Opening of the Toronto Club Rink by Lord Dufferin Unknown 1877-02-10
2174 Toronto. Masquerade of the Toronto Curling and Skating Rink Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923; Hunter and Co. 1877-03-17
2478 Hon. Archibald McKellar Notman and Fraser 1872-02-17
2506 Ruins of the Iron Block, Recently Burned at Toronto Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-03-09
2561 The New Wesleyan Methodist Church [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-04-20
2652 Queen's Hotel, Toronto Unknown 1870-08-06
2732 Interior View of Lash & Co.'s Jewellery Store [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-06-22
2738 Laying the Corner Stone of the Union Depot [Toronto] Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1872-06-29
2821 The Banquet Given by the Orangemen to Wm. Johnston, Esq., M.P., on the 25th Ult. [Toronto] Unknown 1872-08-17
2835 A Sketch at the Rowing Club Regatta: The Yachts Starting [Toronto] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873 1872-08-31
2850 Victoria Medical College, Toronto Beale Bros. 1872-09-14
2873 Presentation of the Cup by a Deputation of the Victorias at Toronto Unknown 1880-01-31
2934 The Gates Sewing Machine Factory [Toronto] Unknown 1872-10-05
2943 Reception of H.E. the Governor General. Triumphal Arch on the Corner of King and Young Streets [Toronto] Fraser, John A.; Mathews, M. 1872-10-19
2946 Visit of H.E. the Governor General. Illumination of the Lieutenant-Governor's Resistance [Toronto] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873; Mathews, M. 1872-10-19
2965 The New Phoenix Block, Toronto Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; McOrquodale Bros. 1872-10-26
2978 The Governor General's Ball [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1872-11-09
2988 Great Timber Sale in the Hall of the Legislative Assembly [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1872-11-16
2989 New Store of Mr. John Riddell, King Street [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-11-16
2993 The Young Men's Christian Association New Building [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-11-23
3025 The Normal School [Toronto] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1872-12-14
3064 The Ball of the Non-Commissioned Officers of the Queen's Own Rifles [Toronto] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1873-01-11
3161 "Toodles" as Performed at the Provincial Hall, Toronto, on the 13th Inst. Kendrick, Charles, Act. 1872-1873 1873-03-29
3204 The Gallery [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Notman and Fraser 1873-05-03
3206 Shooting the Rapids [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Scheuer, W., Act. 1873-1883; Notman and Fraser; Verner, F. A. 1873-05-03
3208 Woodland Scenery [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873; Notman and Fraser; Hoch, J. 1873-05-03
3209 Storm at Daybreak [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Notman and Fraser; Matthews, M. 1873-05-03
3210 Carrying Oats, E.T. [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Notman and Fraser; Fraser, John Arthur, 1838-1898 1873-05-03
3328 Toronto. The Dog-Catching Season Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1877-07-28
3341 Toronto. International Small-Bore Rifle Match Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1877-09-22
3360 Toronto. The Great Hanlan-Ross Boat Race on the 15th Inst. Unknown 1877-10-27
3379 Toronto. Inspection of the Queen's Own Rifles by Lieutenant-General Sir Edward Selby Smythe Cruickshank, W. A. 1877-12-08
3388 Toronto. Concert of the Philharmonic Society Cruickshank, W. A. 1877-12-22
3441 Toronto. The Late O'Donovan Rossa Riot Rogers, Florence M., Act. 1877-1897; Stanton and Vicar 1878-04-13
3504 Toronto. View of the Horticultural Exhibition Building Stanton and Vicars 1879-07-26
3505 A Galaxy of Toronto Celebrities Unknown 1879-07-26
3508 Toronto Bay at the Arrival of Hanlan Unknown 1879-08-02
3511 Sketch at Toronto Park Gate [Jottings in Toronto and Niagara] Unknown 1879-08-09
3514 Dominion Bank [Toronto] Unknown 1879-08-23
3529 Toronto. Market Building and St. Patrick's Hall Unknown 1879-09-13
3530 Toronto. Key to the Exhibition Buildings and Grounds Unknown 1879-09-13
3531 Toronto. The Great Exhibition. Unknown 1879-09-13
