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242 The Queen's Birthday Disaster at London, Ont. The Collaspe of the Pleasure Steamer "Victoria" Unknown 1881-06-04
243 The London Disaster. A Father's Darling Unknown 1881-06-11
245 The London Disaster. Sending out Coffins the Morning After the Wreck Judson, William Lee, 1842-1928 1881-06-11
246 The London Disaster. The Funeral Train on the Afternoon of the 26th Judson, William Lee, 1842-1928 1881-06-11
247 The London Disaster. Portraits of the "Victoria's" Crew, and Views in the Neighbourhood of the Accident Judson, William Lee, 1842-1928; Cooper 1881-06-11
778 Prince Arthur's Visit to the Provincial Exhibition, London, Ontario, Sept. 1869 Unknown 1869-10-30
992 Hellmuth College, London, Ontario Unknown 1870-03-19
1017 Lunatic Asylum, London, Ont. Unknown 1870-04-09
1251 London, Ont. The Horse Ring at the Provincial Fair Unknown 1873-10-25
1279 London, Ont. The Waterous Machines Unknown 1873-11-15
1457 The Accident on the G.W.R. Between London and Komoka Unknown 1874-03-14
1699 View of London, Ont. Cooper 1874-12-10
1863 The G.W.R. Station [London, Ont.] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891 1875-04-17
1952 London, Ont. Western Fair Building and Grounds Unknown 1875-10-30
1956 Sketch on the Market Place, Looking Towards the City Hall [London, Ont.] Wickenden, C. 1875-11-13
2067 London, Ont. The Tecumseh Baseball Club Cooper, Frank 1876-07-15
2068 International Base-Ball Match Between the Tecumseh Club, and the Mutuals (Professional) of Chicago [London, Ont.] McArthur, J. C. 1876-07-15
2213 The Post Office and Bank Buildings, Richmond St., London, Ont. Cooper, J. 1871-09-02
2336 The Great Western Railway Station at London, Ont. Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Cooper, J. 1871-11-11
2365 The Fire in London, Ont., Nov. 6 Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873 1871-12-02
2391 Court House, London, Ont. Unknown 1871-12-16
2609 On the Croquet Lawn, Hellmuth College [London, Ont.] Kroupa, Bohuslav, Act. 1872-1873 1872-05-25
2700 Hellmuth Ladies' College, London, Ont. Smeeton; Cooper 1870-09-10
2955 The Procession in Richmond Street [London, Ont. Reception of H.E. the Governor General] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923; Kendrick, Charles, Act. 1872-1873 1872-10-26
2966 The Firemen's Torchlight Procession in Front of the Tecumseh House [London, Ont. Reception of H.E. the Governor General] Bell-Smith, Frederic Marlett, 1846-1923 1872-11-02
3325 London, Ont. International Baseball Match Between the Tecumseh Club of London and the Maple Leaf Club of Guelph Dyer, C. J. 1877-07-14
3327 London, Ont. Battery E in Camp at Salter's Grove Dyer, C. J. 1877-07-21
3927 R.C. Church, Richmond Square, London, Ont. Unknown 1871-05-27
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