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840 Arrival of Canadian Volunteers at Civitta Vecchia Barbaut 1869-12-11
899 Northern View of the Castle of Tyrol, Near Meran Gihring, Carl 1870-01-15
966 The Pope's Sacerdotal Vestments Unknown 1870-03-05
988 The Castle of St. Angelo at Rome Unknown 1870-03-19
1035 Place Saint Pierre, at Rome Unknown 1870-04-23
1188 Italian Types. Louisa Bellay, C. 1873-09-20
1245 Victor Emanuel II., King of Italy Unknown 1873-10-25
1263 Austria. Reception of Victor Emanuel by the Emperor Francis Joseph at the Vienna Railway Station Miranda; Trichon 1873-11-01
1294 Cast of the Corpse Recently Found at Pompeii Unknown 1873-11-29
1335 Italy. Unveiling of the Monument to Cavour at Turin Lix, Frédéric Théodore, 1830-1897; Daudenarde, A. 1873-12-27
1373 An Italian Church at Christmas Time Unknown 1874-01-17
1485 Rome. The "Scala Santa" on the Last Friday in March Deroy, A. ; Lix, F. 1874-03-28
1486 Arrival of Saturn at the Ponte Molle [The Carnival at Rome] C., F.; Méaulle, F. 1874-03-28
1487 The Car of Ceres at the Porta del Popolo [The Carnival at Rome] Deroy, A.; Lix, F. 1874-03-28
1905 The Visit of the Emperor of Austria. The Procession on the Grand Canal [Venice] Yon 1875-05-15
1921 The Italian Fleet Saluting the Emperor Francis-Joseph at His Departure [Venice] Scoll, H.; Méaulle, F. 1875-05-29
2291 La Bella Visconti Raffaelle 1871-10-14
2372 A Funeral Procession in Naples A., F. H. X. 1871-12-02
2619 Opening of a New Crater in the Neighbourhood of the Observatory [Eruption of Mount Vesuvius] Lix, Frédéric Théodore, 1830-1897; Daudenarde, A. 1872-06-01
2642 Recent Excavations in the Forum, Rome Unknown 1872-06-15
2643 Travellers and Villagers Overtaken by the Lava [Eruption of Vesuvius] Daudenarde, A.; Lix, F. 1872-06-15
2741 Giacinta of the Monte, Rome [Type of Beauty] Heaphy, J. del 1872-06-29
3207 Il Ponte Della Trinita, Florence [Toronto. The Art Union Exhibition] Haberer, Eugene, Act. 1872-1891; Notman and Fraser; Martin, Henry 1873-05-03
4173 Rome. Scene in the Vicinity of the Coliseum Gauchard 1870-11-05
17759 Buondelmonti's Bride Paget, H. M. 1883-01-13
18534 Capitano Molena Vines, F. 1883-12-29
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