3532 Cricket Match Between the Draft Team and the 22 Torontos [The Vice-Regal Reception at Toronto] Unknown 1879-09-20
3533 The Royal Canadian Yacht Club Regatta [The Vice-Regal Reception at Toronto] Cruickshank, William, 1848-1922 1879-09-20
3554 Toronto. Upper Canada College, King Street Notman and Fraser 1879-11-08
3596 The Oddfellows' Demonstration on the 25th May. The Hon. Schuyler Colfax Delivering an Address in the Grand Opera House [Toronto] Unknown 1875-06-12
3597 Conversation at the Normal School, Under the Auspices of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals [Toronto] Unknown 1875-06-12
3644 The Meeting of the Toronto Temperance Reformation Society on the 28th June Unknown 1875-07-24
3659 Toronto. The Caledonia Games on the 22nd July Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-08-07
3680 Toronto. Summer Races on the Newmarket Track, Aug. 16th and 18th. Race for the 600 Dollar Purse. 1st Heat - "A Foul." Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1875-08-28
3704 The Horse Ring, Provincial Exhibition, Toronto Unknown 1870-10-22
3730 Inauguration of the Oddfellows Hall, Toronto, Ont. Unknown 1870-11-26
3732 The Burning of Boulton's Mill, Toronto Unknown 1870-12-03
3742 Bank of Toronto, Toronto Unknown 1870-12-17
3744 Masonic Hall, Toronto Unknown 1870-12-17
3763 Burning of Clements' Sash Factory, Toronto, on the 17th Ult. Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1871-01-07
3774 Flogging of a Prisoner at the Toronto Gaol, Friday, Jan. 6 Unknown 1871-01-21
3781 The Unitarian Church, Toronto Unknown 1871-01-28
3793 Cruelty to Animals: A Scene in King Street, Toronto Unknown 1871-02-04
3801 Toronto. The New Post Office Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-06-28
3803 The Boys' Home, Toronto, Ont. Unknown 1871-02-11
3806 Ice Boats on the Bay, Toronto Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1871-02-18
3814 Toronto. The Ontario Lacrosse Club Athletics. The Four Mile Race Unknown 1873-06-28
3836 Toronto. A Scene at the International Quoit Match Unknown 1873-07-05
3860 Toronto. The International Regatta. The Four Oared Race. The Skull Race Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-07-12
3929 Toronto. The New Union Station. Exterior View Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1873-08-02
3935 Ball in the Racket Court, Toronto Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1871-06-03
3957 Zion Church, Toronto Unknown 1871-06-17
3967 Daniel Wilson, LL.D., Prof. Univ. College, Toronto Notman and Fraser 1871-06-24
4110 Toronto. Sunday Preaching in the Park Barr, John, Act. 1879 1879-05-24
4155 Toronto. The Workingmen's Reception of Hon. Mr. Mackenzie Unknown 1878-06-15
4194 The Toronto Hunt Club Steeple Chase Races Unknown 1870-11-19
4208 Toronto. Match for the Lacrosse Championship Between the Toronto and Montreal Clubs Unknown 1878-08-03
4209 Officers of the Queen's Own Rifles, Toronto Unknown 1878-08-10
4236 Ontario Bank, Toronto Unknown 1870-12-17
4238 Cooke's Church, Toronto Unknown 1870-12-17
4241 Toronto. The Great Meeting in the Amphitheatre. Sir John A. Macdonald Addressing the People Unknown 1878-08-31
4294 The Richmond Street Wesleyan Methodist Church, Toronto Unknown 1871-01-28
4316 The Bank of British North America, Toronto, Ont. Unknown 1871-02-11
4334 Cutting and Carting Ice Opposite the Union Depot, Toronto Armstrong, William, 1822-1914 1871-02-25
4359 Toronto Markets Sandham, Henry, 1842-1910 1871-03-18
4405 The New Exhibition Building [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
4406 Scenes at the Exhibition [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
4407 His Excellency's Address [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
4414 Catswolds. The Nurse [Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition] Unknown 1878-10-12
4415 Toronto. The Ontario Provincial Exhibition Unknown 1878-10-12
4433 The Rossin House, Toronto Unknown 1871-05-18
4462 The New Club House, Toronto Unknown 1871-06-03
4474 View in the Valley of the Don, Near Toronto Perie, H. 1871-06-10
4493 Trinity College, Toronto Unknown 1871-06-24
4525 Scene at the Grove [Pic-Nic of the Workingmen's Association, on Dominion Day] Unknown 1871-07-15
4533 Toronto. "Doing King Street" Glazebrook, H. 1879-01-25
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