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188 Art School for Women in the Old Forrest Mansion, Philadelphia Unknown 1881-01-22
1469 Interior of the Philadelphia Exhibition Building Bromley, C. J., Sc. 1874-03-21
1471 The Great Tower of the Philadelphia Exhibition Building Unknown 1874-03-21
1766 The American Centennial. Fine Arts Exhibition Building, Philadelphia Unknown 1875-02-06
1805 The American Centennial. The Agricultural Exhibition Building Unknown 1875-02-27
1806 The American Centennial. Main Exhibition Building Unknown 1875-02-27
1836 American Centennial: the Horticultural Building Yates, D. G. 1875-03-27
1991 Bird's Eye View of the Philadelphia Exhibition Fichot; Smeeton; Tilly 1876-01-15
2002 Independence Hall [The American Centennial. Philadelphia and its Environs] Unknown 1876-02-26
2003 Mausoleum of the Drexel Family in Woodland Cemetery [The American Centennial. Philadelphia and its Environs] Unknown 1876-02-26
2028 Johnny Canuck at Philadelphia Julien, Henri, 1852-1908 1876-04-29
2036 Opening Ceremonies of the Centennial Exhibition: Chorus of Six Hundred Voices Singing Whittier's National Hymn Unknown 1876-05-20
2037 The Women's Pavilion, Exhibition Grounds, Philadelphia Unknown 1876-05-20
2038 The Centennial Exhibition. Unloading of German Goods at the Railway Platform Near the Main Building Unknown 1876-05-20
2065 The Canadian Lumber Trophy at the Centennial Exhibition Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1876-07-15
4002 The Stevenson Medal. Presented by the Caledonian Club of Philadelphia to the N.A.U.C. Association Unknown 1873-08-23
4609 Ground Plan of the Main Exhibition Building Unknown 1876-05-20
4610 Music Performed at the Opening Unknown 1876-05-20
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